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A non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment, Zerona uses low-level (“cold”) lasers to disrupt fat cell membranes. This causes the fat cells to leak and collapse, which may mean losing inches off the treated area.

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It Works!!

I just completed my final session (total of 12) and I am very satisfied with the results. I had a little extra fat on the bottom of the front of my tummy that was so stubborn and it would not go away no matter how many sit ups, jogs, or anything I would do. Then a friend who had done this... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Time and $$ if You Already Are in Decent Shape/lifestyle -Milford, CT

When I signed up, they said I was the "perfect candidate". Not overweight, mid-sized "pooch" for a belly, exercise regularly, ate right. All I had to do was drink more water and wear compression garments. It supposedly isn't meant for overweight people. I am 49 yr old, 5' 5", 129 lb, size 6, but... READ MORE

Bye Bye Love Handles - New York, NY

I'm an Italian slim man, but before having Zerona laser sessions I had a really embarrassing problem: even though I kept on losing fat my love handles didn't want to go away. I consulted with an Italian plastic doctor and since I didn't want an invasive surgical treatment,he advised me to... READ MORE

My Amazing Zerona Experience - San Diego, CA

Here it is so far, let me know if I need to change anything: My name is Jordan and I have been using the Zerona treatment for the past six weeks. To give you the basics, I am a 31-year-old female who weighed 160 lbs (5'3") at the start of the treatment. I have been overweight for the past ten... READ MORE

Sayonara Stubborn Belly Pooch! - Mississauga, ON

I’m a 29-year-old female, 5’7” and 135 lbs. I have never been overweight and have always had a naturally athletic build – however I struggled with a belly ‘pooch’ after giving birth to my daughter. This stubborn fat around my stomach just wouldn’t go away no matter what I did at the gym. So a... READ MORE

Great Stuff! Ready for the Summer - New York, NY

We all have our weight loss blues, and I being one of many, have tried so many things, have had my ups and downs, but finally I have found something that works “ Zerona” and I've been so motivated to follow it through. Along with my friends. I do believe we are all made differently and som... READ MORE

Wow!! - New York, NY

After only 5 sessions i started seeing noticeable results.lost 30 pounds.everyone there was so nice.. I tried everything from ab belts to ab benches, nothing seemed to work. i had so much fun !!! After my 9 sessions I lost about 9 inches. i lost all the weight just before my wedding. my best... READ MORE

Smoke and Mirrors - New York

Zerona is a pointless, useless gimick that can be performed by ANYONE without any certification. Why? Because it does NOTHING. Please, save your money and do something wonderful for a person less fortunate than you instead of throwing your cash at a "get rich quick" quack. READ MORE

Doesn't Work at All - Miami, FL

I bought 12 Zerona treatments. I weight 139 Lbs and 5.9 foot. I followed all the procedures. No caffeine, no alcohol, drink plenty of water for 4 weeks. not even one inch. I was exercising and on a special diet. I lost 10 pounds and not even one inch from my hips. It's just waste of money. I do... READ MORE

It Worked for Me. I Would Recommend It at 100% - Shrewsbury, NJ

It worked for me. I would recommend it at 100%, but maybe it's not for every "body". In spite of all the negative feedback I read online regarding Zerona. I tried it anyway. I needed to do something. I did everything else and lost a significant amount of weight but not in the belly... READ MORE

Didn't Work. Didn't Lose 1 Inch. Don't Waste Your Time or Money!!!! - Vancouver, BC

I am a 60 year old woman, 5' 4" and weigh 170 lbs. I weighed about 140 lbs until I turned 50 then due to menopause, laziness, thyroid condition and eating too much, I gained 50 lbs. I lost 20 lbs a few months ago and thought that Zerona might help me lose a couple of inches around my waist,... READ MORE

Zerona Laser Really Works - Los Angeles, CA

I am a very healthy guy and practice yoga 3 days a week (one day being bikram yoga). I do some light workout for 45 mins 2 days a week and one day of hard work out per week. I eat right 6 days a week a have one cheat meal per weekend. I am in good shape at 5'6", 128.5lbs and... READ MORE

Could Have Died!! - New York, NY

I received the Zerona Treatment and was told I must take the CURVA supplements twice a day with food. I had one allergic reaction to the pills, where I turned bright red on my arms. It went undiagnosed at the spa...I was told I was having "an allergic reaction to something." About a... READ MORE

ZERONA - Westminster, CO

Physically painless with little to NO Results. Really could come very close to qualifying as a medical rip-off! Even at a discount of $799 it is really not worth it at all. I wish someone would have warned me. I am a very healthy, active female with only minor spot reduction in those typical... READ MORE

So Far....so Good... Atlanta, GA

After reading all reviews, I decided to post my experience with Zerona here. Im not here to defend Zerona, I just wanted to share my experience with other future consumers and let them judge/try the laser like i did. Im a female, 5,6 height and weighted 150 pounds before starting the... READ MORE

Paid and Got Nothing in Return - Bridgeville, PA

Pamphlet states reveal your true shape in two weeks. Why do you have to pay up front? They won't refund your money when you receive nothing. False measurements, told to breath in when measuring for progress. The hidden message everyone is not talking about is, they do not guarantee it. I... READ MORE

it was worth the money - Langhorne, PA

I am a 27 year old female and I wanted to lose the lower stomach bulge that I spent hours and days in the gym trying to get rid and it just would not go away. I tried everything from ab belts to ab benches, nothing seemed to work! After only 5 sessions i started seeing noticeable results. I can... READ MORE

Serious Complication from Zerona - Texas

I had several Zerona treatments. It was working well cosmetically so I didn't mind spending the money. However, I experienced abdominal tingling and recurrent fevers from each treatment. These fevers gradually turned into severe lymphatic abdominal swelling. The recurrent tingling sensation... READ MORE

Total Desapointment - Dartmouth, NS

( I apologise, English is not my first official language and i struggle when there is no spell check :) ) my experience,.. could be describe as follow " It was the fastest way to loose 2000.00 dollars! no doubdt". When i started the program i followed the recommendations ie. no... READ MORE

Zerona in Oakville, ON

I purchased a Groupon coupon for 6 Zerona treatments in Oakville, ON for CAN$399. They strongly advise you to take Curva supplement (but I declined & have been taking my own Niacin & gingko supplement), to were compression pants (I've only been 50% compliant), to do 50min of cardio... READ MORE

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