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32y.o. 4 Kids. Want to Jump Start to Get Body Back

I read many reviews and clinic "homework" pages for before and after care of zerona patients & found a variety of guidelines. Here are the tips I found and recommend: -do a cleanse week b4 treatments -drink 3L of water daily and 2:1oz more if you drink coffee -wear compression garments on... READ MORE

Cryolipolysis Success at TOA Clinic London

I had cryolipolysis in December. I was told it would take 3 months befre I saw any changes. it is the 6 week stage and I have had amazing results. There was no downtime, no pain, just the feeling of the cold was a bit weird. They actually gave me the platinum treatment for the price of the... READ MORE

The Truth About Zerona - Toronto, ON

Here it is , it works 100% of the time on everyperson , reguardless of what type of fat or how much fat they have. You see the machine doesn't really do anything more than deliver instructions to the receptor on the fat cell . That means your body does all the work, so once i was chemically... READ MORE

The Verju/Zerona Helped This 55 Year Old Woman Get Her "Groove" Back - Hampshire, GB

When I turned 55 this year (2016) I took a look at myself in the mirror and was mortified! I was overweight with my stomach drooping over my underclothes, wearing UK Size 16-18 trousers and daudy tops to cover bulging hips. I had no energy, was overeating unhealthy food and was not happy at... READ MORE

Zerona Plus Velashaping = Good Results - Troy, MI

I'm 4 treatments into a 6 treatment plan of Zerona plus Velashaping, and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks to see an even better result! I am fit and in shape, 42 years old and I work out for one hour 6 days per week. Unfortunately, like a... READ MORE

Stomach Pouch Almost Gone - Palm Beach, FL

I was very lerely about zerona. I am 37 lost 100lbs two years ago and go to the gym 4 times s week since, I could not loose it.. I was considering smart Lopo . I read reviews on zerona and thought let me give it a shot.I'm on my 5th zerona and dieting and excersize I'm seeing great results.. I... READ MORE

30 2 Kids (8 and 6) Lots of Loose Skin and Stubborn Fat - Scottsdale, AZ

Before I had kids I was 107lbs. I had two kids, 10lbs each and gained a lot of weight. Since then I have tried everything to get rid of all of this loose skin and left over pudge, I've lost weight and worked out and all I've gotten from it was more loose, saggy skin. I'm trying Zerona just to... READ MORE

Fit and Active, Just Needed a Kick in my Stubborn Areas - Schaumburg, IL

I saw reviews on this treatment, and decided to do 12 sessions. The clinic is so pretty. The staff is also super informative and friendly. I followed what they had suggested for this entire 12 sessions over the course of a month. TOTALLY WORTH IT. Im not over weight, but had major stubborn areas... READ MORE

Zerona Worked for Me!!!! - Cedar Park, TX

Had a baby and wanted to get rid of baby weight. I initially purchased 6 treatments. After the 6 they asked if I wanted 6 more. I thought hell no but when I looked at my before and after pics I was sprites at the difference so did another 6. The results were totally awesome! Of course they had... READ MORE

Pick the Right Clinic if You Want Good Results - Montreal, QC

My experience can maybe explain the mixed reviews on this board. I first bought a ”super deal” on Tuango (Canadian Groupon) last fall: 10 Zerona treatments for $199 in an aesthetic clinic in Montreal. Total waste of time and money (not even worth $20 a treatment), zero results and 10 hours lis... READ MORE

51 Menopausal, Flabby Tummy and Cellulite - Alton, GB

I am the typical menopausal female, 2 children, really busy, no time for the gym, does watch her diet on and off, but middle age spread has caught up with spectacular results. Results being a flabby dough like tummy and dimpled thighs. It was really getting me down so I looked for a treatment... READ MORE

30 Yrs Old Needed to Get Smaller , Just Too Big - North York, ON

Great team at Zerona North York, recognized my requirements , scheduled me immediately for start the protocols and BAM 4 weeks later amazing! pictures don't lie! They know how to use the machine better than anyone i have come across , the machine works in the right hands. I was skeptical at... READ MORE

Im 24 Years Old, 5"2 Tall and Weight 128 Lb - Manhattan, NY

Despite the reviews i read online, I found a deal on groupon and decided to go through with it. Today was my fist session. It was pretty relaxing ( actually slept through out the session) .. I have 11 more sessions to go, im really hopping it's going to work. I will post again, as well as some... READ MORE

29yo, 2 Kids, Few Pounds to Lose. - New York, NY

So... I'm 29, 5'10", 165lbs, with 2 kids (13 & 9). Being that I'm tall, the weight doesn't show much, but my mid-section is my biggest problem. Want to get rid of the belly and love handles, not to mention would like a Brazilian butt lift, as well. I was gifted 15 sessions of Zerona, and despite... READ MORE

It Worked for Me! - Atlanta, GA

I'd had Zerona two years ago, and it worked really well, but then I got lazy, quit exercising and started pigging out over the holidays. Needless to say, eventually the fat came back. So, I tried it again, and btw, for all the naysayers, I'd already been exercising regularly and eating well, in... READ MORE

Not Sure if It Worked. - London, ON

All the treatments were nice and relaxing. I have a physical job, so it was nice to lay back in the dark with the laser on me. However, I followed all the steps, and even exercised more because like I said my job is very physical. I lift heavy stuff all day. They tell me I lost seven inches... READ MORE

Zerona? is It Really Worth It? - Miami Beach, FL

My reason for choosing Zerona was my doctors idea. He had done Vaser lipo, and i had NO results with my vaser so he offered the Zerona at free of charge. so i am hoping this time around i see some darn results. Ok today has been my 3rd treatment of mon-wed-fri and ive been eating well. but no... READ MORE

Zerona Does Nothing - Arlington Heights, IL

NOTE: I really hope you read this and take this review to heart. If I saw a genuine assessment like the one I'm about to write, I would have skipped Zerona, saved myself the time of driving out to the sessions EVERY OTHER DAY, not to mention $1000. Let's begin, shall we? Zerona does NOTHING... READ MORE

After 2 Treatments I Have Already Lost 1 Inch- Washington, DC

All my fat is based in my thunder thighs and I have been skeptical about all of these treatments claiming to have fabulous results...I'm in marketing, so I write this stuff for a living. With swimsuit season coming up and having to be sedentary due to shoulder and heart surgery, I needed a jump... READ MORE

Found My Birthday Confidence - Fort Worth, TX

I attended a Women's Expo in Fort Worth and stumbled upon the booth for American Laser Skincare. My meeting with the went well, and while I initially went in for Velashape, the Zerona treatment seemed to be a great option for me, especially with my 25th birthday approaching. I purchased 9... READ MORE

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