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Wrinkles can’t be helped but they can be treated. Dermatologists may employ everything from injectable fillers to laser resurfacing to leave you fresh-faced. LEARN MORE ›

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I feel it is hightime someone highlighted this man's negligence. I had uma jeunesse put in my nasal labial lines in feb 2013, two yrs ago, for some reason he put the right up next to my nose too, making me look like im sneering. My face blew up for one mth, and when I went back, he said he... READ MORE

I'll be 65 in June. Dr. Byun has done all my surgeries, mid-lift, lower-lift, brow-lift etc... The structure of my face is great! My face is thin so there is some volume loss and my skin is thin and has some wrinkling. This is my new favorite procedure! Dr. Byun takes my blood and spins it to... READ MORE

Hi, I'm going to do a review on some generic Retinol, I wasn't sure it was real stuff or not but I am on day 4 for my face (not neck yet) and the flakes and redness and peeling are so bad that I had to not use it for day3 and day 5 (today). I'm doing this for wrinkles, and will put it on my... READ MORE

I am a 39-year-old woman who is just starting to see wrinkles around my eyes especially when I smile. I was searching for something that would help diminish those wrinkles and the parentheses around my mouth. I found a deal for $270 for three sessions of Viora Reaction. While they tell me six... READ MORE

In september I came accross an offer for a dermal filler treatment. It was on wowcher which is a website kind of like Groupon. I've already bought some treatments through their website but I used juvederm before. I was actually certain I bought a juvederm dermal treatment too. But I feel like... READ MORE

Extremely painful, swelling began immediately and continued for 2 weeks. Bruising, fever, hot throbbing at the temples and brow area. $2200 down the drain. The face is deformed and after injecting another substance to melt the former my face is no longer recognizable. I will never do this again... READ MORE

Did flexaway. Destroyed my face. Went to Carolyns Facial Fitness. She was great. supportive, talked me through it. emailed extensively. Saw great results in 3 weeks. See before and after. I did Carol Maggio for years. Wanted a shortcut and went to flexaway. Big Mistake. Decided to see what... READ MORE

HAVE been to see Andrew many many times spent thousands with him ( Don't ask why he has those personalities that you get drawn back to without thinking not always good) he has always had to correct my face cheeks nose to mouth lines and botox but despite that I still send all my friends and... READ MORE

At first I was unsure of the procedure as it took time to settle down, but I was seen again and reassured it would all be ok in approx 7 to 10 days and it was fine I had no need to be as anxious as I was. I feel I owe Andrew Carr an apology as my end results were fine, as Andrew said it would be ... READ MORE

I have seen Dr. Ricciardelli many times and he always does a great job. I highly recommend him if you are interested in receiving Botox or Xeomin. Both are great ways to temporarily reduce wrinkles and fine lines. They offer monthly sales and discounts to help keep the cost to a minimum. ... READ MORE

I was bothered by crows feet, frown lines and forehead wrinkles. Dr. Diwan recommended Botox and it was used to smooth out these areas. She is very skillful with this procedure and makes sure that I am comfortable. She is also very good at recommending long term care solutions and offers the... READ MORE

I emailed Dr. Manish for a consult after reading some of his comments on real self. I don't live near his practice, but had a question about my sagging eyelids. He was kind enough to answer personally and reccomend a few creams that would help. I emailed him a few times with concerns and he... READ MORE

I would not recommend to use Andrew Carr's Services. When I came in that day I did not see him open a new sachet of filler ( which would be normal proceedure when using 1ml) and he finished the treatment on my lips within less than a minute. He basically stung me 3 times on my upper lip and... READ MORE

I spent several years abusing my body with all sorts of substances that I won't get into. I promised myself once I kept clean for a couple years, I'd go and have my face "refreshed." Dr. Kane was very judicious in the treatment he suggested. Now I look better, but not noticeably altered in a way... READ MORE

I have got fillers in the past for tear though and fin lines. Was due for another treatment but face exercises worked better than any fillers tear though is gone. Under eye bags improved. Line above lips and corner mosly gone. Mouth corner no longer dropping. My face looks a lot more joyful. 15... READ MORE

Sheila Nazarian made a comprehensive plan for my aging skin. We picked out plan for my face (including areas for injection) and annual maintenance care. She also put together a list of morning and evening care products to keep a daily routine. I plan to use her in the future for further... READ MORE

Five stars are so well-deserved for Dr. Karcher and she is easily, the best doctor - not just dermatologist - I've ever met. She is extremely honest and never up-sells you anything and best of all, she is qualified and will only do what is best for you. She took 10 years off my face in less... READ MORE

While trying some wrinkle reducing beauty products, I noticed that the combination of 100% Volufiline and Peter Thomas Roth Neuroliquid Youth Serum had a great impact on my upper lip deep smokers lines. At first, at least the first 3 -4 weeks there was no any improvement. This is my 6th... READ MORE

I love what Dr. Been was able to do for the deep wrinkles around my mouth and my saggy cheeks. He did a combination of procedures and the results are FABULOUS!!! He used the Voluma on my cheekbones to lift my face a bit and reduce my jowls. Then he used fillers on the lip wrinkles along with a... READ MORE

I consulted Dr. Nazarian about a new daily routine to and her recommendations have been phenomenal. In two short months I see lessening of my dark spots, smoother skin and most importantly I have come to enjoy my daily routine as "me" time. The decision to commit time and money to myself was... READ MORE

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The typical cost for a Wrinkle Treatment ranges from $40-$4,500 with an average cost of $850. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 55 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more