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24 Yr Old Trying to Lose Weight Gained After Chemo!

A little backstory about myself: I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2015. I had to undergo 4 months of chemo & because I wasn't eating, I was put on steroids. I ended up gaining so much weight because of this and developed a need to binge eat because I knew I wouldn't be able to eat... READ MORE

40 Years Old, Overweight my Entire Life Dr Maytorena Saved my Life

I had Gastric Sleeve surgery with Long Term WLS on May 29th of this year and it honestly saved my life. I was 328 pounds, on the verge of high BP, had joint problems, depression, anxiety and did not have a good quality life. Since pre op stahttps://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1... READ MORE

Xyngular Detox and Weight Loss

I struggled with adrenal fatigue over a year ago. Was eating healthy, working out and kept gaining weight. I tried multiple programs even saw a nutritionist and spent over 1k to gain more weight. I was told it would be nearly impossible to fix . I stumbled on this 8 day detox by xyngular. I lost... READ MORE

41 Y/o 3 Children; Weight Loss Was Impossible

I had become so depressed because no matter how well I felt I was eating or how I would work out...I would not lose a pound And I continued to gain. After being on the hCG protocol for only a week and a half I lost 11 pounds, sure most of that may have been water weight; but before the hCG I... READ MORE

Fat to Fit Mom of 2

After losing 120lbs through diet and exercise alone my skin was shot! You cannot tone up skin for those who think you can. I had excess skin around my stomach removed and my breasts lifted ( no implants). If you are thinking about going through this type of life changing experience I... READ MORE

Amazing results with the fabulous Dr Maini, Victoria Reynolds and the team at Zenith

Dr Maini is simply wonderful - he's always honest, considerate, supportive and explains everything so well. With his help, I've lost 7st 4lb (46kg) on the Alevere Weight Loss plan - a total professional but with a super soft approach :) READ MORE

MAY 3 2016 I Will Get Rid of Some Dead Weight and Lighten my Load in Life! Dr Pantoja - Mexico

I am having my sx on MAY 3.... I AM SO HAPPY, I CAN NOT WAIT... My hubby is going with me as he is not a fan of mexico. We will be staying at the City express hotel. My hubby was against me getting this done in Mexico, so he had to come with me if I was getting it done. He have friends who have... READ MORE

My Lost Weight History - Texas

Hello so far injusto start to walk Im at 160 35 far lbs my goal is to be 140lbs. With at least 25 total fat And soƱƩ muscle........i was looking for a weight doctor but they are too expensive i will do it my self with a weight crash :) my goal total boda transformation and at least 15 las Of w... READ MORE

54 Year Old, Three C-sections, out of Shape and Large Belly

I lost a total of six inches in 30 days with the Slim Belly Belt System. I was in a group of five diverse women of different ages, weights and fitness levels. We encouraged each other, ate well balanced meals and worked out. Using the Slim Belly Belt, I lost twice as many inches as I did last... READ MORE

Slim Belly System

I started at 190lbs and my waist measured 37 inches. Using my slimbelly waist system, cardio and a clean diet over 30 days I am now weighing in at 180lbs and my waist measures 33 inches. I have had a few slip ups during this process but I never gave up. I will continue to work on losing and... READ MORE

Elementary Educator - Colleyville, TX

To echo the 5-star review, Dr. True and his incredible staff have helped me lose over 40lbs. With his genius weightloss philosophy, I have been able to keep it off! Dr. True is a student of medicine holding 3 board certifications. I feel like I have hit the jackpot with the best doctor in... READ MORE

48 Yrs Old, Single and No Children - Minneapolis, MN

I have battled my weight for my entire adult life. My heaviest was 293 lbs which I hit last summer. I have lost 30 lbs in preparation for the surgury. I decided it was time to stop the yoyo dieting, and add another tool to my weight loss toolbox to keep me accountable. I can no longer do the... READ MORE

255 Lbs to 150 - Atlanta, GA

Gosh, where do I start? I was super fat. I gained a ton of weight and hated the person in the mirror. My features were all distorted from the the weight I had gained and I hated every mirror I came across. Between childbirth and the weight gain they followed and depression, I was a mess. My... READ MORE

44 Yrs Old, Empty Nester Enjoying my New Journey! - Independence, MO

Hello, I have looked at this site many times. I have read some of your awesome stories...wasn't really sure if I wanted to put up anything as I have always been a very private person. I just want to say; this journey has been awesome! Slow and steady but I wouldn't change a thing. Enjoying... READ MORE

18 Years Old, I Don't Have Kids and I Need a Lot - Dominican Republic, DO

My health is too importante to me so my doctor help me a lot to believe un myself and look foward, try to find the best parte of me , l 'm loosing weight and that change my life .I was so fat. I can't practiced all sports that I wanted . I never felt the poder inside of me to do whatever I want... READ MORE

38 Years Old, Mom of 3 Teens - Worcester, MA

Over the last 6 years I lost a total 71 lbs. That was 1 faild gastric band that I gained all my weight back with, the gastric sleeve that i lost 40lbs, then weight watches 10lbs, running 3 miles ever other day, and high fat low carb to loose the rest. I made it from 255lbs size 18 to 184 size... READ MORE

18 Years Old. Dominican Republic, DO

I have lost a lot of weight I feel better about my self this procedure helped me lose a lot of weight and I feel better about my health. This was one of the best dicision I could ever make. It was hard cause I thought things was not going to go as plan but everything g went well. It's hard at... READ MORE

Mi Nombre Es Yanet - Dominican Republic

Doy gracias prometo a dios y luego a mi querido y salvador doctor Pablo GarcĆ­a por darme una vida nueva llena de salud y belleza y mucha felicidad mi vida antes era cansada y aburrida no salĆ­a por depreciĆ³n , estaba tan gorda que solo era feliz encerrada en mi casa mirando tv y comiendo me re... READ MORE

Mi Nombre Es Zoila Perez, Tengo 35 AƱos, Tengo Una NiƱa De 15 AƱos - Dominican Republic

Tenia 304 libras, alguien cercano a mi se habia operado hace unos aƱos y el me motivo, y ha sido la mejor decisiĆ³n que he tomado, tenia presiĆ³n alta y a un punto de ser diabetica, dos meses luego de operarme desapareciĆ³ todo eso, soy una mujer nueva sin ninguna enfermedad. Feliz de mi bariatrica. READ MORE

Getting my Figure Back at 46 Years Old. Atlanta, GA

I vacationed in St. Croix for my 46th birthday and wasn't happy with my appearance due to weight gain over the last few years. A poor diet, sit down job, lots of wine and too much junk food had finally taken it's toll on me. I went from a size 10 to a vey uncomfortable size 12, (that really... READ MORE

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