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Thigh lift is a surgical procedure that reshapes the inner and outer thighs by removing excess skin and fat. The surgery may also include liposuction and other body lifts, and also reduce the appearance of celluliteLEARN MORE ›

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Medial Thigh Lift. Troy, MI

Massive weight loss (110 lb) by diet and exercise. I'm 6 months postop mastopexy and bilateral upper and lower blepharoplasty and 7 wks postop lower body lift. My final phase, I'm going to try to have done Jan 2017. Saw my PS today we discussed this procedure while I was getting my clearance... READ MORE

Im doing the lipo first then wait for thigh lift.

So i am excited and nervous. I go for my consult for my thigh lift on dec 12 , 2013. I have lost over 166lbs with just diet and excersise. Yep no surgery. I had a tummy tuck in 2011 and that went very well. I tried to loose my thighs for two years and nada. I went to my doctors and did a... READ MORE

Dr. Hughes gave me back the thighs of my twenties

I am six weeks post-op of a BBL and groin-incision thigh lift with Dr. Hughes. I am very pleased. Dr. Hughes has taken twenty years off of my thighs. I had loose skin from weight loss, sun damage, and aging. I would not go to any other surgeon for body work. On top of his impressive... READ MORE

37 Year Old- Thigh Lift w/Groin Incisions.

I'm on day two of a bilateral medial thigh lift. The incisions are in the groin crease. It's not a terrible pain, but it's definitely sharper than a TT. I have two drains and those sites are very sensitive. I also had lipo to my flanks and abdomen. Very happy so far with the results! READ MORE

Medial Thigh Lift 43 Years Old with Dr Mel Ortega - Miami, FL

I flew from NYC to have a face to face consultation with Dr Mel Ortega about having a Medial Thigh lift done. He was very realistic with me and told me he can improve my thighs. I hated the way my thighs looked. I lost all this weight naturally and with help of liposuction and now I have 80 year... READ MORE

42 YO Mother of 3 Adults, Ready to Fix Some Body Issues - Towson, MD

I would like to start out by saying that I'm scared to death! I have plenty of family that have had elective surgeries, but it doesn't ease my mind at all! I have always had an issue with my thighs. They rub together all the time. I can deal with the holes in jeans and legging, because... READ MORE

Thigh/Butt Lift After 140 Lb Weight Loss

I am 12 days post op and since I am having a very different experience than most other reviewers I thought I would post this review of my experiences as time goes by. Two years ago I went on a calorie restricted diet 1200 cal /day and over the next year I lost 110 lbs. In Feb 2016 I had an... READ MORE

Three Weeks Post Bra Line Back Lift and Thigh Lift

Having lost 9 stone over the course of 18 months I was left with a lot of excess skin, despite doing lots to exercise and particularly weight/strength exercise during my weight loss. I have been overweight my entire life and my skin had therefore been stretched for a long time and had poor... READ MORE

Disaster Thigh Lift By Dr Rungkit - Bangkok, TH

I had Dr Rungkit preform a thigh lift and vaser liposuction on the 16th September at Sikarin Hospital Bangkok 2015 through MediMakeovers and after 5 operations and having my leg ruined looking like I was attacked by a shark. I'm currently seeing a GP ever 2 days for a dressing and been referred... READ MORE

Extended Thigh Lift and Arm Lift - Miami, FL

I had an arm lift and thigh lift procedure on dec 12 and I'm in the recovery process right now. 6 months ago i had a lower body lift by the same doctor and I'm mostly happy with my results ,that is why i decided to continue with my skin removal process with him. The arm lift is not to bad... READ MORE

48years Old, 3 Kids, Thigh Lift." Should Have Done It Earlier" - Athens, GR

I have always been ashamed of my thighs. I was never obese as an adult, but unfortunately I was as a child. Things got worst after giving birth to my 3 children.I first visited a plastic surgeon 2 years ago, but I was disappointed when he told me I needed a vertical thigh lift , because I was... READ MORE

2nd Thigh Lift - Bellaire, TX

This is my 2nd thigh lift surgery. First surgery was 2 1/2 yrs ago along with a tummy tuck which came out very well but the thighs not so much which led to this 2nd surgery... My results are much better this time around. My surgeon didn't put in jp drains so of course I'm draining without it.... READ MORE

Bilateral Medial Thigh Lift - Post Weight Loss - 35, no kids

Had my bilateral thigh lift today with Dr. Neil Tanna. I'm sure I will be in a lot more discomfort once the "good meds" wear off. After reading some other reviewer tips, I had access to and I am using a walker to help when getting up or sitting down, and an adjustable height commode since I am... READ MORE

44 Year Old 13years out of Bypass Surgery Staying a Consists Weight is 140-150 - Carmel, IN

I've always had large thighs but now the skin is so saggy and putting weight in to my knees I've had all I can take now time for some relief. I'm a Lil less than 10 days from surgery. I'm nervous I've had 3 different consults and always chicken out but now it's paid in full with no refund wish... READ MORE

Inner Thigh Lift & Labia Distortion Repaired - Culver City, CA

Words cannot describe the elation I felt and feel when I saw my surgical results from Dr. Kenneth Hughes. After four years of dealing with a distorted labia, my vagina looks normal again. A surgery that should have taken one and a half hours took four, because Dr. Hughes spent a great deal of... READ MORE

Thigh Lift, w/ Labia Disortion - Atlanta, GA

I lost 82 lbs on Weight Watchers in 2001.Finally, I'll be able to fully enjoy the fruits of my labor In 2001, I lost 82 pounds using Weight Watchers Points Plus Program combined with hardcore personal training and lots of cardio. I’m certain I've done 1 squat and 2 lounges for every F... READ MORE

Long Journey in Waiting - San Antonio, TX

In 2002 I had gastric bypass and thought that my battle with weight was over. In 2004 I had a vertical stomach lift and was very happy with the results and had saved money to have my thighs fixed in 2005. I had it scheduled but then found out that my iron levels were too low and had to cancel... READ MORE

The Final Survey - a Dreaded Thigh Lift - Dallas, TX

This will be my third surgery with Dr. Hubbard who has been incredible thus far. My body lift is flawless to say the least. Time to wrap up with the inner thigh lift in three weeks. For my full journey, view my body lift review which is very detailed. My procedure for my thigh lift will take... READ MORE

You Could Want a Greater Dr Ever!! - Dominican Republic

If you want a caring, loving Dr., he is the best. He performed tt, thigh lift and medium butt lift on me. I love him for all he has done. I am still swollen and have been here for only 9days, but I am so glad I chose him to do my work. Yes, I am now a Mejia doll!! I had no problems with the... READ MORE

He Really Deserves a 5 Star Rating

Hello I wanted to give this doctor a review as for some reason I didn't find Any many reviews when for him when I was looking for a doctor. 6 weeks ago I got a Medial Thigh lift and am so happy with everything. This doctor is quite but will answer any questions you have. He is very easy to talk... READ MORE

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