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Much Needed Thighplasty

This was a must needed surgery. I was getting rashes and infections on my inner thighs because of the excess hanging skin. I was so excited and nervous about getting this done. I had very minimal pain during recovery. Didn't like the compression stockings. Below are the before pictures. I will... READ MORE

More Excited Than Nervous - 38, 2 Kids

So I'm finally having the dreaded thigh lift after almost 20 years... I was overweight as a child and lost ~100lbs at the end of college. I never gained it back and 8 years later I had a tummy tuck. I have to say it was one of the best decisions of my life. Even though no one really saw the... READ MORE

30, No Kids, Circumferential Abdominoplasty & Thigh Lift After 110lb Weight Loss - Melbourne, AU

After maintaining 50kg weight loss through diet and exercise since 2013-14 decided I couldn't get the body I wanted with just that alone due to excess skin from being overweight my whole life. My skin is not nearly as bad as what I have seen on this site so I do feel lucky that because I've got... READ MORE

Breast Lift & Thigh Lift

Round two of my transformation begins on Tuesday. After healing from my lower body lift, abdominoplasty & arm lift in April I'm headed back to the OR for a breast lift with implants and a thigh lift. As an avid lifter, I've opted for small over-the-muscle implants (255 cc?) that won't be a... READ MORE

Esperanza's Medial T lift

My surgery was yesterday 8/9/17 at 7:30a. The surgery was success but I woke up with pain. The nurse gave me pain medication and felt much better. It's been difficult getting in and out of bed, standing and walking. I need two people to help me stand. I was kept overnight observation. My pain... READ MORE

Inner Medial Thigh Lift - Scar Panic 3 months update

Ok so I decided to go and have my inner thigh lift surgery after losing weight the gym just did not work and elastisity had gone. I spent some time on searching the net for my consultant, i think its not the case of consultant, but I never found anything on the actual scars healing and what... READ MORE

HUGHES Should You Go To? DR. HUGHES!!

Quite a few years ago I made the choice to lose weight, through a ketogenic diet and a lot of exercise. I lost well over 100 pounds and decided to undergo skin removal surgery. One of the things I was left with was a very flat butt. All of the squats and hip thrusts in the world would not give... READ MORE

Long Awaited Thigh Lift - San Antonio, TX

I have watched the reviews or Dr. Peter Fisher for 2 years on RS. I m impressed and decided to tak the plunge to have my thigh lift surgery. I am traveling on June 18 to San Antonio, Texas. My surgery is scheduled on June 20. I Will be staying in Homewood suites. I'm nervous but fill uplifted by... READ MORE

Miracle About to Happen 2 - New Orleans, LA

Previously I had a pannilectomy to remove skin along my abdomen. I had quite a bite of complications but if you want more info on that look up the review titled, a miracle about to happen. That is why this is part 2. I am hoping to have the excess skin removed between my legs on the inner... READ MORE

Posterior Butt Lift with Dr. Peter Fisher in San Antonio

Hello beauties! So here's my story: I'm 54 years young and although I've never been overweight, I am in need of lower body lifting due to skin laxity, lumps and dimples. I tried some light lipo which made the laxity worse. Then I spent 7 grand on Cellulaze - total waste of my hard-earned... READ MORE

What a great Surgeon, nothing short from a miracle

My surgery was August 16, 2017 and the picture August 21, 2017. I choose Dr James Lee for many reasons to name a few to start with his secretary Gelsy she welcomed me with genuine warmth and later when I became overwhelmed with emotions in front of Dr Lee I felt real compassion from him, and... READ MORE

Bad scarring and disappointing results.

The patient care was absolutely wonderful, but unfortunately my results didn't fair so well. I had gone in wanting a spiral thigh lift. Dr. Weniger was concerned about scarring and strongly suggested just an inner and outer thigh lift. Ultimately, the procedure was not aggressive enough to get... READ MORE

48 Yrs Old, Second Procedure ( Thigh Lift) with Dr Fisher

I had such. Great experience the first time, I'm going back to complete my next surgery in a couple of days. I had a lower body lift and an arm lift in 2016. I was back at work after 3 weeks. The first week was terrible but, the healing started and I started feeling great. I am so looking... READ MORE

42 Year Old Removal of Skin After 40kg Weight Loss

I had my thigh lift surgery and I am so happy with the results. Dr Prekets did an exceptional job. I am only 2 weeks post op in the photos attached. Dr Preketes has now completed all my surgery to put my body back together (see breast lift tummy tuck) I would recommend his services as I have had... READ MORE

Botched Thighplasty - Not an Option on List Above!!

Considering scar revision surgery in Oct. Had a botched thighplasty October 2016. Soon after I had draining & itching.It had a blister, hot & red. I knew something was wrong. I kept seeing the Dr.& he said it was all normal. Eventually I’d sit on the toilet & the sutures b... READ MORE

3rd and Final Phase of Body Transformation (Breast/Arm/Thigh Lift).

This is supposed to be my final body lift sx, after losing over 160+ pounds over the last 9 yrs (VSG 2008). I've used the same sx with each sx. TT - 6/16, BbL w/lipo - 10/16, and now here we are. I am currently 25 dpo. Most of my stitches have been removed. I popped the stitches on my... READ MORE

Bye Bye Thunder Thighs!

This is my 2nd review to date. The first one was for the Tummy Tuck I had in October which was pretty uneventful. Went super smooth and way better than I ever thought possible. Now I am getting ready for round #2 - the dreaded thigh lift. I have been contemplating this surgery since before my... READ MORE

Extended Thigh Lift and Arm Lift - Miami, FL

I had an arm lift and thigh lift procedure on dec 12 and I'm in the recovery process right now. 6 months ago i had a lower body lift by the same doctor and I'm mostly happy with my results ,that is why i decided to continue with my skin removal process with him. The arm lift is not to bad... READ MORE

37yr Old, Excess Skin Due to 330lb Weight Loss - Marietta, GA

After losing around 330 pounds I was in serious need of skin removal. I have had 3 surgeries with Dr. Stanley Okoro at Georgia plastic and reconstructive surgery. I recently had liposuction and a thigh lift and so far everything is looking great. Everything is healing beautifully and looks very... READ MORE

Round Two: Thigh Lift, Arm Lift , Lipo on Flanks and Back

I had a tummy tuck, bbl, and lipo on the flanks and back done 4 years ago with Dr. Almonte. I had hoped to get the second round done way before this but I have been going through Perimenopause and just did not know what my body would look like. I did go to a 34DDD from a 34D.. I have always... READ MORE

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