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This CO2 laser resurfacing device was created to treat skin discoloration, sun damage, wrinkles, and acne scarsLEARN MORE ›

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Cautiouswoman - Memphis, TN

I've had DOT twice with good results both times. Dark spots literally pealed off in my hands every time I washed my face. The end result was younger-looking skin with better texture and more even coloring. The last time I combined it with the "vampire" platelet injection... READ MORE

SmartXide - Cincinnati, OH

Wrinkles! READ MORE

Smartdot Laser - Ashburn, VA

I would do this again if the setting were done for wrinkles ,i understand you can go deeper ,but how deep is deep to get a good result ,i do not see ant mention of this on the web sites. having light skin and blue eyes i have been told im a good candidate for smartxide laser. i was looking for a... READ MORE

Smartxide - Australia

This is now week 7 from having my smartxide treatment on full face,eyes and neck. Still slight redness to the neck area. Skin tone is fantastic, hoping to see more improvement under the eye area within a few more months. I am 43 and have always maintained good skincare and diet etc. I did... READ MORE

Smartxide Review - Lexington, KY

I wanted to post some info on my experience with SmartXide DOT laser treatment on this forum as the info I read here was very helpful in making my decision to have the tx. Previous posts were also helpful in preparing me for the actual procedure and recovery. I had the laser tx on July 11, 2011.... READ MORE

SmartXide is Fabulous - Portland, OR

I had this treatment done on my face almost two weeks ago and the results are so much better than I'd expected! I'm 38yo and spent a lot of time in the sun until about 5 years ago. I had more wrinkles and spots than others my age and now I think I look more like I'm 30 than 38! Some... READ MORE

Smartxide Dot Fractional Resurfacing Review - United Kingdom

I am 38 with sun damaged skin. I had my first treatment 9 weeks ago. I wanted to get rid of mild acne scars, reduce pore size, even out tone if skin, reduce eyebags and under eye wrinkles (list not exhaustive haha). I used topical anaesthetic over an hour before the procedure. First... READ MORE

SmartXide on 4-14 - Orange Park, FL

I had SmartXide 4-14 at 3:15. I had read the other reviews on this blog which equipped me to ask the right questions. I asked about settings on the DEKA laser, and explained that I'm 60 years old,fair skin, and requested that he customize my treatment accordingly. Dr. said would set DEKA at... READ MORE

SmartXide for Adult Acne - Philadelphia, PA

Why did I do this to myself?!! :) Acne, acne scars and pigmentation problems. Pros: -quick procedure -fairly cost effective...it's a one time procedure after all for most! -not too painful provided you have the numbing cream on beforehand (45min +) and my derm gave me Novocain... READ MORE

Dot Laser Experience & Follow-up - Northbrook, IL

I had this procedure on 12/2/10. I had numbing cream applied to my face which sat about an hour before the procedure. I was uncertain if I wanted to do my neck, but decided to go for it as the nurse esthetician who performed the procedure thought I would get a good result. It ranged from mildly... READ MORE

SmartXide Resurfacing Around Eyes - Edmonton, AB

I had SmartXide resurfacing around eyes 4 days ago. Procedure was uncomfortable even with topical freezing. Eyes then swelled nearly shut for a day. But now only 4 days later, nearly all is back to normal. However, there was no peeling at all. I am very surprised, as I expected peeling... READ MORE

I Am Pleased with the Results As is the Doctor--there Will Be a Next Time - St. Augustine, FL

When I hit puberty, it hit back with cystic acne and nothing seemed to help. Options were few in 1951. The deep scarring was unsightly. I continued with acne most of my life--I have very oily skin. As an adult I saw a dermatologist off and on and had some chemical skin peeling--the scar pitting... READ MORE

2months After - Canada

I had the Smartxide Jan21 just the bottom half of face, I am 58years old and had sun damage and heavy wrinkles around my mouth and upper lip, although the wrinkles are still there, they are very much improved. I love the way I look and was told by friends and family that I look great. I am going... READ MORE

Smartxide Co2 - Watertown, MA

Had procedure on Friday, it is now Monday. Still a lot of swelling and very, very bright red. Had a lot of bleeding (oozing spots) the first night which then stopped with unbelievable swelling. I think I made a mistake and didn't apply ice until yesterday (2 days after the procedure). For past... READ MORE

If I Knew... - Toronto, ON

I am 39 with fair and oily skin. I got the procedure 4 weeks ago and the only changes I can see, so far, are negative. I went for enlarged pores, few sun spots, acne scars around the mouth, and fine lines around the eyes. As my skin is over-reactive (my whole body is in fact), I started... READ MORE

I am a 40 y/o female - Don't Do It! - Florida

I am a 40 y/o female who had some minor sun damage exacerbated by pregnancy as well as some minor acne scars from over the years. I was also starting to notice the wrinkles settling in more so I wanted to tackle it all in one fell swoop with the DOT laser treatment. I wish I could go back in... READ MORE

SmartXide for Acne Scars - Santa Rosa, CA

I had this procdure done on Monday Feb 14th yes Valentines Day. on my face, chest and neck. I am 47 yrs old and had severe scarring from acne in my early twenties and uneven pigmentation. I was all set to have a full face Co2 laser resurfacing done with another doctor when my girlfriend said let... READ MORE

Red Like Lobster for a Week - Richmond, B.C.

I had a smartxide treatment done on me last May. I was offered a thick layer of numbing cream for 40 minutes prior the treatment. During the treatment, it was not the pain that bothered me, but the heat from the laser. The heat stayed with me for over 6 hours. For the first six days, I was so... READ MORE

So Far, So Good - Round Rock, TX

I just had this procedure yesterday but wanted to share my experience (will try to add updates on a regular basis). First off, the doctor phoned in 3 prescriptions for me: an anti-viral (to suppress possible cold sores), a steroid, and a pain killer. You need to have these filled prior to... READ MORE

2nd Day - Austin, TX

I had the procedure Wednesday night(face and neck). Numbing cream for 45 min. This hurt so bad I cannot begin to describe it! It went by pretty fast and I got through it. Cried when I got home but had a glass of wine and got over it. Slept pretty good but woke up a few times and re applied the... READ MORE

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