5 Days Out, and Nothing?

At this time, there has been no sloughing of skin on my face. I was swollen initially, but this has gone down maybe 75% or so. Face darkened a bit, much like a blotchy sun tan, but no peeling. Not even dry, scaly feeling. Aesthetician (sp?) was pleased and said not everyone peels, but I thought that was the purpose of this procedure, to unearth the new and clear skin underneath. I understand the long range goal is to build collagen, but did I possibly just get a "wimpy" peel?

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No peeling with SmartXide treatment

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It is likely that the settings used for your SmartXide treatment were more for a lunch time type peel or the need for a series of treatments and not just one session.   There are three variables that can be altered with this treatment, the amount of energy delivered, 0 to 30 Watts, the Dwell time which is how long the laser beam stays on, typically I use a dwell of 1,200msec and the pitch which is how close the dots are together.  A pitch of 2,000 is widely space while a pitch of 400 to 500 is usual.  This is a treatment that is definitely technique derivative.  

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