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This chemical peel goes down deep to remove the outer layers of skin, letting healthier skin emerge. LEARN MORE ›

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Had an amazing experience

My name is Jody Metzler and four years ago I came into dr. Bunkis with a leak in one of my implants in my breast and dr. Bunkis graciously helped me through the process with the company that originally had made the implanted put the implants in he helped me to get a new set of implants he put... READ MORE

Excellent, Attentive, Professional Surgeon!!

57 years old and had a Bensipeel. I can't express enough to others how Well all of this was arranged by his staff, every aspect was taken care of. Dr. Bensimon is a true professional, his attentiveness to my wishes and my concerns, his absolute wonderful expertise. He has turned back the clock... READ MORE

I am super happy I did this procedure and Dr. Rullan and his staff are the best!!

I went through the procedure for a Phenol croton oil peel. This peel was well worth the down time and short period of pain and discomfort I experienced. I am extremely happy with my results, they came out very natural looking and I look ten years younger!! Dr Rullan and his staff were amazing... READ MORE

Consultation Review: strange consult dr Tonnard, Belgium

I went this month to dr. Tonnard for information about the croton oil peeling. He looked at my face and told me that would not be enough. I needed a macs-facelift, peeling or laser full face, upper eyelidlift, lipofilling and a liplift!! Costs: 12.000 euro Thank you very much! I'm glad that I... READ MORE

37 year old mom of 6 (including twins), Fit, Athletic - Midvale, UT

Have had a few basic chemical peels before as well as the pro-fractional. Dr. Moore performed a breast lift with implants as well as a tummy tuck and the phenol peel during the same surgery. I will be reviewing my phenol peel on this review. So far everything has gone well. I will add... READ MORE

Phenol Peel and PRP Fat Transfer for 63 Year Old - Phoenix, AZ

I have always been one to maintain myself....in all areas, so making sure that I was "unwrinkled" was only another area that I kept up with. After talking with my surgeon, Dr. Stephen Gitt in Arizona, we decided that a phenol peel with far transfer would be what I needed. This talented man had... READ MORE

Aging Skin - Cleveland, OH

I had concerns about lines and wrinkles and just overall aging skin. Dr. Harmych suggested a phenol peel to rejuvenate my skin. The overall effects were dramatic. I am extremely pleased with the procedure. I never felt pressured by Dr. Harmych to commit to the phenol peel. He took a great deal... READ MORE

Exoderm Phenol Peel NO Results! - Baja Plastic Surgery in Tijuana

I went with Dr.Louis May Villanueva at Baja Plastic Surgery in Tijuana. Only because the same procedure here in the States cost $5,000 plus depends if you you to Beverly hills, or San Diego. Well i can tell you that is was a grueling 7days with this green mask. After it started peeling by... READ MORE

Deep Peel for Sun Damaged Skin and Precancers - Saint Petersburg, FL

Dr. Kass is a master surgeon; a doctor to the doctors. As a physician myself I am critical about my own care and could not be happier with Dr. Kass' expertise. He and his staff are amazing, caring and talented professionals. I highly recommend Dr. Kass for anyone considering cosmetic and eye... READ MORE

Much Needed Peel - Hollywood, CA

I love getting peels. I have been doing this for the past couple of years and I really see the difference. I usual ally get 2 peels a year and it really helps my skin feel and look more even. The pigmentation lightens and my skin looks and feels younger. Diane has been doing my peels and she is... READ MORE

62 and Time for a Peel - Greensburg, PA

As I get older those crows feet..and facial lines are getting deeper and deeper...and as always...I'm lery of anything done pertaining to my face..I saw many reviews and thought I would make an appointment with Dr. Lazzaro as what I could do to help my skin look healthier...its best to do this... READ MORE

69 Years Old. Face Was Sun Damaged, Freckles, Wrinkles, Sags. I Wanted a More Youthful Appearance - Bend, OR

I saw Dr Villano in November 2013 to discuss what face lift procedures would be needed to lift my sagging neckline and remedy the family curse, the double or triple chin. He recommended the phenol peel. He said if we skipped the peel I would not be happy, I would look like an old lady with a... READ MORE

Phenol Peel I Don't Want to Look Old ... Ireland, IE

I am 46 yrs old and decided I would try a phenol peel ive had botox .fillers had fat removal and re put into my face last year I did smoke up until 14 weeks ago I had phenol peel done yesterday and all I can say is omg the pain was horrendous not quite as bad today I would have a high pain... READ MORE

Exoderm Peel by Exoderm International Medical Centers Done in Hungary and Austria - Vienna, Austria

I was not sure if to have a surgical face lift or any non-surgical peel or leaser type, I came across with that peel and started asking around , it looked like unbelievable at the beginning since the photos I have seen Looked better than any other face lift including the neck area , Any way... READ MORE

Croton Oil Peel - La Jolla, CA

I did not want to have a facelift, just have an aversion to surgery so I opted for the croton oil peel. First several days you look like you have the worse sunburn of your life; discomfort that required pain killers the first 24-hours; used cooling "baths" of cold white vinegar compresses,... READ MORE

Recovering Process from my Phenol Peel - Tucson, AZ

Growing up in Arizona without spending much thought on the proper care of protecting my skin has left my skin with many fine & deep wrinkles. Add smoking and genetics & I am looking much older than my 39 years. After much deliberation, I have decided to go thru with the expensive &... READ MORE

Incredible Results! - Naples, FL


Excellent Results from Croton Oil Peel with Dr. F! - Worcester, MA

"Incredible"..."You look at least 10 yrs younger!" Comments I regularly heard after I had my croton oil peel. I was inspired to get the peel after a couple people I knew had it done and had impressive results. I was given detailed information as to what to expect day by day... READ MORE

What You Should Know About a Phenol Peel - Atlanta, GA

I had a phenol in September. It was with a board certified Plastic Surgeon and an Anesthesiologist. It was expensive. It was worth it. Before I did it I searched all the boards for information about this procedure. All I found were not of much use. Nothing really told you what will go on the... READ MORE

Horrible Experience with Phenol Peel for Acne Scarring

I had a phenol ( hetter ) peel done in Jan of 2008. It was to treat some acne scarring I had but if I would of known what I was going to go through I would have NEVER done it.First it was so painful I could barely stand it. For the first 12 hours afterwards I had to have gauze dipped in icewater... READ MORE

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