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This chemical peel goes down deep to remove the outer layers of skin, letting healthier skin emerge. LEARN MORE ›

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53 Years Old with a Tired Face and a Mind of a 35 Year Old

So far i havent done anything yet. I go for my consultation May 31st, 2017. I am also doing my pre-op and deposit. First, let me say to my knowledge there are only 3 doctors in florida who do the phenol/croton oil peel. I spent at least a month researching trying to find these 3. I have decided... READ MORE

Three Years Later After a Deep Phenol Peel (65 at the Time) - Portland OR

I had a rough time because I didn't expect to be struggling with my face for so long. It took 4 months to look decent. I am just guessing at this, but I think I was one of his first patients at his new location. At the time of the procedure they hadn't yet gotten their after-peel products, and... READ MORE

48 yrs old, Working Long hospitality Hours, Looking for a Refresh

Today I had a modified Phenol peel. I have been preping my skin with hydroquinone cream for a month. I had local anesthetic and then the peel was put on my face with a small applicator. It stung a little on application and then it got progressively worse for an hour to the point I wanted to... READ MORE

Phenol Peel for Acne Scars - Mainz, Germany

At first i have to apologize for my bad english, because i am not a native speaker. I wanted to do a phenol peel to get rid of my acne scars. I found a docotor from Mainz that has a second office in my hometowm, so i decided to let him perfom the peel. He prepared my skin with azeton and... READ MORE

Croton Oil Peel - 56 Year Old Woman, Portland Oregon

I had a full face Croton Oil Peel done by Dr. Richard Bensimon at the Bensimon Center in Portland, Oregon on 12/9/15. To begin, I’d like to say that I am very glad I was able to have had a face-to-face conversation with a Bensimon Center patient who had actually had just been through the B... READ MORE

68 Year Old with Sun Damaged Skin and Wrinkles. - Toledo, OH

I went in for routine skin care and facial peels yearly and Dr Barone suggested a Phenol Peel for a couple years in a row. He showed me pictures of results and I was amazed but also pictures of the first couple weeks and I wasn't convinced I could do that. After research online, and after two... READ MORE

Deep Phenol Peel. France, FR

I am 50 years old & wanted to get rid of my frown lines both horizontal & the long creases between my brow, lip lines as well. I chose to have a deep phenol done but I am so regretting it day 17 now & I look like a deep red tomato. I have deep red raw marks under my eyes where the mask stuck in... READ MORE

Chemical Peel - Belgium

I had a croton oil/phenol peeling. It was horrible , the pain and burning are severe. Now I still have problems with my forehead. It's red and painful. I also have red and rough spots on my cheeks. Has anybody had the same and will the rough spots disappear later? Thanks for any comment. I... READ MORE

14 Years Later...2015 Full Face Phenol Peel - Riverside, IL

I thought you might be interested in knowing a person who had this done nearly 15 years ago. This is a very serious peel. My peel was preformed by a board certified plastic surgeon. On the same day of this operation, I had a upper and lower eyelid lift with fat pad removal and forehead... READ MORE

Modified Phenol or Croton Oil / Hetter Peel - Texas

I am 4 weeks post peel. It was paintful for the first 11 days but with the pain medication (I took Percoset)and numbing meds (Lidocaine)I was ok. Slept pretty much the first 4-5 days. It is imperitive that you have someone with you (preferably a nurse) to administer your medications and apply... READ MORE

Phenol Peel Under Eyes and Around Mouth - New Jersey, NJ

I had a phenol peel done under my eyes and around my mouth five weeks ago. The skin under my eyes is still bright red and I am not so concerned about that. What worries me is the texture. The skin is very bumpy under both eyes and there are two raise fine lines under my left eye and one... READ MORE

EYELID SURGERY Upper & Lower Blepheroplasty with Hetter Peel Under Eyes-- Optomistic - Alpharetta, GA

I have never wanted my photo taken due to the bags under my eyes and the droopy upper lids. I had this done yesterday, my eyes are almost swollen shut, but I'm sure after healing it will be great! I wasn't anxious about the surgery, usually I am. I am taking daily pictures to see the progress... READ MORE

Phenol Peel in Indiana on Dec 14, 2012 - Indiana, IN

After spending a great deal of time tan, the years of the tanning bed had taken their toll on my 48 year old face. After giving it up, I realized that I was left with wrinkle, uneven skin tone, and dark patches. I was origninaly going to go for lazer, but my doctor said the results would be much... READ MORE

Chemical Peel-Day to Day Details - Fort Myers, FL

I am going to attempt to give as much knowledge to those considering a croton oil/phenyol peel as possible. Prior to having mine, I researched all types of face enhancement procedures and became well acquainted with every procedure and product that one might choose for face enhancement. I... READ MORE

Full Face Phenol Peel - Houston, TX

Im on my first day in a lot of pain my surgeon was great I'm 42 years old I had a lot of wrinkles I looked like I was in my sixties versus my 40 so I really hope the outcome is good . Im really hoping the pain doesn't last to long right now I'm just 6 hours post op so can't tell you much yet.... READ MORE

Phenol Peel: Recovery Review - Taipei, Taiwan

I am a 34 year old redhead who has tried Fraxel, the Yag laser, and botox in an effort to soften crow's feet and acne scars. Nothing has worked and my dermatologist with a PhD from Harvard recommended a Phenol Peel. He performed the peel in a public hospital in Taipei, Taiwan yesterday.... READ MORE

Phenol Peel for Hyperpigmentation - Severe Pain & Gross but Worth It - United Kingdom, GB

I had hyper pigmentation below my eyes- nothing huge but I was tired of wearing such heavy makeup to hide them. I tried a few treatments (inc. tretonin and Obaji Clear) with no real change; therefore my dermatologist recommended a phenol peel to bleach my skin lighter. The treatment itself... READ MORE

Painful and Gross, but WELL Worth It!

OK, I had this done 04/29. 05/01 my entire lower face was swollen so bad that I didn't even look like myself, but on the up side, I didn't take anything at all for pain that day.It's 05/02 and I awake to see that the swelling is going down some, still there, but not nearly as bad. And the pain... READ MORE

37 year old mom of 6 (including twins), Fit, Athletic - Midvale, UT

Have had a few basic chemical peels before as well as the pro-fractional. Dr. Moore performed a breast lift with implants as well as a tummy tuck and the phenol peel during the same surgery. I will be reviewing my phenol peel on this review. So far everything has gone well. I will add... READ MORE

Phenol Peel and PRP Fat Transfer for 63 Year Old - Phoenix, AZ

I have always been one to maintain all areas, so making sure that I was "unwrinkled" was only another area that I kept up with. After talking with my surgeon, Dr. Stephen Gitt in Arizona, we decided that a phenol peel with far transfer would be what I needed. This talented man had... READ MORE

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