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A neck lift addresses wrinkles and sagging skin on the neck caused by aging or weight loss. The procedure removes excess skin, tightens underlying muscles, and improves the contour of the jawline. The surgery is typically performed in conjunction with a facelift, but it can be done as a stand-alone treatment. A neck lift could also be called neck rejuvenation, mini neck lift, suspension neck lift, lower face and neck lift, or weekend neck lift (U.S.); trampoline neck lift or platysmaplasty (UK); or a neck and lower facelift (Australia). LEARN MORE ›

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54years Old and Fed Up with Turkey Neck - Yorkshire, GB

On countdown for my neck/lower face lift plus upper blepheroplasty in 3and a half weeks. Really excited but getting nervous now! Only about 4 people know so there will be limited pics I'm afraid ( well I will try to put some on but they will be close up! ) but I still wanted to share my... READ MORE

Mirror Mirror on the Wall....Yikes!

Real Self has been like reading my own diary. So many others sharing their stories helped me plan my journey. From the phone consult with Dr Harley, to setting the date, driving 9 hours, then surgery on 3/29/17. I'm 4 days post op and ready to tell my story. The last few weeks leading up to the... READ MORE

Getting Rid of the Wattle!

This will be my 3rd procedure with Dr. Campos. I regret not doing a review or posting before and after pictures the last 2 times. I plan to do things differently this time and post an extensive review. So far, I have only had a consultation and I will get my bloodwork done tomorrow at Dr.... READ MORE

Eyelid, Face and Neck Lift 59 Yo and thrilled with results - Texas

I am 59 married to a wonderful man who thinks I am beautiful. He needs glasses seriously! I have never been a beauty but a few years ago I started to notice in photos I had someone else's neck. But whose was it? Oh yeah it was my 80 year old mothers neck on my body. Genetics comes to visit and... READ MORE

56 Year Old Sick of Turkey Neck & Jowls!! Metairie, LA

Morning of surgery, Excited to get this done. I have 10 days to recover before I have to go back to work. Many of my RN friends have had different procedures with Dr. Koohbehi & they all look fabulous!! I'm having to remind myself that this is surgery & will take quite a while to heal & recover.... READ MORE

Turning 60, Not Ready to Look Older Than I Felt - Newport Beach, CA

I was about to turn 60 years old and when I looked at pictures of myself, I realized that the person in the picture was much older than the person I felt I was! I had excess skin around my neck that made me look much older. The excess neck skin was so excessive it piled over the collar of my... READ MORE

Necklift scheduled for April 15th, I Am 65 Years Old.. - Oxnard, CA

I had a lifestyle/midface lift in 2010, but it didn't address my neck at all, and I find myself looking at my lower face and neck and noticing that it doesn't fit the rest of my face ! I read a wonderful review on this site by Laurie, who had a neck lift done last year by Dr. Gorodisky in... READ MORE

51 Yr Old Lower Face/Neck Lift, Upper Blepharoplasty, Lower Lid TCA Peel- Dr. Harley - Asheville, NC

I first noticed signs of lower face aging at 49. Now at 51, I have significant neck banding and laxity (with a weird "crater" thing in the middle of my neck) with lower face jowling and have decided to look into getting a lower face and neck lift. I did hours of research and had consults with... READ MORE

Over Night My Neck Dropped

Three years ago, I suddenly noticed lines in my that I'd never noticed before. In the ensuing time, the lines became rolls. I was very distraught as I'd always had a long, beautiful neck. Of course I turned to the wonderful Dr. Leif Rogers, the Beverly Hills physician who had performed a great... READ MORE

My Horrible Neck and Jowls -- Age 58 - Atlanta, GA

My daughter said that I was still very cute but my face was falling down in a puddle of water. I guess she made that my neck was getting droopy and ugly. And it certainly was. I am so happy that Dr. Maloney was able to refresh my neck --I feel like this procedure alone shaved years off ,! I got... READ MORE

62 Year Old No Wrinkles but Not Happy with Neck

I have never liked my decided to find a surgeon with lots of experience in plastic surgery...I must admit the price was definitely a main factor... After two years looking and reading about different clinic s I chose New Look Holidays in Slovakia,,the Surgeon was Dr Turkin...I could not... READ MORE

100lbs gone. 55 and looking forward to the ME years!

My story began 9 yrs ago when I lost over 100lbs. I have worked hard for my achievements and I have never been happier or more in shape in my life but the one side effect of losing so much weight is the lose skin especially under my chin. I can run and lift weights but none of that will correct... READ MORE

66 Yr Old Great Grandmother of 5 So Goodby Wrinkled Neck and Jowls!!! - Atlanta

I woke up one day a couple of years and wondered what happen to that youthful women that use to look back at me in the mirror, when did the neck start to wrinkle and when did my jowls develop a pooch on the side of my face or should I say a jowl, time to make this happen! March 17th I am so... READ MORE

Dr. Harley fixed all my issues in one simple surgery!!

Had the Biltmore Lift on Feb. 28th and am now on day 9 of recovery. Despite all the positive reviews and great results, I was scared to have any kind of surgery. I wanted to try it with less medications, maybe not do the full surgery, try it without Valium, I think I was more afraid of having... READ MORE

Biltmore Lift at Age 59 - Asheville, NC

I traveled from another state to have my surgery done by Dr. Harley and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I'm 4 weeks out and couldn't be happier with my results or the experience. My Husband and I stayed in Asheville for 9 nights, the first 5 at Willow Winds Cabins, which is very close to Dr.... READ MORE

Dr. Harley Honey!!!

Ladies look no further!! Jump in your car or fly to see Dr. Harley of Asheville, NC for the Biltmore lift!! He and his staff are amazing. He is a true artist and has a special talent for making you look like a younger you. You still look like yourself but better. He has a gift for natural... READ MORE

Looks Amazing - Male Lower Face and Neck Lift, (Natural Lift) - Newport Beach, CA

I am 12 days post op and it's amazing how I look and feel. I am a 59 year old male who spent 32 years outdoors as a Wildland Fire Fighter. With all that extreme exposure my face began sagging around age 50, and by 55 I had side jowls and a turkey neck. At age 58 I said, "it's time to fix this".... READ MORE

Turned 60 and Decided Time for a Change.

Had mini facelift 10 years ago and the results were fantastic. Past 10 I've seen some looseness in my neck and lower face that just doesn't suit me. It's now or never! Made the decision, did my homework, read reviews, had consults, and chose Dr Lanfranchi to perform procedure. Pics to follow as... READ MORE

71 Years and Counting -- This Neck is Not Going to Get Any Better - I Want a Change! Asheville, NC

I didn't realize that I started looking at options three years ago. It was probably after having a blepharoplasty from my ophthalmologist - my lids were so bad that it affected my vision. After that, I felt great. I no longer saw a tired person in the mirror. That changed my outlook on PS.... READ MORE

No more aging to the neck ! Let the Turkey have their Necks !

Dr Alizadeh did my neck lift , he took my access skin and did lift from behind my nape neck line , he removed 4 inches of skin . Along with the removal of skin he moved muscle tightened it and also corrected the 2 veins that appear with age . I am thrilled I'm adding photos from the front as he... READ MORE

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