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A neck lift addresses wrinkles and sagging skin on the neck caused by aging or weight loss. The procedure removes excess skin, tightens underlying muscles, and improves the contour of the jawline. The surgery is typically performed in conjunction with a facelift, but it can be done as a stand-alone treatment. A neck lift could also be called neck rejuvenation, mini neck lift, suspension neck lift, lower face and neck lift, or weekend neck lift (U.S.); trampoline neck lift or platysmaplasty (UK); or a neck and lower facelift (Australia). LEARN MORE ›

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53 and Ready for a Tight Neck!

I just wrote a review on getting a Tummy Tuck...I figured I was getting a Neck and Brow lift; and why not do my tummy at the same time; hoping doing all at once would be good to get it done! I have seen some of you did this all at once also. I would like to thank you for sharing your journey's... READ MORE

49 Year Old Woman Who Has Always Had a Loose Neck and heavy lids, tired of Looking Sad and Worn out - Asheville, NC

I am looking to have a Biltmore Lift and possibly an eyelid surgery performed in North Carolina by Dr. David H. Harley. I have been watching this site for over a year and stewing over whether or not to cut into my face! I am very nervous about the scarring. I have sent my pictures and my... READ MORE

I Am Beyond Happy with my New Neck and Lower Face Lift !

I am beyond happy with my new neck and lower face lift ! I had spent three years researching and meeting new doctors and I had gone through about 10-15 actual consultations before meeting this wonderful doctor. I live in Las Vegas and traveled 300 miles to Newport Beach, Calif. to meet him and... READ MORE

48 Year Old Female, Family Double Chin

I've researched Kybella versus the neck lift and I really need the skin and muscle tightening as well as fat removal. I've used Dr. Yarish for breast implant removal, tummy tuck and butt lift and have been very happy with the results. Time to move on to the next item on my list. Will continue... READ MORE

46 Years Old but Looked About 56

At 46 and working in the Corporate Industry, I started to really feel depressed due to my loose skin on my neck. I couldn't stand looking or being in pictures anymore. I was really feeling that my face was showing the rough times I have been through in my life. I had lost over 100lbs and... READ MORE

Turned 60 and Decided Time for a Change.

Had mini facelift 10 years ago and the results were fantastic. Past 10 I've seen some looseness in my neck and lower face that just doesn't suit me. It's now or never! Made the decision, did my homework, read reviews, had consults, and chose Dr Lanfranchi to perform procedure. Pics to follow as... READ MORE

Fantastic Results from a Wonderful, Caring Surgeon - Elland, GB

After feeling self-conscious & old with my saggy turkey neck & dark puffy eyes for over 5 year, I made an appointment at Spire clinic Elland to meet Mr Mahajan in August 2016. From the start he made me feel comfortable with his relaxed soft spoken way. He discussed what realistic... READ MORE

Don't Go Anywhere Else! Dr. Brackup is Amazing! - Langhorne, PA

I am a public speaker who at age 61 works with college students across the country. My neck and chin were starting to show my age and I want to prolong my career well into my 70's. Friends recommended a cosmetic surgery specialist on 5th Ave. in NY, but year after year my dermatologist kept... READ MORE

Neck Lift

Dr. Dickerson performed a neck lift for me in Nov 2016 because I was unhappy with my sagging neck and jawline. My downtime was minimal and I was back to work within the week (with some swelling); however, it would have been better if I would have waited two weeks because the swelling was mostly... READ MORE

I Had the Neck of a 75 Year Old!

I was extremely self-conscious about my neck. It was saggy, wrinkly, and made me look much older than my age. I often found myself trying to hide my neck with my hands, and would NEVER allow myself to be seen in profile! The surgery went well. That night, however, I had the worst headache... READ MORE

29 Year Old Neck Lift W/ Dr. Hughes - Los Angeles, CA

Throughout my life I have been thin and I've been heavy but one constant has been what I refer to as my "turkey neck." When I went to see Dr. Hughes I initially asked for liposuction under my chin. He said he would do it but I would not achieve the results I wanted. I had extra skin and the... READ MORE

43 Years Old with Horrible Saggy Neck!!!!! - Asheville, NC - Maybe July 2017!

I am wanting to have a neck lift/lower face lift done. I am in the process of researching Drs. I have had a few consultations in Houston, but I am really impressed with David Harleys work. I am trying to gather info on things I need, how much money my stay would cost and how I can plan to be... READ MORE


After reading thousands of reviews, I have chosen Dr. Harley for a lower face lift. Once I made my decision, I contacted the office, filled out some paperwork, sent some horrible photos, and had a phone consultation with Dr. Harley who was incredibly kind, straightforward, and made me realize I... READ MORE

Be Very, Very Wary - Matthews, NC

Had multiple procedures done at the end of 2015 with a highly credentialed, double board certified PS. Checked him out thoroughly, decided to have the procedures the PS recommended. I was told I would look just beautiful and to expect great results. Spoke with one of his former patients and gave... READ MORE

54years Old and Fed Up with Turkey Neck - Yorkshire, GB

On countdown for my neck/lower face lift plus upper blepheroplasty in 3and a half weeks. Really excited but getting nervous now! Only about 4 people know so there will be limited pics I'm afraid ( well I will try to put some on but they will be close up! ) but I still wanted to share my... READ MORE

I Was Told I Was Not a Candidate by Another Doctor

I was told by another doctor that I was not a candidate for a necklift because I had too much skin, and too thick. I found Dr E on Yelp, and I was able to get an appointment within a month, and have my surgery within 6 months. The results far exceeded my expectations. He told me I would... READ MORE

Sagging Chin Go Away! - Duluth, MN

I am 48 years young and have always hated my sagging neck/ chin area and after lots of research and contemplating kybella, liposuction, or a mini neck lift, I have decided to go through with a mini neck lift. My surgery is on Tuesday, May 17th and I cannot wait to finally feel good about my... READ MORE

neck lift, concept face lift and upper eyes - Tunbridge Wells, GB

Having lost 7 stone my face was beginning to look like it was melting. Even though I am still a larger lady I felt I’d aged at least 10 years with the loss. I hated how my face looked and had been looking into having my hanging chin removed. A friend of mine had her eyes done with Amir and m... READ MORE

56 Year Old Sick of Turkey Neck & Jowls!! Metairie, LA

Morning of surgery, Excited to get this done. I have 10 days to recover before I have to go back to work. Many of my RN friends have had different procedures with Dr. Koohbehi & they all look fabulous!! I'm having to remind myself that this is surgery & will take quite a while to heal & recover.... READ MORE

Necklift/mini Lift/submentoplasty

So you take good care of your face, use sunscreen, get botox, exfoliate and then BAM! Out of nowhere comes the dreaded turkey neck to destroy it all. Over the years it got progressively worse, eroding my self esteem to a point where I no longer felt like myself. I felt like an old lady (I'm only... READ MORE

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