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A neck lift addresses wrinkles and sagging skin on the neck caused by aging or weight loss. The procedure removes excess skin, tightens underlying muscles, and improves the contour of the jawline. The surgery is typically performed in conjunction with a facelift, but it can be done as a stand-alone treatment. A neck lift could also be called neck rejuvenation, mini neck lift, suspension neck lift, lower face and neck lift, or weekend neck lift (U.S.); trampoline neck lift or platysmaplasty (UK); or a neck and lower facelift (Australia). LEARN MORE ›

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51 year old ready for a my dream neck..

I have decided on Dr. David Harley in Ashville, NC. I have read through all of his reviews and think he will be the best to give me the neck I have always wanted. I have had cancer (fibrosarcoma) in my neck and also a lymphoma so both sides of my neck have scars. I don't care about the scars as... READ MORE

54, bye bye saggy neck, traveled out of state for the Biltmore Lift, life changing!

After a lot of research and consultation, I chose to get a lower facelift with Dr. David Harley in Asheville...I'm three weeks away! All of the reviews, pictures, his phone consultation with me, have given me the confidence to go through with the procedure. I'm glad he does it without general... READ MORE

Getting my lids done first!

I am looking to have a Biltmore Lift and possibly an eyelid surgery performed in North Carolina by Dr. David H. Harley. I have been watching this site for over a year and stewing over whether or not to cut into my face! I am very nervous about the scarring. I have sent my pictures and my... READ MORE

58, 30 Years Old Silicone Explant with Mastopexy, and Neck Lift - Pasadena, CA

Two procedures were done for $18,000. Two doctors and surgery center. Also $5000. for 5 days private aftercare, not affiliated with doctors. Hello after 2 years of researching I found the most qualified surgeon, correct procedures and excellent aftercare facility to insure a successful surgery... READ MORE

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words....Plastic Surgery in Beirut

The surgeon assured me, he had performed many neck-lifts at his facility in Sin El Fil, Horsh Tabet district. He further said, many of his clients are from Europe and the States. He addressed all my concerns with competent reassurances. Later, to my horror, I encountered the most painful surgery... READ MORE

Neck Lift - Ann Arbor, MI

I am 54 years old and have had loose skin under my neck, a turkey wattle. I went to see Dr. Beil for a consultation, and he suggested a neck lift. I had tried the Accent laser for tightening in the past with a local dermatologist and didn't see noticeable results. I was nervous about the... READ MORE

48, Neck Lift and Chin Implant

I love my face but was always haunted by my hereditary weak chin all us women in my family have. Decided not to let another year pass! I joined RS and gained a lot of information so that I really could educate myself on pros/cons of this procedure , not to mention finding the best doctor for... READ MORE

So Happy! - Leeds, GB

I've always hated my double chin. A few years ago I lost 6 stone but my chin stayed the same- like a line from my chin to my chest and not really any neck. I felt really bad about it, so much that I felt disfigured. I met Mr Mahajan for an initial consultation. I had a list of questions ready... READ MORE

48 Year Old Female, Family Double Chin

I've researched Kybella versus the neck lift and I really need the skin and muscle tightening as well as fat removal. I've used Dr. Yarish for breast implant removal, tummy tuck and butt lift and have been very happy with the results. Time to move on to the next item on my list. Will continue... READ MORE

41yr old in Search of Both a Chin and a Neck...

All my life I've been VERY self conscious about my side profile (chin and neck area). I've never had a separate chin and neck. Because I was born with a very recessed chin, this whole area was made worse with a 100 pound weight loss. My facial chin/neck skin looks like it's melting off my face.... READ MORE

Almost 58 and Ready for a Refreshed Look

Things were going well with skin and aging until breast cancer and many surgeries including a complete hysterectomy. It seems since this my skin has really aged. I have taken care of it although I was raised in Florida and spent a fair amount of time in the sun while growing up. I am ready to... READ MORE

Age 62 Lost 7 Stone Needed to Turn Back the Clock and Revive my Face

In October 2016 i had neck lift lower face lift upper and lower eyelid surgery due to large weight loss of over 7 stone it was performed by Ms Tzafetta at Springfield Hospital Chelmsford Essex she made a fabulous job everyone says it looks so natural it was the best thing i have ever done cant... READ MORE

Off to See the Wizard....I Mean the Ninja!

I have always been self conscious about my neck. Now that I know that large glands can be "trimmed" I am hoping I can have the sharper neckline I've always wanted. After reading so many positive reviews, I am excited for my consult with Dr. Nayak in a couple weeks. I have a very good feeling... READ MORE

66 Years Old . Necklift Done 1.5 Years Ago Needs Revision? - Los Angeles, CA

I had a facelift and necklift 1.5 years ago . The sides of my neck are puffy and have been so right along but maybe a bit worse now. Dr recommend PrecisionTX procedure for skin tightening and fat removal . Mother doctor recommended lipo and opening neck to tighten muscle. Another said maybe... READ MORE

My Neck is Destroyed After Surgery with Dr. Jason Diamond - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Diamond performed a neck lift surgery on me and my neck is now completely destroyed. Not sure what went wrong. He was supposed to tighten my neck but I end up with something really horrible, so much worse than what I had before surgery with him. Maybe the sutures he did broke down and now... READ MORE

62 Years Old, Mother of Four - Portland, OR

So, I've scheduled a lower face and neck lift. I so wish I could have it done by the wonderful Dr. Tom Wang here in Portland, OR. But, I just cannot afford it. I'm going to have to go down to Mexico to have CosMed Clinic, Dr. Quiroz, do it. A Thermage procedure was a total waste of money,... READ MORE

So Pleased with my Results in Asheville! Asheville, NC

I was becoming more and more unhappy with my aging face. Everything was pointing downward, especially my mouth. I had an unattractive jawline, neck, and marionette lines. My formerly beautiful eyes looked sad. I wanted a lift but it wasn't until I found Realself, that I had direction. I... READ MORE

Four Years of Contemplating Necklift and Finally Made the Move...... - Winter Park, FL

I went for my first visit to Dr. Rotatori for a consult about lax skin in my neck region 4 years ago. I really wanted to correct the what I saw as an "aging" problem, but wasn't sure that I was ready to endure surgery and was very concerned with the potential scarring as a result. When asked... READ MORE

63 Yrs Old Neck and Lower Face Lift

Neck/lower face lift New Jersey - this was a serious decision not to be made lightly. There is pain, confusion, discomfort, swelling, depression and life consequences to consider. This is serious surgery with serious down time. Unless you can take at a minimum two three weeks off work then... READ MORE

43 Years Old with Horrible Saggy Neck!!!!! - Asheville, NC - Maybe July 2017!

I am wanting to have a neck lift/lower face lift done. I am in the process of researching Drs. I have had a few consultations in Houston, but I am really impressed with David Harleys work. I am trying to gather info on things I need, how much money my stay would cost and how I can plan to be... READ MORE

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