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Cover up the little imperfections in your smile with these porcelain veneers. The beauty? Lumineers don't require your teeth to be shaved or ground beforehand. LEARN MORE ›

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I never had braces growing up, my teeth alway bothered me but no one ever seemed to notice them. I finally got lumineers put on for a 20th birthday present. I've had them on for about 4 months, so far 2 have fallen off. Although, I have not been the most careful with eating. The temporary... READ MORE

I am a 20 year old male and my teeth were not terrible but they were far from perfect. I felt self concious about them for two reasons. One is I had braces at a young age and back then I did not care for my physical appearance like I do now. So I did not take care of my teeth or follow the... READ MORE

It was such a pleasant experience at Smile in the City - everyone is so warm, welcoming and friendly. I couldn't be happier with my gum lift and lumineers. I've gotten so many compliments and simply can't stop smiling! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this office to anyone looking for a smile... READ MORE

All my past visits to any dentist have been filled with anxiety and dread, and overall fear. First off the entire staff at Smile in the City was confident, pleasant and gave me a most comfortable feeling. Dr. Schmidt was truly professional and compassionate. Their procedures were perfectly... READ MORE

Had a great experience with Dr. Schmidt. As I got older, I had lost volume in my lips and smile and hated the look of fillers in that area. Dr. Schmidt assured me that the Lumineers would provide the volume that I was looking for. It is amazing. After contemplating plastic surgery -... READ MORE

I got my Lumineers placed on August 11th and was very unhappy with them from the beginning. They were very fake looking, thick, bulky, and made it look like i had a huge overbite which i do not have because i have had braces twice which is the reason i was recommended to get lumineers done... READ MORE

I believe that the skill of the dentist is key to lumineer satisfaction. I've had mine for 7 sears and have only had one minor chip that was easily fixed by my new dentist. I never liked my teeth and now I smile with confidence!! I had 8 top teeth done for a cost of $4,000. One of the best... READ MORE

I had my lumineers (8 upper front teeth) put in by Dr. Kesner in Sugarland about a year ago and very happy with the results. My teeth were not crooked or very yellow to begin with, but the lumineers (brightest color) really show my smile now. I am considering doing the lowers. The only... READ MORE

So happy I got these. I had been considering these for over a year and the cost was hard to stomach. Knowing what I know now and how they improved my my smile and confidence, I would have paid anything. READ MORE

My experience with Lumineers has been a mixed experience. I like my dentist very much, and he followed the directions from Lumineers exactly. That didn't always work. For instance he had to order a special diamond saw to separate my teeth from being uni-tooth when he cemented them. One of... READ MORE

I had 5 lumineers done on my front top teeth, they are extremely bulky and after having many second opinions I was told they are not feminine or done well for my smile and facial shape. They were done so poorly that I am now borderline gum disease because my gums are so inflamed above the... READ MORE

Victoria and her team are extremely professional and caring! In my case, there were several options I could choose from (veneers, invisalign, etc) and Victoria laid out the pros/cons of each. She was fair and not pushy towards the most expensive option (as most dentists are). I ended going... READ MORE

Veneers to close big gap in front teeth after poor orthodontics work. Lumineers for top set of teeth. Excellent result from the relatively new procedure at that time. No problems with Lumineers for over 6 years! This type of veneers are very thin and was applied fairly quickly without any... READ MORE

Dr. Frey and his staff are the best! I came to Dr.Frey after being involved in an accident that caused trauma to my teeth. The appearance of my teeth was deteriorating and I had lost my confidence to smile and it was really beginning to affect my disposition. His before and after photos were... READ MORE

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Mobasser for 4 years now!!We wouldn't think of going anywhere else for dental care. The entire office staff is caring, professional, friendly, thorough, and accommodating. The lumineers that I needed turned out amazing and I am very satisfied with the... READ MORE

Im having a smile makeover with doctor alonso soon feb 8. I saw amazing reviews all over the internet. I did some research on him and hes us board certified belongs to american dental association american academy of cosmetic dentistry and is the only one that haves credentials from Lumineers... READ MORE

I had two tiny chips in the corners of both of my front teeth that had been there for years. I have had them bonded several times in an attempt to repair them, but the bonding always broke off, so I figured it was time for a more permanent solution. I opted for Lumineers on just my two front... READ MORE

I can't express enough how the work that was done by Dr. Schmidt to improve my smile has changed my life forever. I cannot stop smiling and I will have the happiest day of my life, my wedding day, will be extra special because I will not be ashamed of my smile. Dr. Schmidt changes lives. Thank... READ MORE

I had a replacement tooth from an accident when I was a child and it never matched my other teeth. Years of smoking discolored my other teeth so I finally (begrudgingly actually) decided on these things. The one that was placed on my "fake" tooth, fell off only 2 days after it was put on. 2... READ MORE

In April 2007, I had 19 Lumineers done. The cost was considerable over $17K, but cheaper since I went with so many Lumineers. Today, November 2014, most of them are still intact. I have lost 2 of them (back teeth) over the years and 2 of them had small chips. Here is some truth that you will... READ MORE

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