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LightSheer's laser hair removal systems can help get rid of unwanted hair on most skin types. LEARN MORE ›

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Laser hair removal treatment is the best thing I've ever done for myself. About two years ago I decided to stop waxing and try laser hair removal on my full bikini and underarms. I have brown hair and olive skin and was told that I could expect between a 10%-20% reduction with each treatment... READ MORE

Hello! I have light skin with dark fairly thick hair. I did 9 IPL Treatments(full body) which didn't really work on me! and then tried another place called"Star Laser" using the "Light Sheer Duet" and had another 9 treatments there(this time only for my neck area)... READ MORE

I finally decided to get laser hair removal done after months of reading other reviews on this site. There were 3 main factors that impacted my decision: (1) type of laser machine, (2) the pain/effectiveness level, (3) the facility. After researching, I found that the diode type laser is... READ MORE

I'm medium blonde with dark under arm hair, so Lightsheer painless hair removal seemed too good to be true - and it was! Had 4 treatments that were NOT painless. It feels like a very hot, burning sucking feeling under your arms. Hair seemed to be gone for good. Then, guess what? 5 months... READ MORE

Love the regular Lightsheer- Hate the duet-results long-term not good! Much better permanent results with the regular one! Doctor used the duet to save time for himself-and make more money. I would rather have it take longer and have it work! READ MORE

I paid over $1,000.00 for 8 treatments, brazillian and underarms, and after 8 sessions I still have hair growing. It is not a permanent solution. The hair is thinner and some isnt growing back.I may call and request a follow up but I will not pay full price. READ MORE

I am extremely pleased with my laser hair removal experience. I am hairless (just about) on my armpits and my bikini area is miraculously transformed. Previously I was very self-conscious of my underarms because the dark hairs even when shaved, still left a shadow. I had to shave every day if... READ MORE

I had a course of 8 Lightsheer treatments on my face and neck. I am of Asian decent and was assured this laser was safe so long as I wore SPF 30+ every day and didn't tan between treatments. I wasn't excessively hairy anyway, but wanted not to be threading so much as this was resulting... READ MORE

I am a fair skinned gal with very dark burnette hair. Lots of hair. Three hairs grow out of just about every folicle. My whole life I've been self-conscious about my legs looking like I hadn't shaved even though I had hours ago. And my bikini-line was always horrible -ingrown hairs and all the... READ MORE

Word of caution: do NOT pre-pay for your sessions because my laser center in La Jolla, CA went out of business around 2004 (dont remember exactly when) without notifying anyone and skipped town with our money! Ask if you can get the same discount if you pay for 1 other session in advance &... READ MORE

I've been waxing for yrs and hated the grow out and the bumps after. I did alot of research after going twice (6 times each) to a mall laser office.  I almost gave up on the process but met with my doctor and chanced it one more time. He offered a deal I couldn't go wrong with and... READ MORE

I had 5 sessions of the lightsheer laser at my dermatologists office. It was a little painful and left my face quite red and a little swollen each time. It always cleared up by the next day so I could cover it up with makeup. I have not recieved any reduction in my facial hair. I had my... READ MORE

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