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LightSheer's laser hair removal systems can help get rid of unwanted hair on most skin types. LEARN MORE ›

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Burns from Laser Hair Removal

I have had my first hair removal session almost 2 weeks ago in Italy ( centro evolution roma ) using the diode lightsheer . I am skin type III with little bit tan with dark hair , I saw the doctor set the frequency to 35 for my therapy ( she didn't do the patch test before the session , nor... READ MORE

Over Treatment or Scarring ? - Calgary, AB

I have excessive unwanted hair especially on my face and chest and more recently on my upper neck and sideburns. about 4 years ago I started going for laser treatments (IPL) I think the machine was called Harmony and later they used Soprano. I went for more than 10 treatments on my face but... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal - Arms and Underarms

I have had 7 treatments on my arms and underarms. The progress was absolutely wonderful tons of hair was gone. And then 2 months after the last treatment almost all the hair came back. This is one thing that I was never made aware of.Yes you can go back and get more treatments, but how do I know... READ MORE

Newer Lightsheer Duet Vs. Old Standard Lightsheer Diode - EXTENSIVE Review - Dubai, AE

This is a comparison of the LIGHTSHEER DIODE and the LIGHTSHEER DUET. When I was doing research, the variety of Lightsheer models caused me SO much confusion, so hopefully this helps someone. NOTE: This review compares the old Lightsheer Diode model to the newer Lightsheer Duet model. There is... READ MORE

Diode LightSheer for Laser Hair Removal on Labia / Bikini Area

I have had 3 treatments using Diode LightSheer for laser hair removal for my full bikini, but I have darker skin (near brownish color) on my labial areas, and the hair does not seem to be reducing in these areas. The rest of my frontal bikini is a pale yellowish (I am half Asian, half... READ MORE

Lightsheer Laser Hair Removal - Little Rock, AR

Dr. Yee's staff was knowlegeable and thoroughly discussed the procedure and what to expect post-procedure. The new laser Dr. Yee used had very little discomfort associated with it and there was no "burnt hair" smell that I have smelled with other laser treatments. Hair regrowth is minimal... READ MORE

"I Had Dark Pigmentation All over my Face and Neck" - Newport Beach, CA

I have been living in Southern California for over 10 years and the "Fun in the Sun” has resulted in facial pigmentation that was starting to bother me. I know Dr. Kessler and his family for many years and knew I could trust his recommendations. After consulting with him about my concerns he s... READ MORE

33 Y.o - Montreal, QC

Hey im not the type to write review ... but please people who are scared that its gonna hurt very bad .. its really no big thing . i had my first treatment on my forearm today and really .. i was so much scare for the last few days i almost choked and cancelled .. and im glad i didnt . stop... READ MORE

First Session. ? Jury out - Toronto, ON

I was looking for a laser treatment that removed not reduced treatment. Went to bellair laser and they told me that all hair would be removed after 6 sessions. They showed me pictures of before and afters that came from the manufacturer website and tried to upsell me. The actually procedure was... READ MORE

Diode Lightsheer Made the Hair Thinner and Lighter but It Still Grows Back - Denver, CO

I'm a 26-year-old male and have had 5 sessions of the lightsheer diode laser hair removal on my shoulders, neck and back. The hair completely grew back but lighter. Is that normal? I did everything they told me (shave regularly and do not get a tan). Now I have to wait 7 months between the... READ MORE

Cheap - Stressed Staff - Montreal, QC

I went for a treatment in October 2013. I just want to finish my treatments that I have purchased through Groupon. Results are visible. Laser technician looks really stressed and tired; she did a good job. I have never had the same technician. When I asked her where the other technician was who... READ MORE

Light Sheer Duet DOES Work!!!! -Montreal, QC

Unbelievable what people are saying because I've only done 4 sessions and the results look very promising! I also have my 5th session this week and I'm looking foward to it. My sessions were done very well and my areas were treated thoroughly would totally recommend this clinic and I love the... READ MORE

Trial and Error of Intensity -Mequon, WI

I have been getting my facial hair removed for close to 10 years now. All medical possibilities tested and ruled out, I just happen to be one of those 5% for whom laser hair removal doesn't work. But I get it done any how because waxing often leaves me with bruising. I'm skin type V. When I... READ MORE

Star Laser - Montreal, QC

I have had great results with Star laser and I will try other body parts soon! I was so tired of waxing and shaving and now I don't need to worry about that. I would highly recommed it. It uses a light suction method and I prefer it to other laser machines. Rana READ MORE

First and Second Degree Burns on Legs - Scottsdale, AZ

I have experience extensive first and second degree burns on my legs from this machine. I'm not recommending it - as a matter of fact I'd stay away as far from the Lumenis Lightsheer laser as you can. The Syneron works wonderfully. I have no idea why my office switched. My summer is over and... READ MORE

Awesome Star Laser's Lightsheer Duet and Service Was Great! - Montreal, QC

.At the beginning, I couldn't believe it actually functions as well as the old one, which was painful. It was too good to be true cause you know.. girls are used to suffer in order to be beautiful. But this time.. no more pain!! Sometimes I feel like a massage.. I could fall asleep... :)... READ MORE

Great Results! - Montreal, QC

Star laser’s lightsheer duet did wonders on me….but I really think it depends on the person, as far I have heard some people have bighormonal problems with body and facial hair. I would recommend the Lightsheer duet and also the outstanding service at star laser. Moreover they also have a gre... READ MORE

Very Satisfied - Montreal, QC

Just satisfied. No need to add more comments. it just worked very well for me. I am typical eurpean (dark hair and self tanned skin). Completely hairless after 8 sesions.   READ MORE

Star Laser's Light Sheer Duet is Ineffective - Montreal, QC

I definitely do NOT recommend Star Laser to anyone thinking of laser hair removal. The layout of the office and the first consultation may induce a sense of confidence to the first time client, but do not let that sway you. They definitely overcharge, which I would not mind if I was getting... READ MORE

Kinda Worth It - Dearborn, Michigan

I've done this treatment 6 times and every time I go back to get my next treatment done I would definitely complain about my results. I saw that there were some areas where there were strong dark hair still growing and some areas with no hair. I'll admit it was worth it, but I'm a... READ MORE

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