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Isolaz is an FDA-approved acne treatment that uses light therapy and suction to clean pores. Clinics offer Isolaz as a way to treat pustular and comedonal acne, blackheads, enlarged pores, as well as mild to moderate and acne vulgaris. Isolaz may be also used to treat benign vascular and pigmented lesions, and perform permanent hair reduction.

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Hi- I wanted to share my experience - I did a lot of research and the posts written by others definitely helped me as there are so few resources for really good information on acne treatment. As someone who's stress has always showed itself all over my face I found myself in the perfect... READ MORE

I had moderate acne as a teenager and young adult, then went on Accutane and have had clear skin since (I'm now in my early thirties). Recently, I have experienced mild to moderate breakouts, so my dermatologist recommended I try Isolaz. I went in for my first treatment 3 days ago and I... READ MORE

I have very mild hormonal acne which was under control but I wanted to try something that would rejuvenate my skin .After much hype around isolaze I decided to book a session to see what the results would bring. Usually you are advised to book 6 course sessions and to maintain this weekly which... READ MORE

I have suffered with cystic acne for many years. Hormonal related acne which affected mostly my T-sone areas. Isolaz is the only treatment that has made a significant difference. I had a series of four treatments and after a month, I really noticed that my breakouts were significantly less... READ MORE

I have had 3 Isolaz treatments, 1 per month for 3 months. At first, I had a consult with the woman performing the procedure. She told me I would require 3 treatments as I have mild to moderate acne, mostly just blackheads and small bumps on chin and forehead. After my third treatment, she has... READ MORE

I wanted to share my Isolaz experience because it worked so well and completely changed my skin! I am 23 and have had acne since my early teens, small pimples all over, but a lot on my cheeks. Tried antibiotics, the pill, blue light box, topicals, nothing worked. It was easily covered by makeup... READ MORE

It was quick, painless (I believe this is because I do not have cystic acne), and all I had as a side effect after the treatment was a mild redness. I put make-up on right after the treatment - before leaving the doctors office. I am in NYC, and I suspect what I paid was high, but the doctor... READ MORE

I have had severe acne for 5 years and have tried just about everything from topical treatments, to facials, vBeam, blue light and oral meds. I went to a doctor in New Jersey and between the 2nd and 3rd treatment noticed a significant difference in my skin. After the 4th treatment I was able to... READ MORE

I've tried everything but Accutane and was considering that route. I'm resistant to antibiotics and don't like taking meds anyway. I wanted something quick and lasting.Isolaz was comfortable and I had different skin in a month. I was able to do normal activities after treatments like grocery... READ MORE

My skin was really looking good because I had been using retin a micro. All I wanted to do was get rid of some red marks and make my pores look smaller. The lady that did the procedure assured me that Isolaz would treat the red marks and that my pores would get smaller because the isolaz machine... READ MORE

I had Isolaz preformed on my facial area to help with my acne scaring and red complexion. Because I am a pale redhead, any little irritation seemed to leave a mark and really showed. I work in a field where pictures and tv ads showed this. I also had isolaz hair removal concurrently on my... READ MORE

I tried medical blue light, levulan with blue light, microderm, IPL, chemical peels, and some very expensive and painful lasers, but none did a whole lot for my acnes. I tried the isolaz about 2 months ago, and isolaz was the best laser so far for the acnes. 90% acnes went away after my... READ MORE

I got four Isolaz treatements at $375 each, finishing the last treatment a month ago. I am very dissatisfied with the results.  I saw zero improvement in the amount, size or lifespan of breakouts,  and no improvement in red marks or pore size.  Futhermore, I think Isolaz... READ MORE

Isolaz, the best treatment for acnes ever. It was not painful at all despite my friends told me that laser would hurt so much. The R.N. who worked on me told me that Isolaz is the latest laser in fighting acnes, and so far she has seen 100% improvement on all her patient. After 7 treatment, it... READ MORE

I had tried blue light, microderms, oral antibiotics for my acnes, none was working well on my acnes. I have tried isolaz 5 times, oh mine, isolaz works really well. It was expensive. The medspa I went to, charged me $450 each time, but i finally went $2000 for a package of 8. It was never... READ MORE

I have had acne for the past 10 years and have tried everything under the sun regarding treatments - sans accutane. I was so disappointed with the results from Isolaz. My acne stayed just as persistant and in addition, the laser or suction caused my skin to blister after the first and second... READ MORE

I saw a demonstration on TV and looked on line to find a clinic near me. I went to 3 clinics before choosing my current clinic. I chose {edited - contact information at top of review} because the doctor was very professional and knew a lot about acne and they gave me a very reasonable package... READ MORE

I was seeing a dermatologist in New Jersey NJ for years for my acne. she was pushing me to go on accutane. I saw this product ISOLAZ on the Today show and did some research. This doc was closest to my house so i gave it a shot. I was really impressed with teh results after my first... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Isolaz ranges from $175-$1,200 with an average cost of $725. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 34 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more