What can I expect during an Isolaz treatment?

Can you please tell me what I can expect during my Isolaz treatment to help me prepare.

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A Typical Isolaz Treatment

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A typical Isolaz treatment can last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Before the treatment, a hot towel is placed on the face to allow the pores to open. Once the towel is removed, water is sprayed onto the skin. Goggles are to be worn the entire time during the treatment to protect the eyes from the laser. The treatment provider will then place the Isolaz tip on the areas to be treated with the appropriate settings. Pressure and warmth may be felt as a result of the vacuum, along with a flash of a light. The treatment may continue for one to two passes. After the treatment is done the treatment provider may apply sunblock to the treated areas. Most patients are a little pink after the treatment and it usually resolves less than half an hour.

Isolaz Treatment

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Isolaz is a very easily tolerated procedure that takes about 20 minutes. You can experience a gentle pulling sensation which is the suction of the skin. Then there is a flash of light. The combination treats the pores and acne once the entire face is covered. Sunblock is applied afterwards and often times there is a slight tinge of redness. This goes away very quickly. There is very little discomfort associated with Isolaz treatments. Extractions are often coupled with this technique that adds to its effectiveness.

Daniel DePrince, DO
Medford Physician

Isolaz treatment

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Isolaz treatments are nothing to worry about. The treatment itself consists of flashes of light and vacuuming. You may feel a brief heat-sensation as the light flashes, and during the vacuum process your skin might feel gently pinched -- but it is not uncomfortable and the treatment is over very quickly. (You should start to see improvements within the next few days.)

Stephen D. Hess, MD, PhD
Philadelphia Dermatologic Surgeon

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