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Isolaz is an FDA-approved acne treatment that uses light therapy and suction to clean pores. Clinics offer Isolaz as a way to treat pustular and comedonal acne, blackheads, enlarged pores, as well as mild to moderate and acne vulgaris. Isolaz may be also used to treat benign vascular and pigmented lesions, and perform permanent hair reduction.

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Isolaz Made my Acne Worse. Toronto, ON

I am a 19 year old girl and I have suffered with acne for 2 years. I have never had any cystic acne and thankfully don't have any scars. I would consider myself to have mild-moderate acne but it was only on my cheeks. Like i said it wasn't cystic and no scarring or anything but it was chronic!... READ MORE

25 Year Old Female, Acne on Cheeks

I have struggled with my skin ever since I was a young teenager. I was in and out of dermatologists offices over the years, my Mom was desperate to get me help as well. I would go on retinals, a couple cycles of antibiotics and a couple rounds of different birth control pills. All of these... READ MORE

Young enough for acne, Old enough for wrinkles

I've struggled with acne on and off for many years. Now I'm getting to the age where I'm also noticing some fine line issues. Dr. Hayre has taken the time to address both of these concerns with me. I've had various procedures to help with acne, along with skin tightening and Botox to address all... READ MORE

Werked for Me - Bellrose, NY

I did 3procedures of isolaz and I had cystic acne under my chin slightly on my neck and they went away. It left no scars. You cant go to just anyone you have to research your doctor and see how long they been in their field of work im going back next week too do 3more sessions and then they... READ MORE

Isolaz Really Works! - Singapore

One year ago, i went for an one isolaz treatment and continued on with chemical peels. The reason why i did not continue on was because of the cost of the treatment. I have gone for 10 chemical peels and one isolaz treatment in a span of one year. This definitely brought me to a level of clear... READ MORE

Isolaz - Henderson, NV

I've been struggling with acne for about 2 or 3 years. I have tried lots of different things and nothing has work except for Isolaz. I started seeing results about 2 days after I got it done. I felt no pain at all with Isolaz which is great because I'm kinda of a chicken. I definitely recommed... READ MORE

PPX/Isolaz by Sherri. Nashville, TN

Sherri is very professional and has very good knowledge all the laser technologies. I just did my first session and it was good. Hoping to continue to completely get out of my acne problem. Each and every member in the office are very friendly and happy to answer any questions with utmost... READ MORE

Undergoing Isolaz - One of the Worst Decisions of My Life. Fort Lee, NJ

I'm a young adult who had a serious outbreak of cystic acne last winter. I visited Dr. Son, who told me that instead of getting me on Accutane, he would rather give me a series of isolaz treatments. BIG MISTAKE. Wanting to do anything as quickly as possible to reduce my ravaging acne, I was... READ MORE

Isolaz is Not Only Perfect, but Painless! - Las Vegas, NV

Since I was sixteen, I have had acne problems on my face, especially around my cheekbones. I have tried all types of acne treatments but it still did not work very well. Then I read about Isolaz and decided to get the treatment at Dr. Khorsandi's office. The procedure was just a light sucking... READ MORE

Isolaz for Sudden Adult Acne!!

I had never had acne in my life. Not even in my teen years. I am 36, and suddenly, a few weeks ago, I broke out in pimples all over my jaw line and upper neck. I was really upset. I went to Dr. Gidon to get the pimples extracted, and then I got Isolaz. There was an immediate noticeable... READ MORE

28 Years Old - Miami Beach, FL

I have a friend that have done the laser isolaz on her face and got great results for acne and pores so i decided to try it myself since i've had acne ,oily skin and large pores my whole life. I bought a package of 6 sessions of isolaz so far i've done 2 times and noticed a great improvement in... READ MORE

In Progress of Isolaz - New Jersey, NJ

My first treatment was somewhat of a success because although i did breakout, that was the plan the whole time. Isolaz is supposed to pull everything to the surface. My face was softer and i noticed a little bit of scarring had faded. I just recent got my second treatment and i did break out... READ MORE

So Disappointed - Not Worth the Money - London, GB

I'm 29 and suffer from mild acne. Mainly a very congested forehead & temples (under the skin pimples) and some cystic around my jaw line. I really thought this was the solution. Paid for 6 treatments, now on number five and can honestly say my skin is the same as when I began if not a tiny bit... READ MORE

Isolaz Changed my Life! - Paramus, NJ

I am not the type to write reviews on products but after my experience with isolaz I felt it was the right thing to do! After being on birth control pills for 4 years at 28 years old I decided to stop taking them. Months later I broke out in severe hormonal and cystic acne all over my cheeks.... READ MORE

No Change in Acne/rosacea - United Kingdom, GB

I paid £800 ($1200) for 5 treatments in the UK and no change whatsoever. I really thought this was the answer to my acne since i've had no luck with creams/tablets in the past 6 years. I guess it will be different for everyone but i went through really bad break outs between treatments to the ... READ MORE

Isolaz is a Gimmick! - New York, NY

I hate to be so negative but I got this procedure done recently a few times as part of a package deal. I'm 25 and I've had cystic acne all my life. I am getting married next year so I was trying to fix my bad skin. Isolaz is only good for extracting whiteheads/blackheads (I learned this... READ MORE

Should I Go for It?

Hey everyone, I'm a 17 year old girl who has struggled with acne since I was 13 years old. At first my acne was terrible - not cystic acne and it didn't scar, I just had lots of little red bumps on my forehead and spots literally all over my face. I was extremely self-conscious about it to the... READ MORE

wow! - Glendale, CA

I have had hormonal acne since i was a teen and it got increasingly worse in the past 8 months due to stress.I have tried everything honestly to get the cystic hormonal acne under control (topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, clarinsonic, extremely expensive skin care regimens). Nothing truly... READ MORE

Maybe Worth It, Can't Tell Yet - Virginia

I have had two treatments now and i now have more painful cysts. It is 2 days after the procedure. This same thing happened after my first treatment, but not as bad a this time. I am hoping that it is cleaning out my skin and not just making it worse. Inhale noticed difference in the redness... READ MORE

Best Experience..felt Like a New Person when I Was Finished

My girlfriend had it done she had pimples and pits like myself when I saw her she looked amazing that I wanted the same results so I got the treatment done too READ MORE

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