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42 Yr Old African American Mom - Glycolic Peel - Philadelphia, PA

Hi Dolls,I'm back. In April 2015, I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo. I feel great and it was a good experience for me.Now, I'm having an issue with my skin, I've always had dry facial skin but recently it's been more problematic. My forehead in particular feels like sandpaper.... READ MORE

At Home Glycolic Peels-45 Years Old - Jacksonville, FL

I just started a series (trying for 6) of at home Glycolic Acid Peels. Yesterday was my second peel spaced 1 week apart. I left the peel on for 10 minutes and on day 2 the brown spots have emerged and some crusting has formed, I am using Eucerin and Coconut Oil for moisturizing. I left this peel... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction to Glycolic-success with Mandelic - Syracuse, NY

I approached my dermatologist about the "ruddiness" appearance my skin was taking as I age. I felt my pores were growing larger and looked like an orange peel around my nose. I also wanted to achieve a brighter, smoother appearance. He referred me to his wife, a licensed aesthetician who... READ MORE

At Home Glycolic Acid Peel 40%

This reviewer is affiliated with RealSelf. The views expressed here are their own and do not reflect the views of RealSelf, Inc.I am starting to document my Glycolic Peel to see if I have any improvement in my skin. I have rolling and pitted acne scars and I am treating some wrinkles on my... READ MORE

10% Glycolic Peel Allergic Reaction - Indiana, IN

I received a facial on Monday at a well known skin institute. Little did I know, the woman applied a 10% glyolic peel on my small acne scars... She said the redness will go away within a few hours and I could continue about my day. Well, that did not happen. My skin swelled up, is super red, and... READ MORE

At Home Peels - for 12 Mos. - Skin Changes & Improvements!!!

Hi Everyone! I have been doing peels at home for at least a year - that's when I started taking photos to document any and all changes. I have done a variety of peels - but mostly stick with Glycolic. I started at 20% and over time have gone up in strength - now at 50% (where I have seen the... READ MORE

Glycolic Acid Peel 50% at Home. Need Help - Baltimore, MD

I had in home glycolic acid 50 percent peel to reduce remove black pigmentation from acne. Here is my face on the 22nd and 3rd day. Is it normal ? I got no pain but still red marks. l had fluid secretition on the first night and 2nd morning, but it stopped. Initially I thought it was sweat. :)-... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Sun Damage, Acne, Scars, Fine Lines- Glycolic Peel 30 at Home.

After LOTS of research, consulting with various skin care professionals, and getting the guts to go for it, I finally decided to try a facial peel. After discussing it with my aesthetician and a rep for a certain peel company, I decided to go for a 30% glycolic peel. (They recommended a 40% as I... READ MORE

Acne & Clogged Pores. Nothing Worked...but - Boston, MA

I decided to get a gycolic peel because I tried everything to get my skin from breaking out and I didn't want scarring. I have been on Accutane 2x, had all types of facials...from basic facials to "Indian Herbal Facials" & some home masks. I was going to have it done at the local esthetics... READ MORE

40% Glycolic Acid Peel at Home from Joelle Cosmetics VS Skin Obsession 40% At Home Glycolic- San Diego, CA

Okay so it has been 4 full days since my at home peel with the 40% Glycolic acid. Now when I applied the acid initially it burned like hell!! (I had gotten a peel done about a week and a half before by an esthetician, however it didnt burn as much it was just a strong tingle then.) Even though... READ MORE

30% Peel at a Doctor's Office Okay for Sensitive Types

I really started to freak out before my appointment after seeing some results but as long as you follow the guidelines and seek a pro you should be fine. I decided that for me I would only move forward in a doctor's office. What I found out while I was there is that in the office they use... READ MORE

Glycolic Peels Not for Sissies! - Indiana, IN

I had a peel at my dermatologist's ofc approximately 9 months ago. It was FANTASTIC. She went with a light (20%) one the first time, and I tolerated it really well. She said she would up the strength for subsequent visits. At $300 a pop, I put off the next visit... And the next. However, I... READ MORE

Burned Skin - Chicago, IL

I am 23 years old and decided to get a glycolic peel for the first time few days ago. I went to a specialist and she said she will do a 30% peel on me. After the peel, I went home and my face was still burning, my right side of face is completely red and looks burned. Will it leave scars? I look... READ MORE

One is Helpful but Getting Them Monthly is More Beneficial - Scottsdale, AZ

I try to get a peel when I have pms my acne wants to flare up. It does help but I hate the sloughing off period that starts 4 or 5 days after. The peel leave you shiny looking the first day and you try to leave it on at least 6 hrs before washing your face. Water will kind of re-activate it so... READ MORE

Great for Acne & Hyper-Pigmentation - Raleigh, NC

I developed severe acne after I turned 30. I struggled with it for almost 2 years and tried EVERYTHING over the counter. From the recommendation of fabulous esthetician, I went on a regiment of glycolic peels every 2 weeks for total of 6 treatments: starting at 40% and worked my way up to 75%.... READ MORE

Is It Gone Wrong? or Normal? - Toronto, ON

2 days ago me and my friend had 35% glycolic peel from a salon... they put the peel on my face for 3 mins... when we came home we both have red skin with little bit of tingly or ichy feeling... next morning when we woke up redness on my friend's face was better but on my face i found more... READ MORE

Glycolic Peel Left Me with More Swelling Than Was Expected

I had a glycolic peel (40%) (3 passes then neutralized) by a nurse/esthetician. On the day of the peel I began taking Valtrex 500 mg twice a day. However, less than 48 hours later, my face become seriously swollen especially around the eye area. I followed up with a dermatologist who prescribed... READ MORE

A great place

I originally came here because they were running a Groupon special on glycolic peels but I'm so glad I did. Chante is the BEST! Not only does she give a good facial, does AMAZING eyebrows, but she is pretty funny and always has good music playing. Everyone there is always so friendly and helpful. READ MORE

Great clinic and providers Carly and Jill!

I love the entire staff at Pur Clinic in Edmonds! I've had experienced multiple services laser, facials and Botox! Carly has provided all of my facials, glycolic peels, and hair laser treatments, she is extremely knowledgeable about skin care and since going to her my skin has become clearer and... READ MORE

Glycolic Peel and Dermaplaning for 64 Year Old Woman

I started having facials with the esthetician at Ridenour Plastic Surgery approximately 12 months ago. I've continued with these monthly facials, which consist of glycolic peels, dermaplaning and an overall general assessment of my skin. My friends are always very complimentary of the tone,... READ MORE

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