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Fraxel is an FDA-approved laser treatment intended to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation,  sun damage, acne, stretch marks, and, in some cases, the pre-cancerous skin condition actinic keratosis (AK). A handheld device is passed across the skin, sending laser light energy below the surface. This energy stimulates your body's natural production of collagen, rejuvenating the cells and smoothing the skin on the surface. LEARN MORE ›

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Fraxel Left Tiny Holes All over my Face and Texture Change - Sydney, AU

I am nine months post my fourth Fraxel and my face is covered with tiny holes left by the laser, and they seem to getting more prominent as the months go by.The only place where the skin is smooth and normal is around my eyes, where you can see the line of dots following where Fraxel has touched... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual

Today I went in for my first fraxel laser treatment at Bellair Laser in Toronto (Yorkville location) and I am very pleased with the results so far. By that I mean, the pain was much more tolerable than I had anticipated, and my skin feels very soft and smooth immediately after. I was really... READ MORE

Fraxel for Acne Scars - Portland, OR

I have some red scars and ice pick scares from years of acne so I decided to do some fraxel treatments. The plastic surgeons office had a special if you bought 3, so I did. I am current pregnant so I have only done one treatment so far but have had great results from just one treatment. Can't... READ MORE

Fraxel and What You Will Really Look Like. Brisbane, AU

Wow! I am 2 days post Fraxel and I was NOT expecting to look like this! If you have somewhere to go, I don't recommend this treatment if you have somewhere to go within 2 or so weeks after treatment . I had numbing cream prior to treatment and I still felt discomfort ( I also have a very high... READ MORE

April 23, 2013 - Tampa, Fl

I had my fraxel c02 done at Adora clinic in Tampa Fl. The woman seemed very knowledgeable and has been doing it for over 5yrs. It didn't hurt at all, seriously! The numbing cream works great! Make sure you bring a freezer pack, I live an hour away from the clinic so i should have brought two.... READ MORE

Fraxel dual for acne scars,41 years old

I was very scared to try Fraxel,as I had read about the horror stories online,but my acne scars bothered me so much,I decided to take a chance,and so far,I'm glad I did.Im only 2 days post my first treatment,but already most of my scarring is gone,maybe because they were not too bad to begin... READ MORE

IPL & Fraxel Laser Series - Sacramento, CA

Happy with results! I had light acne scars in the form of brown spots and some hyperpigmentation from sun exposure. Went for 5 treaments (in conjunction with regular facials inbetween services and the Obagi system products) my results were great. Would do this series again. Keep in mind if... READ MORE

Terriable Brown Spots on my Face; Fraxel Abd Cosmelan - Los Angeles, CA

I had one fraxel treatment followed up by two treatments of Cosmelan and it totally cleared up my dark brown pigmentation issues on my face. The photos speak for themselves. The fraxel had me down for about 4 days and the Cosmelan had me down about a 3 days. But with the results I received it... READ MORE

Bad Outcome with Fraxel -permanent Hypopigmentation - Ashburn, VA

I had a series of Fraxel treatments (total 3) starting in 2013. Last treatment January 2014. My treatments we're through the the fall/winter so there was no sun exposure post procedures. To be honest, I really didn't need them, I was just being vain and trying to be proactive in preventing... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual for Acne Scars - Houston, TX

I am not sure how well this works yet. I have done 1 out of 3 recommended treatments. I actually got a pretty good deal for 3. I am so excited to see the results. It's a bit uncomfortable; as if you were getting your whole face waxed a 100 times in one second lol. Not painful at all. It's been 4... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser - Queensland, AU

Shobhan Manoharan was excellent. I wasn't happy with the original outcome however, Dr Manoharan's attention to detail & service was exceptional. Dr Manoharan continued to work with me until I was happy with the result & I will continue to seek Dr Manoharan's advice. The experience was... READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment - hospital drive surgicenter

Im a 49 year old patient of Doctor Struck. I've been using fillers for years and that seemed to help with the loss of volume over the years but I noticed that my skin also started to loose the elasticity in my skin. I asked Dr. Struck what other alternatives were out there that could help. He... READ MORE

Complete & Honest Pros & Cons Reviews After 1 Fraxel Application with a 24 Y/o Male. - Montreal, Canada

___ About Me___ I'm 24 years old and decided to do Fraxel as it seemed to provide overall skin benefits and wanting to stay ahead of the curve in terms of my looks. I'm a performer and so to me this is a form of investment. ___ About doing the procedure___ I went in, and the nice lady at a... READ MORE

fraxel laser co2 treatment for pigmentation after years of sun aged 45

I have decided to try laser for pigments on my whole face. I have lived my life in the sun and not protecting my skin and now have many dark pigments on my skin , which looks ageing. Im thinking I need to get on top of it now before I get more & gets darker . The Dr has suggested that I... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual. 30 Year Old. - Palm Harbor, FL

Wanted this for freckles, spots and preventative maintenance. I believe recovery is going as it should. I wanted to post some photos (bc I had a hard time finding true recovery photos) of the recovery so you get an idea what to expect. I took a week off work for this. Im on day 5 of recovery.... READ MORE

Done, Redone, Fraxel Laser Added ...what a Mess! Houston, TX

HELP!!!!! I had a Lifestyle Lift in Houston in June 2013, within 7 months I noticed drooping, was scheduled to have fraxel laser done in May 2014 and was told that Dr Kevin Smith would fix the droop at that time. My best friend had the laser at the same time as me. Initially, we were ecstatic... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual in Germany for Light Scars Big Mistake!! - Germany

I got two series of fraxel dual last year by a recommended plastic surgeon in germany after visiting a lot of doctors to find out whats the best option for me.i didn't have much scarring,but it was for hyperpigmentation und texture irregularities and i think one deeper pore.First surgeon... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual Laser for 41 Yo with Melasma. Westborough, MA

I've had melasma caused by medication that suddenly appeared approximately 1 year and 1/2 ago. I've tried obagi nu derm, peels, microdermabrasion, Retin A, Vit C, sunscreen (always, still), but it would only slightly fade. I was reluctant to try fraxel after reading the negative reviews. I was... READ MORE

Fraxel on my Stretch Marks. Clinton Township, MI

I decided to get Fraxel on the stretch marks on my breast as well as my hips, from my pregnancy 4 years prior. I was hoping to eliminate some of my stretch marks, well that didn't happen! The fraxel wasn't too painful, although it burned and bled and scabbed over, not too much, more like... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Gave Me Flawless Skin - Fresh Meadows, NY

Fraxel was amazing in clearing my skin of old acne scars and reddened blemishes. After 3 treatments I couldn't even recognize myself in my before photos. It does hurt slightly during the treatment and you will be red for a day or so but it all goes away and you are left with amazing skin that... READ MORE

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