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Fraxel is an FDA-approved laser treatment intended to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation,  sun damage, acne, stretch marks, and, in some cases, the pre-cancerous skin condition actinic keratosis (AK). A handheld device is passed across the skin, sending laser light energy below the surface. This energy stimulates your body's natural production of collagen, rejuvenating the cells and smoothing the skin on the surface. LEARN MORE ›

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I Look Years Younger!! - Henderson, NV

I am 51 and was looking for a procedure that would lighten my brown spots, improve the texture and fine lines and give it a more youthful appearance. Dr. Khorsandi recommended the Fraxel treatment to address all of my concerns. He said 1 or 2 treatments would be all I need to make a... READ MORE

A Great Dermotologist - Paramus, NJ

I have been a patient of Dr. Rebecca Baxt for over 15 years. I now how my daughter seeing her to address teen acne issues. She is compassionate, understanding and extremely knowlegable. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking dermotology care. The office stakk is porfessional and quickly sees... READ MORE

need advice! - Mexico

Hello, I'm 23 years old girl and I'm from Mexico. Now I'm in Guadalajara city and I'm about to get the procedure but I've been reading the reviews and I don't feel too sure about it anymore! Can I get an advice? I have freckless and sun damage. PLEEEEEEEEASEEEEE!  READ MORE

Back Away from the Fraxel

So I thought that I would share my experience on this website. Seems like no one on here really had an experience like mine. I sifted though, searching for answers and found none. Hopefully this will help anyone going though what I experienced. I decided to get Fraxel Dual to eleiminate some... READ MORE

64 Years Old - New York, NY

Recently had a fraxel laser treatment to rejuvenate my skin and get rid of some very fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure was not painful and I can already see the results. I am very happy with the treatment performed by Dr. Geronemus. The nursing staff was very helpful and talked me... READ MORE

Fraxel Ruined my Face -- I've Been Told It is Permanent. Orange County, CA

These stories are like someone is reading my own personal biography. My life and face and youth was RUINED by a fraxel:dual almost exactly a year ago. Same issues you all are mentioning here. Have been gradually increasing retin-a strength the past 8 months or so (that's when I started the... READ MORE

33 Year Old, Acne Scars - Coral Gables, FL

My personal motivation to this treatment include diminish appearance of acne scars, improve discoloration, and improve even skin tone. Great recommedation of treatment for my acne scars that I would also recommend to anyone that has this problem. Excellent professional care by Doctors and staff.... READ MORE

55 with Big Pores and Wrinkles - Montgomery, AL

I am 55 and it is depressing to have teenage pores and mid-life wrinkles. I have had three Fraxel Lazer treatments by Dr. Barnett and am very pleased with the outcome. My pores and wrinkles are diminished and my complexion looks better than it has in years. I will continue to see Dr. Barnett... READ MORE

Dr Soni is the Best! Fraxel and Radiesse - Summit, NJ

I have been using Dr Soni for about 4 years, he is an amazing Dr, I get Radiesse and Fraxel 2x a year. He is very skilled in doing both, I highly recommend him, He will never try to sell you something you dont need, and he might even try to tell you, your are not ready for it, if you... READ MORE

I Love This Office! - Coral Gables, FL

Fraxel laser is truly great . My acne scars have improved and the enlarged pores on my cheeks are disappearing. I love how the doctor customized my treatments and made them specific to my particular needs. Very much appreciated. This laser works on the surface and beneath the skin. After each... READ MORE

39 Years Old, Asian - Sacramento, CA

I guess fraxel laser doesn't not work for Asian skin period! I had mine done on 4/21/16 and it did not work for me. It actually causes more damages to my face. My face is so sensitive to the heat now. It will turn bright red and easily get sun damage. My face is darker than before. I now... READ MORE

IPL Totally Changed my Skin. Oklahoma City, OK

I literally just tryed Fraxel on a whim. I was in the doctors office getting laser hair removal when I found out about this. I paid $1800 for five treatments (spaced a month apart) the same day with only reading a pamphlet about it. I'm so glad I took the gamble! I had a blotchy T-zone,... READ MORE

67 Years Old and Am Glad to Have Been Referred to Dr.Beck - Dallas, TX

Dr Beck is a skilled surgeon and I am thankful for his caring guidance.My procedure was called a fraxel with a neck lift ,the results were wonderfull .The recovery staff were so caring and follow up visits handled by a super professional staff .Again he and his staff were so professional and I... READ MORE

Teri Pano - La Jolla, CA

Dr Fabi and staff were amazing! I look as though I've had an eye lift! Skin tightened up so quick and nice! Better than I imagined. Also got the ipl laser my skin is so smooth, don't need makeup. I have received so many compliments. Healing process was better than I though it would it would be.... READ MORE

Awful Scar - Birmingham, AL

Dr. Hedden recommended the greatest, least painful way to fix the scar above my eye without surgery. While the fraxel laser may burn your skin it is one of the smartest decisions I've made, I plan on continuing the laser treatments. I would recommend Dr. Hedden to anyone as he observes every... READ MORE

Fraxel, Botox & Lip Fillers Success Story - Newburgh, NY

In Dr. Rubinstein’s office, I had the Fraxel, plus Botox and lip fillers. A friend had recommended him to me, and I found Dr. Rubinstein is very good at what he does. I was just unhappy about my eyes and age spots. There were some hesitations for me about the Botox because that had been a d... READ MORE

6 Fraxel Treaments for Acne Scarring - Calgary, AB

I am East Indian so my skin type is 4. So I know I need more treatments than people with lighter skin types. I have had 6 fraxel treatments 3 at one clinic 3 at another clinic and zero improvement on my acne scarring. I have some icepic scars, some boxcar scars. But no improvement at all. ... READ MORE

55 Years Old Want to Look Good. Henderson, NV

I have a lot of aging spots on my cheeks and forehead, they really bugging me, I asked Dr. Khorsandi for an advise, He suggested me to have Fraxel Laser. He explain about what is the procedure will do and what i can expect during and after the procedure. Today is 2 week after I had Fraxel, the... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser

Hi Everyone.. I have not had Fraxel done but I have had the terrible orange peel texture side effect from using Retin A that many fraxel users have experienced. I used Retin A approx. 3/4 times and my pores enlarged all over my face and I got all these weird lines on my my face look exactly like... READ MORE

Demarcation Line Vanishes - Brisbane, AU

Dr Lim was professional, explained the procedure and told me I could expect a 30% cosmetic improvement in the demarcation line ,between my previous co2 laser depigmentation and the sun damaged skin along my jawline. I was delighted with the result as there is at least a 90% improvement and the... READ MORE

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