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Fraxel is an FDA-approved laser treatment intended to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation,  sun damage, acne, stretch marks, and, in some cases, the pre-cancerous skin condition actinic keratosis (AK). A handheld device is passed across the skin, sending laser light energy below the surface. This energy stimulates your body's natural production of collagen, rejuvenating the cells and smoothing the skin on the surface. LEARN MORE ›

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Mid 20s Acne Scarring One of Six Treaments

Interested in Fraxel for moderate acne scars. I am scheduled for 5 more Fraxel Restore sessions after this first. I purchased a package of six for the 1550 laser treatment. Jocelyn, my aesthetician, handled the procedure alone without the doctor present. She put the numbing gel on my face,... READ MORE

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

I had a Fraxel laser treatment done on my face about 3 month ago. About a week after the treatment, scabs fell off, and new skin looked amazing. BUT, a few days later, I started to have HUGE brown spots all over my face, especially under my eyes. It's been 3 month since the treatment, and my... READ MORE

Just Bought a Dermapen From Australia!!

I just received MyDermapen in the mail from AUS!! I am excited to use it! Do any of you guys own one? Good results for superficial acne scarring/hyperpigmentation? Wrinkles? I also got some Hyaluronic Acid serum and Vitamin C serum 20%? What should I start out with as far as settings?? Can... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal

The spa living well medical center is the place to go. The staff is wonderful and the doctor, Jarrod Chapman is amazing as well. They get you in and get you out with excellent service. I really enjoy going down . I'm currently trying to get rid of a tattoo behind my ear so I can join the... READ MORE

67 Year Old Female

My cosmetic laser surgical procedure with Dr. William Groff was absolutely amazing. Dr. Groff is an outstanding doctor in every way. I am so pleased with my outcome. All my friends and family think I now look incredible. I would highly recommend Dr. Groff and his entire staff to everyone who... READ MORE

Fraxel for skin texture and pore size

I had my fist treatment yesterday. Before the treatment: I watched several YouTube videos on the process and read personal stories on this site and may others. Consultation: I was told it would take 4-6 weeks for my skin to fully heal, wear tons of sun screen and to stay home for a few days... READ MORE

Under the Eye Fraxel Treatment - Ridgewood, NJ

Since botox can't get the additional fine wrinkles under my eyes, Dr Ganchi recommended trying the fraxel laser for that area. So far so good, just a little pink and swollen. Will probably require 2 more sessions. It took about 2-3 minutes with the laser since it was a small area. Had to ice it... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual is Amazing! - Oklahoma City, OK

I have battled acne scars from my youth for years. I recently completed the prescribed series of 4 Fraxel Dual laser treatments and have seen remarkable results with Dr, Love's office. Nice to finally find something that actually accomplishes what it claims! An added plus is no more brown... READ MORE

So Great - Beverly Hills, CA

I did fraxel duel- it will be a week tomorrow and my skin looks airbrushed it's so great. I had rougher skin with discoloration from the sun. Minimal lines. I'm late 30s and have been doing Botox for years...I am doing one more in 3 weeks. Highly recommend. The dr. I went to was expensive- but... READ MORE

Amazing Results from Fraxel - New York, NY

My skin has never looked better. This is my second Fraxel laser with Dr. Green and the results are flawless skin. It cleared up all of my sun spots and many fine lines and wrinkles. My skin even seems tighter. I am so thrilled! I was always scared to have lasers before meeting Dr. Green. You... READ MORE


I will not post any before or after pictures as fraxel :restore is a more internal fix for aging skin. I have been giving myself surface facial peels, (TCA, glycolic, etc) for the last 30 years so my surface skin is fairly line free. I am showing the signs of aging with the labial folds and... READ MORE

Part-way Through Chicken Pox Scar Removal - Toronto, ON

I am 30 , VERY fair & had chicken pox scars on my forehead since I was 8.They're deep & putting on moisturizer/foundation, it often gets 'caught' in the dimples of my forehead. In certain lighting, the upper rim of the scar casts shadows! I have had 3 treatments of 6, & the scars... READ MORE

Suncoast Skin Solutions Provides Great Care

I received my first laser treatment from Rochelle last week. She made the procedure a wonderful experience. The treatment room was relaxing. She kept me informed during the whole procedure and provided me with adequate pre and post care instructions. She provided me with her cell phone... READ MORE

Scars - New York

Dr. Bae has an excellent reputation in the field of dermatology. She is caring and highly skilled. The scaring to my breasts has greatly diminished due to the fraxel laser trwatments. I have been going to Dr. Bae for annual body checks and cosmetic laser treatments. My outcome is fantastic! I... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser to Remove Dead Skin and Stimulate New Collagen Production - La Jolla, CA

I showed up one hour before my appointment to have numbing cream applied. I was escorted to a beautiful, quiet area with fruit, water, tv's, and magazines (relaxation area) to sit while the numbing cream was on my face. The procedure itself was painful, however, Dr. Groff gave me a pill to... READ MORE

Dr. Daniels

I have been a patient of Dr. Daniels for the past six years. I went to her initially for acne and she gave me medication that cleared it up. I also had a dark black keloid on my chest that was raised, ached, and was dark. I have a caramel complexion. Dr. Daniels is a beast. She did a... READ MORE

THE One You Should Go to for Sclerotherapy, IPL, Fraxel - Charlotte, NC

I had been going to a "high end" dermatologist office in Charlotte to get IPL where you never even meet the doctor, so decided to research other options when I needed sclerotherapy. I concluded Dermatology, Laser & Vein Specialists was the place to go and I luckily was put with Dr. Kosari. ... READ MORE

Want to Look As Good As I Feel - Portland, OR

I have younger children and am an older mom. I am fit and healthy. I eat well and make sure I take care of myself and my family. I live in a community where most moms are much younger. It was a daily concern of mine to not look like our boys mom. I had fine lines and wrinkles that I suppose... READ MORE

Much Needed Fraxel - Greenwich, CT

I went to Dr. Nichols, after searching online for doctors that performed the Fraxel treatment. Prior to the appointment with Dr. Kim, I had been to another doctor for a consultation. I was not pleased with his poor bedside manners, and his lack of expertise with my skin tone. I was delighted to... READ MORE

A Girl Suffering from Life Destroying Laser Damage Finds Hope - Beverly Hills, CA

So let me just say this, as of yet I am no longer a huge fan of lasers. Initially, I had some crepiness and fine lines under my eyes and my esthetician raved about a laser procedure called "mixto" which is a CO2 laser. I trusted her and really did not understand the significance but I went for... READ MORE

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