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Fraxel is an FDA-approved laser treatment intended to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation,  sun damage, acne, stretch marks, and, in some cases, the pre-cancerous skin condition actinic keratosis (AK). A handheld device is passed across the skin, sending laser light energy below the surface. This energy stimulates your body's natural production of collagen, rejuvenating the cells and smoothing the skin on the surface. LEARN MORE ›

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I Cant Believe How Amazing It Made my Skin!

I cant believe the dramatic results from this procedure, my wife is a laser technician, so I get ALOT of services done for free. I used this for my stretch marks, burn scar, facial wrinkles, and sun damage. I can honestly say that EVERY problem I had was taken care of. After the first treatment... READ MORE

I Am Still Contemplating the Results of my Fraxel Laser Treatments.

I just finished my 5th and final Fraxel laser treatment last Friday. I am 58 years old with acne scarring consisting of pits on my lower cheeks. I also have lines above my lips. The treatments were fairly painful, but not bad with a Valium. My face was very red for about a week, then a lot of... READ MORE

I'll admit it hurts and don't like the swelling - Loved the Results! - Odessa, TX

I'll admit it hurts and don't like the swelling after, BUT my results have been wonderful. I decided to get fraxel to get rid of my brown spots. Not only are some completely gone, many are still fading. ALSO, the reduction of my fine lines and wrinkles are amazing. AND, that's only after two... READ MORE

A Girl Suffering from Life Destroying Laser Damage Finds Hope - Beverly Hills, CA

So let me just say this, as of yet I am no longer a huge fan of lasers. Initially, I had some crepiness and fine lines under my eyes and my esthetician raved about a laser procedure called "mixto" which is a CO2 laser. I trusted her and really did not understand the significance but I went for... READ MORE

Burned Fraxel Face, Denied After Care and Melasma for Life!

Dr. S. Manjula Jegasothy burned my face with Fraxel laser in 2007, Miami, FL office at Brickell Avenue. I went under 2 laser procedure to improve some very light acne scar from my teenage years. But she had no clue about Fraxel laser side effects! Specially when applied on my once... READ MORE

How to Clear Skin and Fix BBL and Laser Skin Damage and Burn Scars - Minneapolis, MN

I had a BBL treatment done on my skin because I wanted to remove some freckles from my forehead. I was left with bumpy, crepey wrinkled skin with enlarged pores where laser was used. My skin was great before the treatment. At 31, it's upsetting that I looked like I had aged 10 years overnight.... READ MORE


Dr Ahn and his staff are amazing! Dr Ahn is incredibly skilled and has an amazing bedside manor. He has educated me on procedures without ever an ounce of pushiness. His staff are all friendly, professional, organized and respectful of your time. Exactly what I would want in a plastic surgeons... READ MORE

23 year old- Acne Scars

The procedure itself was by far the worse pain I have ever encountered. I balled my eyes out the entire procedure. The put numbing cream on me an hour prior to the laser and the only place a really felt numb was my nose and mouth. I was literally clenching my teeth and squeezing the (oversized)... READ MORE

Fraxel to Wipe Away a Few Years and Provide a Rejuvenated Look - Beverly Hills, CA

I recently saw Dr. Jason Emer to have a Fraxel Laser treatment to address some sunspots and fine lines that have appeared on my face. I have a fair complexion and over time, sunspots and freckles appear, even though I'm wearing sunscreen. I had one large spot on my cheek bone that seemed to... READ MORE

Fraxel for Sun Damaged Skin

As with any new procedure, I am always anxious of the unknowns...will it hurt? will there be results? what is the downtime? I can honestly say that all of my fears were allayed at Dr Jason Emer's office. From the moment I stepped through the door, the office staff made me feel at ease. I... READ MORE

Monster story

Girls...don't ever get it done. Ithe destroyed my skin. I have needle marks all over my skin. It's disgusting. Doctors will tell you everything they can to get your money. Don't do it. It's been 3 years and Ito changeget my life for the worse. READ MORE

Minimal Improvement

Three Fraxel ReStore treatments. Minimal improvement in brown spots, otherwise not very helpful. Looked better in the couple of weeks after, when there was still som microswelling. I wouldn't bother...glad I got a special price, a shame if I'd thrown away more money. After third, more intense... READ MORE

Review - Baltimore, MD

TRUST!!! See below. by the way-- this review wants to me to input a cost-- in total its been thousands, but some was medical and insurance approved, and mostly cosmetic paid by me, so its very hard to say- I will just put a random amount, I don't feel its fair to write an amount because I... READ MORE

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

I had a Fraxel laser treatment done on my face about 3 month ago. About a week after the treatment, scabs fell off, and new skin looked amazing. BUT, a few days later, I started to have HUGE brown spots all over my face, especially under my eyes. It's been 3 month since the treatment, and my... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal

The spa living well medical center is the place to go. The staff is wonderful and the doctor, Jarrod Chapman is amazing as well. They get you in and get you out with excellent service. I really enjoy going down . I'm currently trying to get rid of a tattoo behind my ear so I can join the... READ MORE

67 Year Old Female

My cosmetic laser surgical procedure with Dr. William Groff was absolutely amazing. Dr. Groff is an outstanding doctor in every way. I am so pleased with my outcome. All my friends and family think I now look incredible. I would highly recommend Dr. Groff and his entire staff to everyone who... READ MORE

Fraxel for skin texture and pore size

I had my fist treatment yesterday. Before the treatment: I watched several YouTube videos on the process and read personal stories on this site and may others. Consultation: I was told it would take 4-6 weeks for my skin to fully heal, wear tons of sun screen and to stay home for a few days... READ MORE

Under the Eye Fraxel Treatment - Ridgewood, NJ

Since botox can't get the additional fine wrinkles under my eyes, Dr Ganchi recommended trying the fraxel laser for that area. So far so good, just a little pink and swollen. Will probably require 2 more sessions. It took about 2-3 minutes with the laser since it was a small area. Had to ice it... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual is Amazing! - Oklahoma City, OK

I have battled acne scars from my youth for years. I recently completed the prescribed series of 4 Fraxel Dual laser treatments and have seen remarkable results with Dr, Love's office. Nice to finally find something that actually accomplishes what it claims! An added plus is no more brown... READ MORE

So Great - Beverly Hills, CA

I did fraxel duel- it will be a week tomorrow and my skin looks airbrushed it's so great. I had rougher skin with discoloration from the sun. Minimal lines. I'm late 30s and have been doing Botox for years...I am doing one more in 3 weeks. Highly recommend. The dr. I went to was expensive- but... READ MORE

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