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Fractional lasers are used in skin resurfacing—to minimize wrinkles, help reverse sun damage, and generally improve skin's appearance. LEARN MORE â€ş

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Dr. Walter at Dermatology and Skin Surgery Specialists was absolutely wonderful. She treated my face, neck and chest and also included my hands for free. My skin was damaged due to years of sun damage and tanning bed use. My daughter was getting married so I wanted to look my best. Dr. Walter... READ MORE

I was a lifeguard growing up, but still had not had intentional sun on my face since college. The laser was something I always wanted. It was time as I had the uncoverable brown spots showing up on my cheeks. I am not going to lie, I was scary for a few days. My husband kept saying...why... READ MORE

I have been getting full face pro-fractional, twice a year, for about 5 years now from Dr. Michael Marschall, and I love the results. The procedure itself it not a pleasant one, but the results are well worth it. I have never had a problem with the healing or results and I credit Dr. Marschall's... READ MORE

The doctor said he would do 2 passes aroun the perioral area. I still have the same wrinkles there! My brown spots are returning. Maybe he should have put the laser on a higher setting. My face is still slightly pink - there are a few smooth areas and the rest of my skin looks the same. I think... READ MORE

I am a 42 year old male. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Emer. He is extremely passionate about his work and passes along his expertise to patients in a friendly and candid way. After speaking with Dr. Emer about my face, he suggested a fractional laser procedure (“VIVA”). In addit... READ MORE

I had the DOT fractional CO2 Laser procedure done by Dr. Ben Hugo in Virginia Beach, VA. He is a very caring, competent and talented cosmetic surgeon. His specialty is a very natural look. With this laser treatment, you get a wonderful soft rejuvenation with a non surgical procedure. This... READ MORE

Having suffered with acne through out my teenage years and into early adulthood I was left with severe scarring. I had pigmentation issues and the texture of my skin was poor. I was at a complete loss, I wouldn't leave the house with out makeup and my self confidence was at an all time low... READ MORE

I was in my mid forties and started to notice a lot of fine lines and loss of collagen; the Fractional O2 Laser paired, with a little Botox, gave me a refreshed, renewed look. Easy recovery, no surgery with fantastic results! Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker is highly recommended, her results are great... READ MORE

My skin under the eye is damaged . Like many little holes . I Made filler under my eye 4 years ago and the doctor said IT would be the treatment to Smooth the wrinkles. Unfortunately IT ruined the skin where IT had been the laser . After a year my skin looks ad If there many holes , exactly were... READ MORE

When my acne finally cleared up, I was left with terrible acne scars. I was very embarrassed by these scars and always wanted to do something about them. My doctor recommended the laser pro fractional. I'm still waiting for the final outcome. I will be uploading before and after pictures as... READ MORE

I have been a patient of dr. dannaker for the last 10 years, for botox, fillers and fraxel treatments,i was always very satisfied,2 month ago i had liposuction done on my neck by an other dr. which left my skin loose and wrinkled,dr.dannaker treated my neck several times with fraxor radio... READ MORE

Dr. Emer recommended I get a Fractional laser treatment called "Viva" - he told me I would love the results, and he was RIGHT!!! I got the procedure 4 weeks ago and I have never gotten as many compliments in my life as I have recently!! My skin looks more youthful in all the right ways - my skin... READ MORE

Ive been having treatments from Dr. Emer for a couple months now, including viva acne scar removal. It definitely works- - no doubt about it. Friends and family definitely notice the difference. It is not the most painless of procedures (at least for me) but my skin is much smoother than it was... READ MORE

I love Dr. Borton. My main purpose is to get rid of acne and a deep facial scar. She spent a lot of time with me explaining the procedures. She spoke on my terms so I could understand everything. She is very professional. I also like the products she recommended. They have made a difference on... READ MORE

He burned my entire face by a laser procedure back in 2010. He even went under my eyes! He really scarred my chin badly. I'm still getting treatments to correct the scarring from all of the burns. It's costing me a lot of time and money. I may be scarred for life because of his extreme... READ MORE

(Note: Cost will vary depending on procedure. I put this figure as it insisted on putting something and quite honestly I don't recall exactly what it cost. It was more than $1000 but don't recall how much more.) I have been seeing Dr. Borton for about five years. I noted only the one procedure I... READ MORE

On december 5th (2014) had my first treatment (I payed for a package of four). I was told by the doctor who performed it that I ought to see results even from the first session. I had researched and I knew that what she told me was highly unlikely, but when you' ve spent many years hating the... READ MORE

My wife had this done 2:years ago and brought this to my attention for we both used tanning beds early in life have brown spots.. I am set up for 3 treatments she only did the one had some result with it so I am trying this since the spa had a sale of 35% off on series of three I am going for it... READ MORE

Had laser procedure done by an assistant with no measurable results. Was then advised a stronger level should have been used and I had the option of repeating the procedure for 50% off. So their bad judgement results in my paying more? Your experience might be different, but I don't think I'll... READ MORE

Dr. Contreras at About Skin was absolutely wonderful. My skin was damaged due to years of eczema and rosacea. My daughter was getting married and I wanted to look my best. Dr. Contreras did filler under my eyes and on my cheeks and did 5 sessions with the non-ablative fractional laser. He... READ MORE

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