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Fractional lasers are used in skin resurfacing—to minimize wrinkles, help reverse sun damage, and generally improve skin's appearance. LEARN MORE ›

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Needed Help with Sun Spots and Redness and Just Wanting to Turn Back Time!! - Saint Joseph, MO

I have had broad band light(BBL) and laser peels. I have been very pleased with the outcomes of both. Almost zero downtime. The outcome is better than I ever expected. I also had filler Juvederm. The out come of all was more than worth it. The filler achieved exactly what I wanted it... READ MORE

Fat Bigger Face from Fractional Co2 Laser - Los Angeles, CA

I had fractional CO2 laser done on my face over a year ago. The skin looks fine, there was no damage; however, the growth of collagen was massive. My face is now much bigger and appears fatter. I am the same weight. I had a beautiful oval shaped face, now it is round. The thickening of the... READ MORE

The. Worst. Decision. - Fort Collins, CO

I had a Sandstone Fractional CO2 treatment on November 19, 2015. I wish I could go back in time. I almost chickened out but had pre-paid. I was severely over treated, especially on my right side, and neon pink squares peeled just 2 days post treatment. There were tiny blisters in some of the... READ MORE

Massachusetts Kid, in Need of Smooth Skin - Manhattan, NY

I had lots of permanent damage to my cheeks from using the tanning booth after Accutane. So i tried every kind of topical product out there and nothing worked. I wanted to go the best dermatological laser surgeon in the world. My online search led me to this place and after two 4 hour drives... READ MORE

Wonderful Experience - Denver, CO

Ashley Ackerson, at Doctor Christine Rodgers office in Denver, CO, is a smart, caring concerned aesthetician. She cared so deeply for me and my results. We spent hours together pre and post laser treatment. She answered all my questions thoroughly and spent so much time calming me and making... READ MORE

60 Years Old with Old Acne Scarring from Early Teenage Years with Cystic Acne. Worcester, MA

Being able to "finally" eliminate my old acne scarring with the full face fractional laser was totally awesome. I had dermabrasion years ago with minimal results. I was still left with scarring. After receiving the fractional laser it was like a miracle! The scarring that I had was evened,... READ MORE

Laser for Facial Blemishes - Rockville, MD

I was concerned about a blemish that seemed to be getting larger. I went to see Dr. Dick to determined whether it might need to be removed and biopsied. He was thoughtful, concerned, and explained various options. He recommended using laser therapy to address the blemish rather than excising... READ MORE

Looking for a Non-surgical Procedure. Aliso Viejo, CA

I consulted with Dr. Miller and decided to have the fractional CO2 laser on my face and neck since I wanted a non-surgical treatment. I had numerous dark spots from sun damage and general aging issues. The treatment was painless and it was about 10 days before I wanted to be seen in public and... READ MORE

CO2 Fractional Laser Facial Resurfacing - Worcester, MA

This procedure removes the top layer of skin which had been damaged years earlier due to a bout with acne when I was a teenager. The procedure was pain-free, without complications, and lasted a little over an hour. Once healed, I will have scar-free skin giving me the confidence I once had as... READ MORE

Badly Sun Danaged Skin? Consult Dr. Jordan Rihani About a Fractionated CO2 and Erbium Treatment! - Gulf Shores, AL

For many years, I badly abused my skin by spending time in the sun (unprotected most of the time in the early years) and in tanning beds. When my late husband was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, I finally became "smart" and stopped all tanning even though I know the damage had been done. For... READ MORE

Looking Renewed & Refreshed! Silverdale, WA

Dr. Henderson was warm, attentive, & inspired immediate confidence. In each contact she answered my many questions in detail without any sense of being in a hurry. She performed the procedures I had (C02 Fractional, blepharoplasty & lipo-structure) to perfection. She is an ideal medical... READ MORE

Love my New Skin - Oak Brook, IL

I have had a lot of sun damage over the years from not taking good care of my skin. I just didn't like the look of unhealthy skin and some fine wrinkles creeping up on my face. I discussed my concerns with Dr. Patel and he recommended some juevederm, botox and fractional laser treatment to... READ MORE

36 Years Old and Keen to Maintain a Fresh Appearance to my Skin - Potts Point, AU

Dr Matousek has now treated my face with her Sciton Pro-Fractional Laser twice now, in September this year, and one year prior to that. This treatment keeps my skin looking naturally fresh and healthy without the risks of looking plumped up with too much filler/injectables- something we see far... READ MORE

Great Results! Amazing Dermatologist! Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Walter at Dermatology and Skin Surgery Specialists was absolutely wonderful. She treated my face, neck and chest and also included my hands for free. My skin was damaged due to years of sun damage and tanning bed use. My daughter was getting married so I wanted to look my best. Dr. Walter... READ MORE

I Was Ugly for a Few Days for Years of Sun Damge to Be Gone. Atlanta, GA

I was a lifeguard growing up, but still had not had intentional sun on my face since college. The laser was something I always wanted. It was time as I had the uncoverable brown spots showing up on my cheeks. I am not going to lie, I was scary for a few days. My husband kept saying...why... READ MORE

Full Face Profractional. Wheaton, IL

I have been getting full face pro-fractional, twice a year, for about 5 years now from Dr. Michael Marschall, and I love the results. The procedure itself it not a pleasant one, but the results are well worth it. I have never had a problem with the healing or results and I credit Dr. Marschall's... READ MORE

Laser Peel Not Worth It - Dallas, TX

The doctor said he would do 2 passes aroun the perioral area. I still have the same wrinkles there! My brown spots are returning. Maybe he should have put the laser on a higher setting. My face is still slightly pink - there are a few smooth areas and the rest of my skin looks the same. I think... READ MORE

Great Experience with Excellent Doctor - Beverly Hills, CA

I am a 42 year old male. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Emer. He is extremely passionate about his work and passes along his expertise to patients in a friendly and candid way. After speaking with Dr. Emer about my face, he suggested a fractional laser procedure (“VIVA”). In addit... READ MORE

Wonderful New Younger Look for the over 60 Woman - Virginia Beach, VA

I had the DOT fractional CO2 Laser procedure done by Dr. Ben Hugo in Virginia Beach, VA. He is a very caring, competent and talented cosmetic surgeon. His specialty is a very natural look. With this laser treatment, you get a wonderful soft rejuvenation with a non surgical procedure. This... READ MORE

Severe Acne Scarring, Pigmentation and Wrinkles to Completely Healthy, Beautiful Skin - Taringa, AU

Having suffered with acne through out my teenage years and into early adulthood I was left with severe scarring. I had pigmentation issues and the texture of my skin was poor. I was at a complete loss, I wouldn't leave the house with out makeup and my self confidence was at an all time low... READ MORE

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