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Fractional lasers are used in skin resurfacing—to minimize wrinkles, help reverse sun damage, and generally improve skin's appearance. LEARN MORE ›

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Looked Good for About a Week and then MUCH, MUCH Worse - Concord, MA

I had the Sandstone Fractional c02 laser on May 25, 2011 to address melasma. I went to a board certified plastic surgeon in Mass. The procedure itself was pretty painful, but I figured "no pain, no gain". For about 5 days after I had the usual bleeding, crusting, and peeling that... READ MORE

Fractional co2 laser made texture look awful

I had full face fractional co2 laser done five weeks ago. I was attempting to address early signs of aging. Fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Though my provider has said I need to wait atleast 60 days to see results I am quite certain they will not be good. The texture of my skin is... READ MORE

The Marketing is "Optimistic" - Coto de Caza, CA

I paid a price for living in the Caribbean as a sun worshipper: skin damage. It turns out that those who advised us to stay out of the sun were actually serious about it. The years of sun have taken a toll on my skin. As I age it gets worse, and at the same time thinning skin and receding... READ MORE

Post-procedure Fractional Laser, Pulse Dye Laser - Sweden

In january 11 weeks ago I had a procedure to remove brown spots from my body, quite a few on my back, 5 on my waist and some above my stomach. They first used a fractional laser on my spots which felt hot/burning feeling. This gave me bruises that fell of in about 1 week revieling a pink skin... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Treatment (Laser) - Troy, MI

I had the laser treatment almost a year ago. I went in to have scars removed from around my ears from another bad surgeon that did my neck lift. I met with the Doctor and he told me that he could really improve the scars and then he talked me into having my whole face done. Then he told me that... READ MORE

My Experience from Fractional Co2 Laser (MultiExel DS-40ub)

Hey All, I'm a 34 year old Canadian female living in Busan, South Korea. I decided to get laser treatments from a doctor who had given me five sessions of IPL. I didn't have any skin problems prior except for a few fine lines and some freckles (which the IPL had taken care of quite... READ MORE

Fractional CO2: my Trip, Age 59 (Lip Lines, Marionette Lines & Old Age Spots) - Fort Myers, FL

I am a 59 year old women and wanted to get rid of lip lines, marionete lines and some old age spots. Went in yesterday and had it done. Did it hurt? Yes sir it sure did---felt like red hot needles--but the pain (as long as you could squeeze your hands together) was bearable. Today is my... READ MORE

61, Fair-skinned with Lots of Sun Damage and Age Spots

I was looking to minimize some brown spots, freckling and fine lines--par for the course for my age (61) and to generally have a more glowing, healthy, more youthful appearance. A friend had this laser procedure done and I could see that it truly made a difference in her much-improved look. ... READ MORE

Outstanding Results - Nyack, NY

My experience was amazing, I could not be happier with the outcome: I recommend this to anyone that wants to improve their appearance. After researching other facilities I choose the best my experience was amazing. I have also gotten Botox and Filler. Dr G's bedside manners are phenomenal he... READ MORE

Turning 40 in one month - let's try to get that face looking 28 :)

I am trying to get rid of fine lines and my crows feet. I would love to also have some tightening but understand that skin cannot hold in loose tissues and muscles - so I don't expect miracles on the tightening side. I am turning 40 and have done well with retinols, and retinas decreasing the... READ MORE

60 year old women happy to have youthful appearance back.

My results are better than expected. My skin is youthful and all the tiny wrinkles from sun damage are gone. It took longer than I had expected for the red to disappear but is well worth the wait. I found that Jane Ireland powder was the best makeup to use to tone down the redness. READ MORE

Profractional Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

So this is my 2nd laser treatment... 1st one wasn't as intense as the second one. I still have some redness I Pray that it kps getting better, My scars look like they have got smoother I pray that he keeps getting better after years of having scars on my face and people making fun of me and... READ MORE

Excellent Doctor - Irvine, CA

The laser treatments at Amoderm are truly second to none! I am very happy with the results and have seen big difference on my face and great improvements in the texture of my skin. Everything from the customer service to quality of care is top notch and as good as it gets. Dr Jafari was present... READ MORE

Amazing Results in 5 1/2 Weeks - Scottsdale, AZ

The results of the laser treatment are so much better than I expected in less than six weeks since the procedure. I look years younger already. To realize that my skin (face, neck and chest) will continue to improve for the next several months is amazing. The licensed esthetician and laser... READ MORE

Erbium Laser Resurfacing - Fort Collins, CO

My dermatologist told me my face was at risk for skin cancer, due to sun damage. Instead of using his office, I immediately called Dr. Diane Duncan. She had performed a blepharoplasty and erbium laser resurfacing fifteen years earlier. She recommended the erbium laser treatment. When I came home... READ MORE

Happy & Satisfied Patient, Fantastic Doctor! - West Los Angeles, CA

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Rivkin and his amazing, friendly & caring staff @ Westside Aesthetics! Dr. Rivkin is a highly skilled Doctor who educated me very well, made solid recommendations for my cosmetic skincare concerns & put my mind at ease during my treatments. I... READ MORE

Fractional Laser for Acne Scar - Irvine, CA

Had acne scars on my face and went to see Dr. Jafari at Amoderm. She was very nice and explained different types of scar and things that can be done for each with lasers and fillers. She recommended that I do fractional CO2 laser and I signed up for 2 sessions. I first started to use their... READ MORE

Acne and Large Pores, Fraxel Not Worth Money - Houston, TX

I had one treatment of Fraxel dual to target large pores, acne and acne scars, and overall texture. I'm sorry, but this procedure is a lot of money for no results after one treatment. I understand it usually takes several treatments, but come on over $1000 for no instant gratification? You... READ MORE

Renew my Skin from Sun Damage - The Woodlands, TX

This was the best thing I ever done for myself. I have no sun damage on my face after this procedure and the procedure was explained in great detail and the follow up is by far the bet in town. I communicated with the office daily to show my progress and ask any questions that were needed to be... READ MORE

23 Years Old - India

Great to have a laser treatment with Dr. Ayappan. Very kind towards his patients. As per me, best cosmetic sergon ever. I regularly check his post on facebook and everyday he does so critical Sergory. Really feels it on my face. Marvellously done!! I am very happy with the result and really... READ MORE

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