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Fractional lasers are used in skin resurfacing—to minimize wrinkles, help reverse sun damage, and generally improve skin's appearance. LEARN MORE ›

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Looked Good for About a Week and then MUCH, MUCH Worse - Concord, MA

I had the Sandstone Fractional c02 laser on May 25, 2011 to address melasma. I went to a board certified plastic surgeon in Mass. The procedure itself was pretty painful, but I figured "no pain, no gain". For about 5 days after I had the usual bleeding, crusting, and peeling that... READ MORE

Fractional co2 laser made texture look awful

I had full face fractional co2 laser done five weeks ago. I was attempting to address early signs of aging. Fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Though my provider has said I need to wait atleast 60 days to see results I am quite certain they will not be good. The texture of my skin is... READ MORE

The Marketing is "Optimistic" - Coto de Caza, CA

I paid a price for living in the Caribbean as a sun worshipper: skin damage. It turns out that those who advised us to stay out of the sun were actually serious about it. The years of sun have taken a toll on my skin. As I age it gets worse, and at the same time thinning skin and receding... READ MORE

Post-procedure Fractional Laser, Pulse Dye Laser - Sweden

In january 11 weeks ago I had a procedure to remove brown spots from my body, quite a few on my back, 5 on my waist and some above my stomach. They first used a fractional laser on my spots which felt hot/burning feeling. This gave me bruises that fell of in about 1 week revieling a pink skin... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Treatment (Laser) - Troy, MI

I had the laser treatment almost a year ago. I went in to have scars removed from around my ears from another bad surgeon that did my neck lift. I met with the Doctor and he told me that he could really improve the scars and then he talked me into having my whole face done. Then he told me that... READ MORE

My Experience from Fractional Co2 Laser (MultiExel DS-40ub)

Hey All, I'm a 34 year old Canadian female living in Busan, South Korea. I decided to get laser treatments from a doctor who had given me five sessions of IPL. I didn't have any skin problems prior except for a few fine lines and some freckles (which the IPL had taken care of quite... READ MORE

Fractional CO2: my Trip, Age 59 (Lip Lines, Marionette Lines & Old Age Spots) - Fort Myers, FL

I am a 59 year old women and wanted to get rid of lip lines, marionete lines and some old age spots. Went in yesterday and had it done. Did it hurt? Yes sir it sure did---felt like red hot needles--but the pain (as long as you could squeeze your hands together) was bearable. Today is my... READ MORE

Laser and Filler

Had a Fractional Laser at her office loved my skin after and had filler with Dr.Patel at my laser follow up visit with Sandra, such a experience(first timer) I appreciate the whole team providing such amazing care. READ MORE

100% happy with results

I have had a fractional CO2 laser as well as numerous injections done by Dr. Chestnut. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is far ahead of any other provider in town in terms of skill level and training. He always takes his time explaining and has a warm, confident bedside manner. Couldn't... READ MORE

Without Hesitation!

I have been "patient" in waiting to write this review. I was told by Dr. Miller it would take about 6 months to fully recover and see final results of the fractional laser procedure. I wanted to wait the full 6 months before writing. Last February I just had to do "something" to improve my... READ MORE

great experience

Great experience. I had different 2 procedures, one to eliminate sun (brown) spots on my face and the other a fractional laser treatment to eliminate lines on my face. Both very successful. Since 1've had both of these procedures twice there's no question I was very satisfied. READ MORE

Hormonal Acne Face Scars

I have suffered from hormonal acne for years, mainly located around my chin area. The scars are quite deep but this treatment (had 4 treatments over a period of a 8 months) has really helped evened out my skin both texture and color. Terry is very professional and I quite enjoy seeing her for... READ MORE

Good experience

Dr aman is very nice doc , I have taken mole remover co2 laser and I m very happy with the results. I highly recommend ak clinic to my friends and family. I always appreciate ak clinic staff , they all are talented and very friendly. READ MORE

It was amazing experience.

It was nice experience she treated me very well and all staff members are very nice and cooperative Dr.aman Ji is very experienced doctor i was very scared before I come here but she really motivated me and she really encouraged me. READ MORE

The best in Brisbane!

Shobhan has been treating my skin for about 2 years now after a reaction caused my face to break out in cysts, I quite literally thought my appearance was ruined forever. Throughout my many visits and treatments he remained supportive and understanding during all of my tears and breakdowns but... READ MORE

Exceptional Care

Going to Concept Medical is like meeting old friends where you will be heard and cared for. Dr. Hetz and staff are professional, knowledgeable, pleasant and always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate my needs. First impressions of the office leaves nothing to be desired, the space is... READ MORE

61, Fair-skinned with Lots of Sun Damage and Age Spots

I was looking to minimize some brown spots, freckling and fine lines--par for the course for my age (61) and to generally have a more glowing, healthy, more youthful appearance. A friend had this laser procedure done and I could see that it truly made a difference in her much-improved look. ... READ MORE

Amazing experience, awesome results

Wonderful experience , very happy with outcome. Dr Leoni performed fractional Laser on my face , he is amazing ,no pain I was able to go back to work next day. I have new glowing Rosi color skin , sun spot and black heads gone , fine lined refuced . He has soft touch and great bedside manner . I... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience! - New Orleans, LA

I give Dr. Bopp and his staff a five star rating. They made me feel welcomed from the moment I walked in. They showed respect and cared for my concerns/questions. I had a fractional laser performed to decrease appearance of acne scars. During my procedure, Dr. Bopp, his nurse, and other staff... READ MORE

Highly recommended

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Shawn Greathouse MD to me and I couldn't be more pleased. The front office staff were attentive and polite. The facility modern and inviting. My wait time was none to minimal. I never felt rushed and most importantly I was very pleased with the outcome of the... READ MORE

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