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Fractional lasers are used in skin resurfacing—to minimize wrinkles, help reverse sun damage, and generally improve skin's appearance. LEARN MORE ›

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Review of Fractional Laser Palomar 1540 - Brisbane, AU

I decided to go for a series of treatments at Irena Morgenstern Skin Management in Brisbane, Australia. I previously had a bad experience with a DMK alkaline wash from a paramedical skin therapist (Complexion Code at Albion), following which I decided to see a dermatologist who prescribed me... READ MORE

Fractional Skin Resurfacing for Cystic Acne Scars - Kansas City

I've dealt with "regular" acne since my teens but suffered from cystic acne after getting the mirena. I have since removed the mirena and cleared my acne up but have pitted spots and a few forehead wrinkles. I've been wanting to do something about this for so long and finally took the plunge.... READ MORE

51-yr Old Had Ablative Palomar Laser Treatment for Facial Lines Wrinkles and Sun Damage. Darien, CT

I was starting to seriously show signs of aging in my face, more fine lines and wrinkles then I was comfortable with. The lines around my mouth made it look like I was frowning most of the time. Every time I had a picture of myself I had to use heavy amounts of retouching before I was... READ MORE

Combined Pearl Laser and Fractional Treatment for Severe Cystic Acne Scarring

Day 3 and very happy with recovery so far. Recovering exactly as advised by my doctor. No more bleeding, skin is beginning to slough off & it looks like I have nasty sunburn! I am an early 50's male who had been left with visible facial scarring from teen/early 20's cystic acne.... READ MORE

Emerge Fractional Laser Resurfacing - Perth Western Australia - Australia, AU

I had decided to have Emerge fraction laser resurfacing on the area under my eyes. I am 30 and have under eye creases which age me considerably. I had read lots of reviews and decided on this treatment due to the minimal downtime. I went to Skin Deep in Perth. There was an offer where you pay... READ MORE

51 Year Old Widow, with Years of Sun and Acne Scaring, Wanting to Feel Better About Herself - Stuart, FL

Growing up on the beach, suffering from acne in my teenage years, my face was blotched with sunspots and acne scaring. I was referred to this amazing dermatologist, Dr. Samantha Fisher. She was so open with me told me exactly what to expect. She sent me plenty of before and after pictures, gave... READ MORE

Very Happy! - Newport Beach, CA

Several years ago Dr. Sadati did my facelift and it was wonderful. In Nov., 2013, I had a very bad accident which left a deep scar on my nose. Of course I called Dr. Sadati to see if there was anything that could be done to fix it. He was very forthright and told me there was probably nothing... READ MORE

34 year old female, has cystic acne scarring was really bad, much improvement - King Of Prussia, PA

I initially bought a Groupon for 2 chemical peels I had 1 done a week before my wedding which was on 9/26/13. I asked the owner what could be done for my scarring she recommended Fraxel (Fractional Laser) at 1st I said no b/c I thought the price would be a few thousand dollars. She gave me a... READ MORE

34 Yr Hoping to Reduce Acne Scars and Fine Lines – San Antonio, TX

Went in on April 5 to start a series of treatments to help reduce acne scars and some fine lines and wrinkles. I had ,in this exact order, Accent Laser, Microdermebrasion, Fractional CO2, followed by Q-.Switch Laser. Before the microderm I had topical numbing cream applied to my face. I applied... READ MORE

Had Non Ablative Laser for Darkened Skin - Wednesbury, UK

Hi basically I'm 18 and had some acne so I used a tca peal to clear it at first it was great and my skin was so clear but then my pigment began to darken quickly and really bad , so my mum suggested I went to a skin climb I went and they suggested laser, luckily my mum payed for it and my skin... READ MORE

damaged my skin - Sydney, AU

I had light acne scars, 2 chicken pox scars. and perfect clear skin apart from that the odd freckle etc. I underwent laser 4 months ago at a presumably reputable doctor in sydney that specialises in facial rejuvenation . paloma emege non ablative fractional laser . worst decision of my life .... READ MORE

Worst Decision I Have Ever Made for my Skin -Australia, AU

I had Emerge Fractional laser done about 6 months ago now to assist with Melasma (hormonal and sun damage). I had 2 sessions spaced 2 weeks part as recommended by the beautician doing the treatment. I was very hesitant initially about any long term side effects that could permanently... READ MORE

Fractional Laser Destroyed my Skin - United Kingdom, GB

I had endymed fsr treatment to improve a minor burn scar, as recommended by the doctor who actually gave me the burn mark removing a facial vein and it has completely destroyed my skin, I have lost alot of tightness around the eyes and gain so many more wrinkles since my treatment 7mths ago! Im... READ MORE

Cynosure Fractional CO2 Skin Resurfacing - Park Ridge, IL

I had fractional CO2 done last on my face and neck to improve overall appearance and get rid of acne marks and some sun damage. I loved the results but decided to do it again this year to tighten neck skin some more, eliminate sun damage on my chest, and tighten periorbital skin. I chose to have... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Treatment - Moscow, TX

I have acne problem since i was a teenager... so its more than 8 years i am fighting with my problem. i tried all kind of creams nothing helped me... peelings...facials... waste of money. yesterday i did my first Co2 Laser treatment.. it was painful but i was expecting more pain so it was ok i... READ MORE

Fractional Laser CO2 Treatment - Malta, MT

I have always been unhappy with my skin, its very oily, i have spots nothing major but i did use to have acne. I also have alot off dents and scars left from spots over the years, the sad thing is they say they only scar if you squeeze! What a load off fu*#*ing Sh*t that is! Ive noticed that my... READ MORE

Co2 Dot Laser - Kentucky, KY

I had the laser around my eyes and upper lip the doctor also done around my mouth and chin area. This was very painful my face burned like it was on fire just after. This is the day after and it is not to bad. I have swelling of my eyes and lips. We just have to see how it goes from here. I am... READ MORE

Fractional Laser with Great Results in Metro Atlanta Area -Roswell, GA

I recently received Fractional Laser treatment with great results. My face looks more refreshed with the deeper wrinkles, large pores and hyperpigmentation greatly reduced! I have included before/during/after pictures; however, they really do not give justice to the large pores that were greatly... READ MORE

Suggestions on Fraxel Co2 Acne Scars - Boca Raton, FL

I have suffered for About 15 years with severe cystic acne, I am 28 going in 29, acne has ruined my skin and I have deep scarring, I also seemed to have lost fat in my left cheek where the acne was the worst and have the sunken look. I actually went to a doctor today in Boca Raton, FL. And... READ MORE

5 months post-treatment in North Carolina

I had fraxel done on a Monday 2 weeks ago, mainly for hyperpigmentation due to years of sun exposure while on birth control and also for mild acne scarring. An RN did the procedure and honestly, it was pretty painful. Just like others described, It felt like a very HOT rubber band was being... READ MORE

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