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Fractional lasers are used in skin resurfacing—to minimize wrinkles, help reverse sun damage, and generally improve skin's appearance. LEARN MORE â€ş

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I've done about 4 Fractional Laser procedures so far, 1 year apart. I used to have pretty deep acne scars and they had improved by 80%. Great rejuvenation result and even, glowing skin. Great alternative to deep chemical peels. I prefer do it in January, after the holidays, it is easier to... READ MORE

About a year I joined rs and started reading everyone stories. I am not a stranger to ps but never really thought about a FL and then the more I read and some other woman's pictures I knew I was going to have a FL .Further after visiting a few ps I knew I would need a fractional laser so I... READ MORE

It has been 2 months post laser and my face is still covered with lines and grid marks. My face is now very dry to the touch and looks like reptile skin. Because of laser I now have tiny bumps and acne throughout my face. Unfortunately due to anxiety I have been picking at these bumps and have... READ MORE

So, I've been struggling with acne from me teens, since then it has calmed down to about one major break out a month around my cycle. Since my acne begun I always picked, pinched and squeezed, thus causing deep boxcar and ice pick scars on miltiple areas of my face, mostly on my cheeks, after... READ MORE

So its going on 4 months now and i don't see any results.. But I was told it takes about 3 treatments for me to start noticing a difference. One thing to keep in mind if you want to get these treatments is pigmentation. My Dr. did not inform me of this and was scared at first and still unsure... READ MORE

I thought that I had good skin and as much as I love my facials, they weren't cutting it. In the past I have had VLP on my skin to bring out the pigmentation but I have always been aware of the fine line and now as u am getting older, the volume loss. I have had two sessions now and am starring... READ MORE

Wow! I had no idea that I was going to experience as much swelling as I did post op... The machine that was used was Cynosure ---- found out today that the fractional part was set at what was an equivalent to 35% coverage of skin and the rest of the settings were set at levels used as if it were... READ MORE

I got the dot fractional laser with platelet rich plasma:) I have been searching for something to renew my skin texture for years. I ruined my skin early on with multiple skin products and no sun screen. I also suffered from hormonal acne breakouts:( The day of my procedure I was a mess, had... READ MORE

I also had a face/neck lift with the Fracional /CO2/Ebrium Laser Skin resurfacing at the same time. I could not be more happy with the results. It took at least 10 years off my age and gave me a new youthful appearance and attitude.Dr M was kind, personable, and the most amazing surgeon. The... READ MORE

Please help. I had fractional co2 laser done in 2013 which had left horrible dots all over my skin. Please don't say this isn't possible etc as there are many reviews on here with same problem. Someone help me :( I went to another practitioner who lasered me again saying it would fix it on a... READ MORE

I have a lot of broken capillaries and brown spots on my face. I've done various treatments over the years with minimal results. I needed to do something drastic. I was afraid of the downtime which ended up being minimal, which was fantastic! After numbing cream set in, procedure was quick, 20... READ MORE

Had microdermabrasion for 12 years. Despite that, lines above lip and sides of mouth were getting deeper and deeper. Had tried botox and juvederm and thought it was a waste of money. I live more than 90 minutes away from the Sullivan Centre but a local woman swears that the Sullivan Centre is... READ MORE

My lines and wrinkles are making me look older than I feel. I am considering a facelift but don't have enough down time to do that till the end of the year. So I am going for the fractional laser resurfacing tomorrow. I may have another session after the facelift (if I go ahead with that.) I... READ MORE

I just had the pearl fractional laser done today. (Full face) It was very painful but bearable. I don't know if it's worth it yet until I start healing but I will keep you updated. My face is bleeding a little on my nose& chin. I have little square waffle shaped marks (Brown in color) all over... READ MORE

I decided to go for a series of treatments at Irena Morgenstern Skin Management in Brisbane, Australia. I previously had a bad experience with a DMK alkaline wash from a paramedical skin therapist (Complexion Code at Albion), following which I decided to see a dermatologist who prescribed me... READ MORE

I've dealt with "regular" acne since my teens but suffered from cystic acne after getting the mirena. I have since removed the mirena and cleared my acne up but have pitted spots and a few forehead wrinkles. I've been wanting to do something about this for so long and finally took the plunge.... READ MORE

I was starting to seriously show signs of aging in my face, more fine lines and wrinkles then I was comfortable with. The lines around my mouth made it look like I was frowning most of the time. Every time I had a picture of myself I had to use heavy amounts of retouching before I was... READ MORE

Day 3 and very happy with recovery so far. Recovering exactly as advised by my doctor. No more bleeding, skin is beginning to slough off & it looks like I have nasty sunburn! I am an early 50's male who had been left with visible facial scarring from teen/early 20's cystic acne.... READ MORE

I had decided to have Emerge fraction laser resurfacing on the area under my eyes. I am 30 and have under eye creases which age me considerably. I had read lots of reviews and decided on this treatment due to the minimal downtime. I went to Skin Deep in Perth. There was an offer where you pay... READ MORE

Growing up on the beach, suffering from acne in my teenage years, my face was blotched with sunspots and acne scaring. I was referred to this amazing dermatologist, Dr. Samantha Fisher. She was so open with me told me exactly what to expect. She sent me plenty of before and after pictures, gave... READ MORE

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