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31 Year Old with Mild Acne Scars - Red Bank, NJ

I have mild acne scars in my cheeks and I knows that I've been looking at fractional laser's versus this procedure. This bitch i I have mild acne scars in my cheeks and on my nose that I've been looking at fractional laser's versus this procedure. This this procedure required less down Time so... READ MORE

44yrs, hands, face, neck and chest fractional laser treatment 1

Awesome, day 4 now and unbelievable recovery, i wrote off the next 10 days but this isnt anywhere near as bad as i thought it would be. slight sunburn pain for about 4 hours post and bleeding for about 6 hours, but not huge amounts of blood at all, just slightly. photos look horrendous but zero... READ MORE

co2 will age you tremendously!

It has been 2 months post laser and my face is still covered with lines and grid marks. My face is now very dry to the touch and looks like reptile skin. Because of laser I now have tiny bumps and acne throughout my face. Unfortunately due to anxiety I have been picking at these bumps and have... READ MORE

Extremely Painful with No Result

Absolutely horrible experience. I think that had I been prepared for what I was embarking on, I would not have such a harsh review. I am 35 years old and decided to get this procedure done because I don't like that my skin folds under my eyes when I smile and I have cleavage lines developing... READ MORE

Chicken pox and facial scaring from car accident

ALEX MARTIN did not do my procedure. He is the director and his nurse perform the treatment. I am in day 2 post treatment. I have been wanting to do something forever. I had scars on my face since I was a baby. So I've always had bangs. I realize that my scars will be hard to treat. I... READ MORE

37 Years Old - Fractional Laser for Minor Skin Elasticity Issues

I am a skin obsessed mother of two very small children. The sleepless nights have paid a toll on my skin elasticity. Also, I grew up under the sun and have a lot of discoloration due to sun damage and also remnants of pregnancies. I get IPL photo facial every month but decided to go deeper! I... READ MORE

Fractional Laser - New York

Just got my first full face fractional laser treatment. Celebrating spa week. My face is red and feels like I have a sun burn. This treatment is painful! Don't go in expect a relaxing treatment! Let's see what happens over next few days. Before and after photos are being added. I will also post... READ MORE

My Turn, my Turn Wanting Nicer Skin. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

About a year I joined rs and started reading everyone stories. I am not a stranger to ps but never really thought about a FL and then the more I read and some other woman's pictures I knew I was going to have a FL .Further after visiting a few ps I knew I would need a fractional laser so I... READ MORE

28, Post Acne Scars

I've done about 4 Fractional Laser procedures so far, 1 year apart. I used to have pretty deep acne scars and they had improved by 80%. Great rejuvenation result and even, glowing skin. Great alternative to deep chemical peels. I prefer do it in January, after the holidays, it is easier to... READ MORE

31 AA F W/ Deep Boxcar and Ice Pick Scars on Cheeks - New York

So, I've been struggling with acne from me teens, since then it has calmed down to about one major break out a month around my cycle. Since my acne begun I always picked, pinched and squeezed, thus causing deep boxcar and ice pick scars on miltiple areas of my face, mostly on my cheeks, after... READ MORE

Fractional Laser 1st Treatment - Edmonton, AB

So its going on 4 months now and i don't see any results.. But I was told it takes about 3 treatments for me to start noticing a difference. One thing to keep in mind if you want to get these treatments is pigmentation. My Dr. did not inform me of this and was scared at first and still unsure... READ MORE

Getting my Baby Smooth Back - New Zealand, NZ

I thought that I had good skin and as much as I love my facials, they weren't cutting it. In the past I have had VLP on my skin to bring out the pigmentation but I have always been aware of the fine line and now as u am getting older, the volume loss. I have had two sessions now and am starring... READ MORE

TOO SEXY TO BE 62 ----- Major Complaint Was Skin Was Getting More and More Loose --- - Mount Pleasant, SC

Wow! I had no idea that I was going to experience as much swelling as I did post op... The machine that was used was Cynosure ---- found out today that the fractional part was set at what was an equivalent to 35% coverage of skin and the rest of the settings were set at levels used as if it were... READ MORE

Dot Fractional Laser with Platelet Rich Plasma-Another chance with my skin:)

I got the dot fractional laser with platelet rich plasma:) I have been searching for something to renew my skin texture for years. I ruined my skin early on with multiple skin products and no sun screen. I also suffered from hormonal acne breakouts:( The day of my procedure I was a mess, had... READ MORE

73 Year Old Grandmother. Toronto, ON

I also had a face/neck lift with the Fracional /CO2/Ebrium Laser Skin resurfacing at the same time. I could not be more happy with the results. It took at least 10 years off my age and gave me a new youthful appearance and attitude.Dr M was kind, personable, and the most amazing surgeon. The... READ MORE

Laser Damage. Tiny Dots All over Face. HELP! Tasmania, AU

Please help. I had fractional co2 laser done in 2013 which had left horrible dots all over my skin. Please don't say this isn't possible etc as there are many reviews on here with same problem. Someone help me :( I went to another practitioner who lasered me again saying it would fix it on a... READ MORE

42, 3 Kids, and a Much Needed Pick Me Up - Newport Beach, CA

I have a lot of broken capillaries and brown spots on my face. I've done various treatments over the years with minimal results. I needed to do something drastic. I was afraid of the downtime which ended up being minimal, which was fantastic! After numbing cream set in, procedure was quick, 20... READ MORE

Worth Every Penny and Everyone Treated Me Like I Was Extra-special - Columbus, OH

Had microdermabrasion for 12 years. Despite that, lines above lip and sides of mouth were getting deeper and deeper. Had tried botox and juvederm and thought it was a waste of money. I live more than 90 minutes away from the Sullivan Centre but a local woman swears that the Sullivan Centre is... READ MORE

62 Years Old Sun Damage and Wrinkles - Exeter, UK

My lines and wrinkles are making me look older than I feel. I am considering a facelift but don't have enough down time to do that till the end of the year. So I am going for the fractional laser resurfacing tomorrow. I may have another session after the facelift (if I go ahead with that.) I... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Old Acne Scars - Gulf Breeze, FL

I just had the pearl fractional laser done today. (Full face) It was very painful but bearable. I don't know if it's worth it yet until I start healing but I will keep you updated. My face is bleeding a little on my nose& chin. I have little square waffle shaped marks (Brown in color) all over... READ MORE

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