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Evolence was a collagen injectable used to fill out facial lines and wrinkles. The manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, pulled it from the market in 2009. LEARN MORE ›

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My doctor gave me all the pros and cons of all of the fillers for my nasolabial folds and I decided on Evolence.I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I had 2 cc's and it produced a perfect result. My doctor put a little in the corners of my mouth too for the marionette lines. At 56, it READ MORE

I have used Restalyne for my laugh lines for a couple of years with excellent results. I never had brusing nor was it painful and it lasted a long time between injects. I heard about Evolence and that it lasts for a year, so my Dermo had me to try it out. What a mistake.Although I had numbing... READ MORE

I wish I had read these comments prior to using Evolence. I had been using Botox prior and tried filler (not Evolence) in my mouth area.Early July I went to my DR. and asked about filler in the eye area. She suggested Evolence and stated it was a just approved to be used in the States but had... READ MORE

I usually had Restylane in lines on either side of my mouth with excellent results. Used Evolence approx 6 months ago and was horrified by the awful bruising (despite lots of arnica prior to and stopping all blood thinners)...lasted at each injection site for 10 days!As if that were not bad... READ MORE

I had Evolence injections for hallowing under eyes. First time using Evolence and I am totally unhappy with the results.I've had Sculptra injections - 3 to be exact - under my eyes in the last year and was very happy with the results. After getting a laser treatment under my eyes for wrinkles,... READ MORE

Pros - Saw immediate results. Really liked the results for a full 24 hours - I now know it was due to swelling.Cons - All the fillers are priced the same with my doctor whom I trust. Now reading that massaging should be done immediately after injecting - well, didn't happen with me. I now... READ MORE

I went in for the educators discount and consult and walked out a younger looking me.I had some hollowing in my cheekbones and slight marionette lines starting around my mouth with lines above my upper lip. I thought I would inquire about about fillers for the cheeks. The PA that did my... READ MORE

I got my first Perlane (Same as Restylane) in march 09. 2cc in each cheek for laugh lines. I got more cheeks but still had laugh lines....So last week I went to a new Dr and I made sure that HE would perform the injections not a RN!! The MD took his time with me (almost 1 hr) explaining the... READ MORE

I wanted to treat the nasal fold lines and fill in the wrinkles and sags in the chin area. My dermatologist suggested Evolance for the nasal lines and Perlane for the chin. After 1 week, I felt it looked good but the chin wasn't filled in enough, so he recommended adding Evolance to the chin. ... READ MORE

I had lines under my eyes not fully treated with botox and dark circles in the tear trough. Evolence was recommended by my dermatologist over juvaderm. I was told I would have brusing around my eyes (which lasted 10 days) and some swelling.The brusing and swelling subsided. About two weeks... READ MORE

First let me start by saying there are no pros in my case. I asked the RN that performed the injections which would be best, juvederm or evolence and she said she was on the fence, but that evolence was easier to mold.I had the area above the lips done for those smoker lines or lines that... READ MORE

Instant results and no downtime. I had marionnette lines and creases at the corners of my mouth and now they are 95% gone, which is good because I don't want to look flawless just corrected.He advised me to do one more syringe of a different filler for a certain look he perfected but I plan to... READ MORE

Has evolance on philtrim area (area under nose )for more definition. Had other products successfully administerd before.Doctor recommended evolance. So I trusted his judgement. Its an absolute nightmare!! Have white showing through the skin and two hard very visible lumps/lines. The saddest... READ MORE

Had evolence injected into my lips, had restaylene before and loved it. My surgeon advised me that evolence would last longer but the main thing was that it would not make my lips swell for 3 days like restaylane does. Evolence did not make my lips swell, but hated the result not natural... READ MORE

I had Evolence injected into the lines around my mouth and nose. I also had the corners of my mouth injected because I always looked like I was frowning. The Plastic Surgeon that I go to in Jacksonville explained that he had a new product called Evolence and explained the benefits over what I... READ MORE

I tried Evolence for the lines around my mouth.  I had used Radiesse about a year ago and was not pleased with the results--a lot of bruising and did not last very long.  I was encouraged by the longer lasting results that Evolence reports but am now very disappointed.  I have... READ MORE

I am surprised to hear about lumps from other respnders because my experience with EVOLENCE was amazing. It makes me question the doctors they went to. I had tried Juvederm before, but found the results mediocre. The doctor who performed my injections was fantastic. I liked her immediately... READ MORE

5 weeks ago, I had two tubes of perlane in nasal/labial folds; very painful and tons of brusing.for something that was supposed to last 4-6 months, 1/2 of the product had already disengrated. i had read about evolence, and was willing to try it, and i must say i am amazed. NO BRUISING! i was... READ MORE

I had Juvederm before, Didn't last 5 months. I'm going on Month 9 with Evolence and loved the results. It was much smoother and not as lumpy as the Juvederm. If the Evolence last for a solid year like the company says I will certainly get it again. The injection was somewhat painful but worth... READ MORE

I have used restalyne and juvederm but my plastic surgeon wanted to use evolence as it is supposed to last longer.  He injected the areas around my mouth the "commas" and filled in some acne scars on my chin.  Within minutes i had lumps and bumps which he told me to put ice... READ MORE

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