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Dental implants replace the roots of missing teeth. They act as an anchor to hold permanent replacement teeth, bridges, or dentures. You can have any number of teeth replaced with dental implants. If you’re looking to replace the entirety of your top or bottom teeth, you may consider the All-on-4 procedure, which uses four implants to attach an arch of 14 teeth. 

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I was missing 2 upper molars and had implants done 7 years ago. I had 3 surgeries in total: first for bone grafting, then implants inserted, then reinserted (2 weeks after putting them in first time) as surgent felt I needed thicker ones instead. All surgeries were under general anestesia... READ MORE

I have one implant- lower left side 3rd to last. Because of the location, the look of the tooth is somewhat irrelevant. Nevertheless, I had to have a bone graft...wait six months...get the implant (screw)...wait six or so months.... then finally get the cap. I am really happy with it. It is... READ MORE

I had to extract 1st molar on the right down of the jaw and thought implant is the way to go ,had this procedure 3 days ago and I am still very swollen and blood is coming from the wound also I thought I will be able not to smoke after the surgery ,but so much things go wrong in my life that I... READ MORE

I had a dental implant placed at Lutheran hospital in Brooklyn and then removed after a week. Am in constant pain because of the injury and it's quite debilitating. I was never told about the possibility of a nerve injury so when I noticed a problem, I contacted Dr. Jenkins only to be told not... READ MORE

I have been to many places for my implant consultation. I finally made the decision to go with Dr. Bishay. He made sure I understand the procedure and showed me the X-ray and the CT-Scan. I am a very nervous person, and he offered laughing gas to help me relax which was awesome. I didn't feel... READ MORE

About 6 month ago I spend hours after hours searching for the best dentist to place my dental implant. I strongly believe now-you get what you pay took my maxillofacial surgeon 20 min to place it with bone graft, no visible scars and 2-3 in healing . So please save an extra $$$ and go... READ MORE

Dr,Shore and his team are the best people I have ever met. The whole team provided me with the professional care I required and with the most caring method I could have asked for. This was a long procedure during a time that I was undergoing serious back surgeries and Dr. Shore and the whole... READ MORE

I had 3 implants and some cosmetic work done and I am so pleased. Dr.Krikorian is the best. I have been seeing him for two years now and plan to have more cosmetic work done. I am planning to have veneers done on my front teeth. I have never liked my smile but not I am getting there. Will post... READ MORE

I've been a patient for over 4 years and give Dr. Mobasser the strongest recommendation. Dr.Anthony Mobasser has done numerous crowns for me as well root canals and fillings, and everything has worked out perfectly. I trust his advice completely. He has always made sure that I'm totally... READ MORE

Dental implants replaced my lost teeth and they look and feel like my own teeth. I was saving for a while, and i am happy that I made that choice to go with implants. I was very concerned how it would be, but dr. Nelly did awesome job, and I did not have any pain afterwards. I can smile now,... READ MORE

I have had bad teeth my whole life. I had been doing research online about dental treatment for some time now. I eventually contacted around 10-15 clinics in Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, Some didn't respond, some responded, Some sent automated responses, only a few sent valid information.... READ MORE

Best experience ever at a dental office. Dr Llapur skills, knowledge and chair side manners made everything really enjoyable, way better than any dentist I've visited before. He spent a lot of time explaining the procedures to me and he is a perfectionist. The staff courteousness was incredible.... READ MORE

Dr Tehrani is that rare professional who is calming, approachable, and puts you completely at ease while also using her expertise to your greatest advantage. I have had two implants with her and the results are completely satisfying in every way, as if my original teeth are still there in... READ MORE

A perfect smile smiling without being ashamed of my smile is what motivated me to take the plunge. I was serviced by Dr.Kimble in the arrowhead area of Peoria Arizona. I went in for a consult about a month ago and was very pleased with all the questions that were answered for me. I have... READ MORE

I did my research. The preparation booking the appointment and receiving good & timely responses was excellent. Attended the appointment, everything was explained in detail. Set the stud and came back the following winter for the implants to be completed. 100% satisfied. In fact, I have gone... READ MORE

Dr. Arrington is the most honest, conscientious, meticulous, straight-forward, kind, and absolutely best dentist that I have ever encountered. Due to periodontal disease I had to loose two of my teeth -- my left top eye tooth and the one behind it, both fully visible with even the slightest... READ MORE

Ivan did a full mouth restoration for me involving 12 dental implants and a full upper and lower prosthetic arcade. He was very careful and knowing this was a huge investment he went over all the options multiple times so we could be sure to get everything right. He is friendly, caring and takes... READ MORE

Dr. Abrahahams seems like a nice person but he is not a good Dentist!!! He was reccomended to me as a specialist for implants and dentures, I had my tooth done in his surgery but the tooth (implant) fell off within a month, He tried to fixed it couple of times but it did not last even for a... READ MORE

Wonderful dental experience and a fun vacation! Dr. Arzate is professional, on time, high quality materials and has wonderful knowledgeable professional personnel in his Medical Dental Center. This is not our first visit and won't be our last. We've referred family and friends and they all ... READ MORE

I had two teeth extracted, and for a long time i was unable to eat on one side of my mouth, after some research, i found Dr. Alonso in Santo Domingo for a affordable price (around 50%) less than dental offices in my state. He helped me to book an hotel nearby his office and helped me since I... READ MORE

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