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Major Bone Grafts and Dental Implants-Very Please with Results Now - Toronto, ON

I didn't have teeth in the back of my mouth to chew with. I was told that to add bone would not be possible. I sought the expertise of several different experts and settled on Dr Veisman because he seemed the most knowledgable and experienced. He completed the sinus lifts on both sides of my... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 3 Great Kids & a Lot More Life to Live - Mexico

So starting a really long journey. I've got horrible teeth. About 7 on top, 6 bottom and that doesn't include the broken ones. My dentist said it would be best to get dentures for top & root canal & bridge for bottom. I'm really scared of saggy face.More & more I thought implants is the best way... READ MORE

Full Mouth Restoration (Dental) Costa Rica, CR

I had a full mouth restoration done at Prisma Dental in Costa Rica. The work was done by Dr. Telma Rubinstein and Dr. Josef Cordero Pinczanski. My work involved replacing every tooth with either a crown or veneer and required several implants. The work was all done over the period of one week... READ MORE

Finally...A Dream Come True! Irving, TX

Finally, I'm on this journey to transformation. This dream of mine has been years in the making. i can't tell you how many dentists I've seen over the years from California to Texas. Either I didn't have the money or I didn't have insurance to at least absorb some of the costs associated with... READ MORE

I Got my Hollywood Smile at Harmony Dental Tijuana Mexico

I got to Tijuana the night before. I went for lipo and for dental. The next morning I went to Harmony Dental at Molding clinic Tijuana Mexico. I met Victor M Martinez and he was so friendly and funny. I got comfortable and he took some xrays. He gave my options and i decided entire top of my... READ MORE

I'm 54 Years Old. Great Wife and Proud Father of Two Good Young Men. Houston, TX

After years of having one problem after another with my teeth I had to do something. Both arches are in poor shape. So in January it's time for implant dentures. I have crowns on all upper and lower arches. Some in the back are completely gone. I have been chewing on the left side due to loose... READ MORE

56 Male Florida Dental Implants - Dominican Republic

Procedure was 6 dental implants and one full upper bridge extractions included. First of all he advertises dental Implant prices but doesnt tell you that crowns are not included and some other surprising hidden fees. Inmediately after the surgery of implants everything was perfect. Other... READ MORE

Best Decision I've Ever Made

I live in Florida and started my search for good dental care that was affordable close to home. After seeing three dentists and each one giving me their opinion in course of treatment it became clear what the one common thread was, open your check book and be prepared to empty your savings... READ MORE

37, Nobel Bio Replace Dental Implant in Budapest. Hungary

I had an old root-canal tooth (left upper bicuspid) flare up in May for the second time in a year. It had always felt strange, slightly tender. My NHS dentist had previously recommended another root resection to clear up the infection & I had a consultation with a periodontist who said he could... READ MORE

My Dental Implant Nightmare with Go Dental, Valencia CA

Dr. Go destroyed my smile. If you get a dental implant from the GENERAL dentists at Go Dental, you're a fool.Christopher Go placed a dental implant in the very front of my smile that gave me gray gums and a tooth (#10) that looks like some giant, FAKE, joke tooth. This was a totally unnecessary... READ MORE

21 Year Old Who Losted 2 Years of Her Life but Gained It Back After Implant-NY. Jamaica, NY

Sorry, I did not know this section existed. I actually been on the bbl section all this time and had no idea I could have wrote a review for a implant. Anyways, I had my left tooth knocked out by brother and the left one was left hanging by tissue. The hospital intially put a brace on the front... READ MORE

Same Day Upper and Lower Dental Implants - Lakeland, FL

My mouth was making me sick. Physically sick. I opted for having 25 teeth/roots removed, bone augmentation and 14 implants done including 2 zygomatics. Temporary teeth screwed in the same day. The first week or so was rough. It entails soft foods until the permanents are screwed in. This is a... READ MORE

My Teeth Were Way over Due for a New Smile - Englewood, NJ

Dr. Paula Gould is a true Artist when comes to making sure your Teeth are natural and fit your face perfectly. Her attention to detail and painless procedure is Rare in this times. Her Office is like walking into a friends home. The Staff treats you like Family and is very professional without... READ MORE

63 Year Old Female Had 8 Dental Implants Done in Costa Rica Very Happy with Results

I am very happy with replacing my missing teeth with implants, i could not afford to pay for the us dental implants prices, the doctor is board certified speaks perfect English. COST IS VERY INEXPENSIVE, $750 per implant -life time guarantee. The doctor has a USA ... READ MORE

Trust and Complete Satisfaction - Las Vegas, NV

After more then 50 years of dental pain, was left with four lower front teeth and one crown in front on top. After much research I was able to find a sedation dentist I felt I could trust. After making the appointment I stood outside his office and trying to decide if this is what I wanted to do... READ MORE

All On 6 Nobel Biocare + Full Mouth Extractions - Mexico

I'm from Orlando, FL. I had all my teeth extracted and no pain whatsoever. I did have some swelling and but it was totally worth it. I would certainly do it all over because now i can smile again. I have had my temporary teeth for 2 months now and i'm about to return on july for my permanent... READ MORE

Smiling, Finally!! Renew, New Hope! - Cancun, Mexico

I was in much needed dental work. My dentist recommended extractions and implants. I consulted difference dentist in the USA, all coincide , more or less, with the treatment I should follow. The only thing that all agree was the outrageous prices. I remember leaving every office crying and... READ MORE

I Want to Fix my Smile -Federal Way, WA

I have finally made the decision to get dental implants to fix my smile. When I was very young (under 7) I fell in the bathtub and my two front teeth were knocked so hard that they moved my permanent teeth so badly it caused permanent damage. Long story short, it resulted in years of... READ MORE

Got Full Mouth Fixed Teeth Implant Reconstruction in 5 Days .

Hello friends, after reading your discussion, i thought it would be wise to share few of my experience with procedure of full mouth dental implants fixed teeth. I am 62 year male from California, retired, always had a problem of chewing due to multiple missing teeth. I consulted many doctors... READ MORE

Dental Implant, Beautiful Veneers - Tukwila, WA

I always had yellowish teeth, despite trying every possible whitening product. Then in my late 40s, my front tooth started to be loose, making a large gap, & generally looking snaggly. I met Dr Timmerman, who suggested I have an implant & veneers on my front 8 teeth. I had heard in an ad on... READ MORE

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