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Dental implants replace the roots of missing teeth. They act as an anchor to hold permanent replacement teeth, bridges, or dentures. You can have any number of teeth replaced with dental implants. If you’re looking to replace the entirety of your top or bottom teeth, you may consider the All-on-4 procedure, which uses four implants to attach an arch of 14 teeth. 
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I set out on this road a long time ago. I lost my 1st tooth to extraction at 17. The dentist told my mom it needed a root canal and crown and my mom decided that a tooth wasn't worth that much money. Growing up there wasnt much money for a lot of things like regular dental care. There were... READ MORE

After my WLS in Nov 2014, I decided to change further increase my quality of life. Affordable Dentures of Chicago with Dr. Ravi Patel was the second best decision I made. I have bad teeth due to genetics, bad eating habits, and lots of sugars. The final straw was when I was flossing my teeth... READ MORE

Had 2 implants done in February on a few back teeth. I was born without 2 permanent teeth. The surgery went great. The pain was minimal. Dr. Burch did a follow-up visit after I got my crowns from my dentist. He gave a final check to make sure things were right. I like that he is very... READ MORE

I had 3 dental implants in a short surgery no more than one hour. No significant pain after surgery. I just had my final zirconium crowns that looks great same as design doctor alonso sent me. Im budgeting for complete smile makeover with crowns and veneers by end of this year. Nice office... READ MORE

I lost a front tooth more than 8 years ago, I used to use a removable, a friend recommended I call Dr Beltre and He received in his clinic and decided to put myself an implant under general anesthesia, with all those years my bone was good and a tooth immediately put me not to stay without front... READ MORE

Happy woman with striking results I am extremely happy with the work of Dr. Jepssy Beltré, very professional, with great attention, although I am very fearful of medical procedures, he made me feel safe, and he explain step by step my process allowed me to be confident. After so many years of ... READ MORE

I had a 8 tooth implant bridge for 6 years until the teeth holding the bridge got cavities and the bridge started to fall out. The teeth had to be removed and implants placed, after they all healed this is my result, I now have a smile I can show off. The best of all was the attention by the... READ MORE

I've always, always had bad teeth from childhood. Back the 60's, dentists hollowed out molars for teeny cavities. By the time I was 13 and in braces (the tin can style), my mouth was a silver, crooked disaster. Fast forward through all the root canals and crowns, lost teeth because of too many... READ MORE

I didn't have teeth in the back of my mouth to chew with. I was told that to add bone would not be possible. I sought the expertise of several different experts and settled on Dr Veisman because he seemed the most knowledgable and experienced. He completed the sinus lifts on both sides of my... READ MORE

Top of the line top notch work. The man is a genius and I have been telling everyone I can how amazing Dr. golpa is. From A-Z he is the best at what he does. The G4 solution that he created or tweeked I should say is remarkable. He is the man and anyone in any part of the world I recommend going... READ MORE

No pain , good result. Strongly recommended .. Now it is like my own teeth and the operation was easier than i expected. My doctor and her staff were very friendly to me and despite i was ready for some pain , thanks to local anesthesia , i had totally no pain. I am planning to get one more... READ MORE

So starting a really long journey. I've got horrible teeth. About 7 on top, 6 bottom and that doesn't include the broken ones. My dentist said it would be best to get dentures for top & root canal & bridge for bottom. I'm really scared of saggy face.More & more I thought implants is the best way... READ MORE

I had a full mouth restoration done at Prisma Dental in Costa Rica. The work was done by Dr. Telma Rubinstein and Dr. Josef Cordero Pinczanski. My work involved replacing every tooth with either a crown or veneer and required several implants. The work was all done over the period of one week... READ MORE

Finally, I'm on this journey to transformation. This dream of mine has been years in the making. i can't tell you how many dentists I've seen over the years from California to Texas. Either I didn't have the money or I didn't have insurance to at least absorb some of the costs associated with... READ MORE

I got to Tijuana the night before. I went for lipo and for dental. The next morning I went to Harmony Dental at Molding clinic Tijuana Mexico. I met Victor M Martinez and he was so friendly and funny. I got comfortable and he took some xrays. He gave my options and i decided entire top of my... READ MORE

After years of having one problem after another with my teeth I had to do something. Both arches are in poor shape. So in January it's time for implant dentures. I have crowns on all upper and lower arches. Some in the back are completely gone. I have been chewing on the left side due to loose... READ MORE

Procedure was 6 dental implants and one full upper bridge extractions included. First of all he advertises dental Implant prices but doesnt tell you that crowns are not included and some other surprising hidden fees. Inmediately after the surgery of implants everything was perfect. Other... READ MORE

I live in Florida and started my search for good dental care that was affordable close to home. After seeing three dentists and each one giving me their opinion in course of treatment it became clear what the one common thread was, open your check book and be prepared to empty your savings... READ MORE

I had an old root-canal tooth (left upper bicuspid) flare up in May for the second time in a year. It had always felt strange, slightly tender. My NHS dentist had previously recommended another root resection to clear up the infection & I had a consultation with a periodontist who said he could... READ MORE

Dr. Go destroyed my smile. If you get a dental implant from the GENERAL dentists at Go Dental, you're a fool.Christopher Go placed a dental implant in the very front of my smile that gave me gray gums and a tooth (#10) that looks like some giant, FAKE, joke tooth. This was a totally unnecessary... READ MORE

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How much do Dental Implants cost?

The typical cost for Dental Implants ranges from $1,000-$26,000 with an average cost of $6,700. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 216 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more