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Dental implants are surgical components that replace the roots of missing teeth. An implant will anchor replacement crowns, bridges, or dentures in the mouth. LEARN MORE ›

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Single Mother with Mountains of Faith!!

Life changing experience. Little to no work involved. Changed my whole outlook on myself and life. I am a better person now. Best in the business. I would definitely recommend anyone to try. Nothing short of a miracle. I encourage you to try him! He was the answer to all my prayers and ones i... READ MORE

Best Single Tooth Replacement

Actually, I had an accident in the last month. My front teeth have gone, I was very much disappointed, one of my friends suggested me International Dental Implant Center, Chennai. I had a single front implant fitted under guidance of Dr. Bejoy. If I ever need another treatment I will definitely... READ MORE

10 Upper Veneers 4 Lower Bottom Teeth Dental Implants and 4 Crowns Bottom Teeth

My teeth weren't pleasant to look at and they hurt. I'm only 36 and had the mental anguish of loosing my teeth unless I conquered my fear of the dentist and took action. It was a 2 year process. My periodontist fixed and has maintained my perio disease, my dentist whom I adore fixed my upper... READ MORE

32 Years Old Man , Needed for Dental Implant - Istanbul, Turkey

No pain , good result. Strongly recommended .. Now it is like my own teeth and the operation was easier than i expected. My doctor and her staff were very friendly to me and despite i was ready for some pain , thanks to local anesthesia , i had totally no pain. I am planning to get one more... READ MORE

DR GOLPA is Gonna Fix Me!!!!! Yes! - Las Vegas, NV

I went to Mexico and you can see through my other review how screwed up it came out. I am excited. Dr Golpa is the best and he is gonna help me. My surgery is on June 1.2016. I am so hoping I get the help I need. He has done hundreds of these procedures. His lab is very impressive and his... READ MORE

Dental implants All on Five - Louisville, KY

I've always, always had bad teeth from childhood. Back the 60's, dentists hollowed out molars for teeny cavities. By the time I was 13 and in braces (the tin can style), my mouth was a silver, crooked disaster. Fast forward through all the root canals and crowns, lost teeth because of too many... READ MORE

Single Dental Implant - San Jose, CA

Finally decided to get a dental implant after I lost my tooth back on 2015. Since I lost my tooth, I always felt insecure about my smile. If I smiled or laughed, I would cover my mouth with my hand. The procedure is not painful at all. I highly recommend this to anyone that is missing a... READ MORE

One Dental Implant (Great Teeth) - Dominican Republic, DO

I have a nice set of teeth but lost one tooth. Only noticeable when I smile really big, otherwise I love my teeth. I plan to have a mommy makeover in DR so I figured why not get an implant . Also, I figured I would get my teeth whitening....So far communication with Dr. Beltre is great ! He is... READ MORE

Accident @ Age 16, One Implant Placed, 10 Yrs Later Replacement.

I am writing this review 10 years after my first dental implant. The cost is approximate, as I can't fully remember. I am currently getting the crown on the implant replaced. When I was 16 years old, I was hit in the mouth with a glass bottle. One front tooth broke in half, and the other (tooth... READ MORE

Dental Implant Failure - Not Worth It!

I do not recommend going to Dr. Shabtaie for a dental implant! I emailed him the following (this is a consolidated version): Dear Dr. Shabtaie, I am writing to you in regard to the dental implant that you performed for me. I am disappointed because I recently was informed that my... READ MORE

28 Years Old Decay of Teeth Needed Implants - Las Vegas, NV

Top of the line top notch work. The man is a genius and I have been telling everyone I can how amazing Dr. golpa is. From A-Z he is the best at what he does. The G4 solution that he created or tweeked I should say is remarkable. He is the man and anyone in any part of the world I recommend going... READ MORE

Researching for the Right Dental Implant Doctor - Las Vegas, NV

So far I have had consultations with 4 dentists. The one I am currently speaking with is Dr Golpa assistant Carlos. At each stage and consult I have learned more and more about the industry and procedures and some of the little things that are done. Currently after a few weeks of communicating... READ MORE

A Must! But Get a Great Surgeon and Dentist.

I have one implant- lower left side 3rd to last. Because of the location, the look of the tooth is somewhat irrelevant. Nevertheless, I had to have a bone graft...wait six months...get the implant (screw)...wait six or so months.... then finally get the cap. I am really happy with it. It is... READ MORE

Upper Arch Zirconia Restoration, with 4 Implants and Crowns - Winnipeg, MB

Most of my teeth, (that I have left!) , have needed at least crowning to save them on the upper arch. I had one front tooth pulled, and the one next to it broke off eventually. A third upper front tooth was already half filling, and would not last long. Other front teeth had ugly fillings that... READ MORE

Worn Down Teeth and Spaces Between Front Teeth - Oakville, ON

Had a bridge for many years but never liked wearing it. I would eat and half my meal ends up underneath it. It was so hard to floss and clean around it. I wanted a natural looking smile, nothing flashy but was always worried about cost. Dr. Kaloti gave me a case fee for the whole job and they... READ MORE

Mid Ageless,top Teeth Breakage - San Jose, CA

I had full extractions of my uppers and dental plate made,dr. oblea office is small but very cozy her staff is great they're very kind very concerning it was pretty much pain free she's one of the better dentist and gentle that I've been to and I've been to a lot of dentist she did the work... READ MORE

Easy Smile Veneers - Encinitas, CA

I received 4 EasySmile veneers by Dr. Braunstein last month and they're amazing. The two teeth on both sides of my two front teeth had always been shorter in length, making my smile uneven. I went to two other dentists, who both quoted me about $5,000 for porcelain veneers on four teeth. When... READ MORE

Dental Impant, 31 Yr Old, New Patient, Super Pleased - Irvine, CA

Dr Lim was great. I found him thru his mailer he sends out. I've received it several times since I live at Villa Siena apartment homes, which is a few blocks away. I cracked my tooth about 4 months before my procedure. I waited too long, I know. I called and spoke with Jackie. Whoooooo btw... READ MORE

51 Year Old Female - Getting Implant Supported Dentures at Radiance Dentistry in Irving, TX - Irving, TX

I am a 51 year old female with periodontal disease (receding gums, loosening and shifting teeth) I have made the decision to have all of my teeth extracted and get implant supported dentures. Periodontal disease runs in my family and after two kids, years of cigarette smoking and too few... READ MORE

"I'm So Happy with the Decision That I've Made to Go with This Place" - Dominican Republic

"While visiting the Dominican republic in Santa Domingo I decided to look into some pricing for dental work found a few places. I contacted them and then it happened. Dental Studio Spa came into my life. I was torn between them and another company I decided to go with Dental Studio Spa as they... READ MORE

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