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Don’t let the mention of a gas make you think carbon dioxide lasers aren’t powerful. Used for dermal resurfacing, this type of laser removes outer layers of skin to reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. LEARN MORE ›

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First of all, sorry about the slanted photos. Cant seen to set them upright. I'm a 52 year old female. I had cystic acne in my 20's, which left dips (not ice pick marks). My face is naturally SUPER pale and I tan easily. 3 days before the procedure, they gave me acyclovir pills so that I would... READ MORE

This type of FX laser is ablative - meaning invasive. I researched it well before having it done and expected down time of around 1-2 weeks. Luckily at 65 I work when I want, mainly from home and am not seeing clients. I am a clinical Hypnotherapist with medical background. I expect that it... READ MORE

I wish I had been sedated! So painful ;(. but only during procedure... I actually started hyperventilating during the eye part... I was nauseated n thank goodness I skipped breakfast otherwise might've vomited! I was given 2 tylenols and numbing cream before procedure. Picture above is before... READ MORE

Had a co2 laser 2 years ago wich left me with deep laser imprint on my cheeks and pigm I hoped that time will heal but its not tve case. Searching for a way to improve it. I consulted a top surgeon in NJ and now its me to decide should i proceed with Co2 or Erbium?? I have just a week for downtime. READ MORE

I was super nervous about this CO2 Fraxal Laser treatment. I had one of the top Dermatologists doing the procedure and he talked me through the whole process. He definitely made me feel better. I first had knumbing cream on my face for about 15 minutes. Then had a nerve block which was the... READ MORE

Super happy - this was CO2 not fraxel. The procedure was painfree and I was awake. I had a lot of swelling the next day, but almost no pain. I am very happy with results and its only day 6. The best part is NO CUTTING and PERMANENT results. I had this done ten years ago, and it lasted all that... READ MORE

I did this Surgery blindly the doctor cleared my acne for three months prior.Went in for check up asked about resurfacing my face on Monday the 18th had it done on the 20th. Did not know much didnt care just wanted my face fixed. Little did I know C02 does more than the acne scars. It has only... READ MORE

Had done Nd Yag laser many years back and quite like the results. Hence decided to go ahead with Fractional Co2 laser after my dermatologist had recommended me many times. I wanted to do this to improve my pigmentation that was scarred by hormonal acne. Had also done subcision prior to this... READ MORE

I had been thinking about having "something" done for a couple of years. I wanted to get started with anti-aging procedures by my 40th birthday, in hopes of staving off aging as long as possible. I had my first Botox (11's) around 8 months ago, and was very happy with the results. So... I... READ MORE

Male 38 years old, first experiment with CO2 Laser Resurfacing. Reason: I had pigmentation problems and light acne scars on cheeks Doctor: Dr. Nader Shehata - Derma Laser Centers Florida - Hollywood, Florida Cost: $400!!!!!!! My review: Amazing, I can not wait to do it again. It... READ MORE

Very deep wrinkles ariund my mouth that required more than a fraxel laser treatment. I had a co2/ erbium laser that has the most downtime, but best results. I did not want to go through this and only get minimal results. I consulted with several people who had this procedure done and were very... READ MORE

I had acne as a teenager and it left me with some scars and discoloration. This is my second procedure with the same Dr in Miami, FL. I was pleased with the first time but wanted to wait a significant amount of time in between to proceed onto getting this second procedure due to allowing all... READ MORE

I developed really strange looking stretch marks after starting the depo provera shot and having the progesterone make skin really thin and prone to stretch marks. They are raised pinkish white streaks that feel like an actual scar, rather than stretch marks. I had my first CO2 dot laser therapy... READ MORE

I was having a party in Napa at a house I rented for myself and 11 of my girlfriends. I wanted to look my best! I had bilateral lower blepharoplasty with full face CO2 laser. My friends could not believe how beautiful my skin looked. The lines around my mouth are mostly gone, my skin is still a... READ MORE

Love my profession working with young people. I am in very good shape and my face did not match my body and my energy and my clothes anymore. I had a full face CO2 laser skin resurfacing on a very low setting. My plastic surgeon called it a feather touch procedure. He did 2 passes and the... READ MORE

Dr. Marguerite Aitken of Plastic Surgery Associates in Grand Rapids Michigan performed a deep CO2 Laser on my 60 year old sun damaged, ex-smoker, wrinkled face. I'm amazed at the results and truly happy. I feel ten years younger with smooth, soft skin. No pain, just an ouch, ouch, ouch when... READ MORE

After doing A LOT of research for months and looking over reviews, different types of lasers, doctors etc. I finally made the decision to get this done (today!). Luckily, I have a friend who is in the skincare business who knows pretty much everything about every different type of procedure,... READ MORE

So I made it to 40 on my own, and have finally decided it's time to begin some rejuvenating and preventative treatments - people always tell me I look much younger, and have been really proud that I did it with clean eating and living right. But, why not get a little help to give my skin a boost... READ MORE

There were ragged lines forming underneath my eyes, and I didn't need what you call a blepharospasm. The lines under my eyes were making me look older so Dr miller and I discussed a partial CO2 laser performed. I had a partial CO2 laser performed; I had this done 9 years ago, but I had a full... READ MORE

I had a great deal of sun damage on my face so I decided to look into having a laser treatment done to help remove some of my fine lines, wrinkles and red blotches. Dr. Sorensen along with his nurse Val were very helpful. They explained the entire procedure to me and told me what to expect... READ MORE

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