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The CO2 laser is a carbon dioxide laser used in skin resurfacing. Its effects are similar to those of chemical peels and dermabrasion, except it removes skin layers by vaporization rather than with chemicals or a sanding device. LEARN MORE โ€บ

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45 - CO2 Laser for Lower Lids, Around Mouth, Chin - Charlotte, NC

I am starting this review on Day 6 post procedure, having covered quite a bit in a comprehensive review of my other concurrent procedures filed away under Rhinoplasty. However, I thought it might be time to start a separate review to address my issues with the laser resurfacing of my lower kids... READ MORE

Fractional C02 Laser 60 Year Old - Loxahatchee, FL

I wanted to improve the appearance of my skin prior to a facelift, so I decided that the Fractional C02 Laser was a good fit. Dr. Nir answered many of my questions, and his staff are wonderful. I was given instructions to follow (information and prescriptions to fill). The numbing cream did... READ MORE

47 Yr Old - Orlando, FL

I've had fillers and this is the next recommended step. Thankful for the other posts and reading their experiences. I'm as prepared as I can be and hope to document good information for others weighing out options. I'm hoping for smoother skin as I have large pores and tightening around the... READ MORE

Healthy 51 Yr Old Who Loves the Outdoors and Had the Sun Damage to Prove It - Spokane, WA

With years of sun damage and following 2 MOHs surgeries and 5 biopsies, I opted for a CO2 laser procedure. While CO2 laser resurfacing is not a cancer treatment, my objective was to mitigate sun damage that may lead to more basal cell carcinoma. When Dr. Chesnut performed my first MOHs surgery... READ MORE

52 Years Wanting Less Wrinkles and Lip Rejuvenation - San Diego, CA

Hi. I finally went to the well reviewed Dr. Groff in San Diego who will be performing a UPC02 Full Face Laser with an erbium pass around my mouth, lips, and eyes. As far as I have seen his before and afters show the best result. One of my goals is to get a lift to my lip as my lips have sagged... READ MORE

The CO2 Laser is the Best Anti-aging Treatment - Huntersville, NC

I had the CO2 Laser treatment in both 2014 and 2015 and both times I have been amazed with the results. Why did I do the COs laser? 1. The CO2 laser is the most amazing anti-aging treatment because it can fix all aging signs except dark spots. However, Dr. Kortesis is a wonderful doctor so he... READ MORE

Day 4 After Fractional CO2 Laser 1st Treatment. Danville, CA

I'm very red but that's just my skin healing I got fractional for my white stretch marks 20-year-old ones from having a baby I have five more treatments to go hope this helps i've had this problem my whole life will 20 years of my life and I wanted to see a difference I feel like I'll be in a... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 Laser, Treating: Wrinkles/Acne Scars, Female - Scottsdale, AZ

I have been waiting for the perfect time to finally have my fractional laser procedure to correct some of the leftover acne scars and light wrinkles I have obtained surfing as a child without sunscreen. Unlike the lucky women of color with tons of melanin in their skin, I am of German and Irish... READ MORE

Beyond Cosmetic Surgery - New York, NY

I went in for a facelift and came back looking 20 years younger thanks to Dr. Madnani. I never heard of CO2 lazer surgery but with my facelift, this was also included. Not only did it take away man of my wrinkles, but lifted my eyes, my facial expression, made my skin very smooth and supple. ... READ MORE

Severe Acne Scar CO2 Laser Treatment - Torrance, CA

My experience with severe cystic acne is not unique, but I think itโ€™s important to explain. In my first two years of high school, I did not have perfect skin โ€“ a few pimples around the jaw or on the forehead that would slightly flare up during certain times of the month โ€“ but nothing that was o... READ MORE

62 Years Old and Wanted to Get Rid of my Smoker Lines and Sun Damage - Weatherford, TX

I saw the ablative laser done at seminar 20 years ago and have always wanted it. I have had numerous friends do it with no problem. The pain was excrutiating! I only had from below my eyes and around mouth, including chin. A 35% TCA peel was applied to the rest of my face and neck. I also... READ MORE

Acne Scarring - Winnipeg, MB

Always had poor texture from acne but these scars just appeared and are very unappealing. I have had dermapen, subcision & a round of filler, all with very poor results that do not last. Subcision has seemed to make the scars larger. I have other scars here and there but they don't bother me... READ MORE

Matrix LS-40 CO2 Laser - Layton, UT

I had this procedure done yesterday. I will change my "was is worth it" after a week or two. It is too soon to rate it today :-) I will try to update photos and my experience daily. I am 49 years old and did the procedure to reduce/get rid of wrinkles. The procedure was painful but tolerable.... READ MORE

CO2 and Really Nervous

This reviewer is affiliated with RealSelf. The views expressed here are their own and do not reflect the views of RealSelf, Inc.I have wanted to do Laser resurfacing for a long time to even out my skin tone - remove fine lines and tighten the skin on my neck. etc. I read all about this on... READ MORE

55 Yr Old Female Has C02 Laser and Lip Lift Due to Damage from Years of Smoking. Sarasota, FL

I finally did something about the awful lip lines and loss of lip volume due to 30+ years of smoking. I had the co2 and another laser in January. For some reason it took a very long time for the redness to go away for me. About 2 months. But I would do it again in a second. I had the lip lift... READ MORE

Discouraged. Cincinnati, OH

I had a full facelift with neck liposuction. Additionally I had co2 laser resurfacing around my mouth. I'm on my 3rd day post op and my mouth is so swollen I can barely get it open to eat or drink. It is still oozing terrible with no signs of healing. From what I've read it sounds like I had a... READ MORE

30 year old man having CO2 Traditional/Ablative Laser resurfacing for Face Scaring/ Large Pores - Milwaukee, WI

Had my appointment scheduled for traditional ablative CO2 resurfacing for entire face. Passed on the less invasive options due to wanting the greatest results and available downtime I have in January. I'm excited! This is my first procedure ever. I will keep everyone posted. Any advice going... READ MORE

ECO2 Laser Follow Up to Facelift - Beverly Hills, CA

As a 57 Causasian seeking work after a layoff, I was pleased with my facelift 4 months ago but wished to address remaining deep wrinkles. I had the eCO2 repair laser procedure 5 days ago and believe it will significantly improve things. It continues to be moderately painful. If you're... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Malaysia

I had acne scars for years and recently I've decided to do CO2 laser to reduce the scaring. The doctor did let me know that the scars will not 100% removed but it will reduce the depth of the scars by probably 50%. I took the treatment and it was painful although I had use numbing cream (more... READ MORE

44 Year Old. Old Cystic Acne Scars..waited 20 Years!! Ohio, OH

Preop is Sept 29th! Having pixel c02 omnifit used for full face resurfacing. So excited but was told I would require 3 full face treatments to obtain desired results...I guess I will be judge of that. It's 2000.00 for 3 treatments. I am also prescribed tazorac for nightly use. I've done my... READ MORE

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