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BriteSmile is an hour-long professional teeth whitening procedure that uses a hydrogen peroxide-based gel activated by a specialized light source to get teeth, on average, about 7 shades lighter. LEARN MORE ›

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It takes 15min with gel and an ultraviolet light and it doesn't work. I got it for my daughter a day before her photo shoot at first it had white spots on her teeth like the top four and the bottom and top still didn't change at all it looked just like it did when I first went in the... READ MORE

3/31/09 Tuesday, 8:00AM Teeth Cleaning w/J – Florida Licensed Dental Hygienist for Dr. B,DMD. Had requested no early appointment too much traffic.4/16/09 12:00pm – 3:00pm Bleaching, J teaching C to do it. Asked re:bleach H2O2 or chlorine? I was unaware of tx – fearful of... READ MORE

I had my teeth whitened twice. The first time was about 6 years ago. I did it again about October of 2009. I really don't understand how people describe it as "excruciating" or painful. It's more annoying then anything else. The process of sitting there with a light in your... READ MORE

THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I called their 800 number on the website to make an appointment. I was given an appointment of my choice rightaway in one of NYC locations and my credit card was charged immediately. Day before my appointment, I called the location and was told that I had no... READ MORE

Britesmile wasn't that uncomfortable during the procedure but for 24 hours afterward my teeth hurt constantly and I had periodic stabbing pains that would stop me in my tracks. I expected some discomfort, so this wasnt a big deal for me.However, though I followed the diet rules and cut off... READ MORE

I've had it done 3 time in LA, if I get x-rays too he gives a huge discount. People comment that it looks great. It helps if you maintain it with home whitening though. It only took an hour and I watched a movie during the process. READ MORE

Me and my fiancee decided to get our teeth whitening together.They gave us $50 off per person so we spent $350 per person plus $35 each for the whitening pen. We could not see any visible results our teeth felt cleaner that's about it...waste of money! I can see why they try to get you... READ MORE

I recently went under the Brite Smile treatment. I was asked to brush my teeth with a special toothpaste before I went under the treatment. The treatment is divided in three 20 minute parts. Every time a cycle ends, the gel on your teeth is reapplied and you start again. The first 20 minutes... READ MORE

A friend posted a picture of me on Facebook from last weekend and I just couldn't stand it anymore. I scheduled an appointment with my dentist that day and really didn't know what treatment I was getting. I figured anything is better then these yellow teeth. So it turns out it was Brite Smile... READ MORE

My teeth were fairly yellow from red wine and coffee so I had Brite Smile done about 4 years ago.I am surprised to see how many people have had pain (my step-daughter had to have them stop the procedure, but I'm not sure she was using Brite Smile). I had no pain. It was done in my dentist's... READ MORE

I'm surprised at the comments of people who said that they saw little or no improvement. I was beyond amazed with the results as was my wife - she couldn't believe the improvement. I didn't even bother to ask how many shades my teeth improved because the difference was blindingly obvious -... READ MORE

Even if the procedure had lasting effects - which it did not - it would not have been worth the pain I experienced. I had excruciating pain that started about one hour after the treatment and lasted a day. It was the most horrible pain I have experienced in decades. During the procedure, the... READ MORE

Had this done spur of the moment in LA. I didn't really notice much difference, but my teeth were pretty white already. No one else even noticed or said anything so I wouldn't spend the money to have this procedure done again. I would go to CVS and buy white strips. READ MORE

I just had my teeth done yesterday at the Walton location in Chicago. I'm 8 shades lighter. Started at C1 and went to the third lightest veneer color!! My teeth look beautiful :) Of course, I DID NOT have tetracycline stains, which I understand are very difficult to lighten. The staff... READ MORE

I had my teeth whitened about 7 weeks ago. The treatment consisted of four, 10-minute sessions. My caregiver was very gentle and took lots of care to protect my gums with some clear gooey protectant. I did not have the gum pain that others experienced. After the third session, the tooth... READ MORE

I rarely ever fight a charge but this was ridiculous. I paid $200.00 and was told at the boutique I used that my teeth would look considerably whiter. I had smoked for 15 years, had braces as a kid, and was the type of kid whom hated to brush their teeth. I took a photo of my teeth before and... READ MORE

I had Britesmile done about three years ago. It took longer than one hour. I was able to wear these glasses that showed me a movie, so it was more like 2.5 hours It became somewhat sensitive during the Britesmile treatment, somewhat like little sharp jabs of your nerves.  Typical of... READ MORE

I read some of these reviews and I am stunned. I had this done in January of 2002 and this is now December of 2008, almost 7 years later and my teeth are as white as they can get. They are whiter than the chart they give you. I drink a pot of coffee a day and they are as white as the day I got... READ MORE

I went for Brite Smile and ALL I got was a big fat burnt bottom lip since their machine wouldn't lock into place right and the girl was training on it. I sent them the pictures of my lip but never got a refund or apology. What a waste of money. READ MORE

I had the whiting done November 2008. My teeth are 9-10 shades lighter, so I am very happy with the results. The doctor and staff were all very friendly. There was no pain during the procedure at all, but there was some sensitivity afterwards on a couple of my teeth that felt like they had... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Brite Smile ranges from $100-$500 with an average cost of $375. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 50 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more