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An FDA-approved hyaluronic acid-based injectable filler, Belotero temporarily adds volume to the face and smooths skin, much like Restylane and Juvederm.

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Belotero Under Eye

I had 1 syringe of Belotero for under eye hollowness/bags. I am so pleased with the results, although one eye looks better than the other. I plan to go back to have a little additional filler placed under the left eye... It has been 6 days and each day the slight bruising and swelling has gotten... READ MORE

Is Belotero Right for Me? - Long Island, NY

I am very young and I have extremly puffy eyes. For some time now I've been looking into different fillers. I went to a few consultations in which I was told to jump into surgery but I would like to avoid that for as long as I can. I was also told belotero with the cannula would be a good option... READ MORE

Under Eyes Fillers Belotero - Esinburg ,TX

Went to doctor at 1 and left office by 145 with absolute no marks or pain...I could see the improvement as they were doing it...what I liked about it is that looks very natural and gave me just that fresher look ... I would definitely for it again ..went back to work next day like anything I... READ MORE

24, Lip Fillers Ottawa Ontario

Hey guys! So I recently got Belotero lip filler with Dr. Silverman in Ottawa Ontario. Dr. Silverman didn't actually preform the injections but a lovely woman who has worked there for some time did. I was very nervous at first, especially when the huge needles came out lol but crazy enough, it... READ MORE

What Was I Waiting So Long For

As the years went by I noticed my lips where disappearing. I true fan of whatever it takes to look 29 lol I have tried various injections and fillers in the past. That being said I was impressed by the fact when I went to Dr. Tauber's office he did not feel the need to take various before... READ MORE

Horrible Outcome of Belotero Balance

6 1/2 mos later still suffering infection and lumps on face. Currently being seen by new Drs due to having lost some vision and function in arm and muscle loss in legs my lip was never enhanced from the product nor the lines on my face. I hav horrible scarring on face from large nodules however... READ MORE

Planning on Belotero. Wichita, KS

I'm getting Belotero in my tear troughs next week. Maybe Juvederm after that. Wish me well. After losing weight and aging (I'm 55), the dark circles under my eyes were bugging me. I do TV interviews about once a month, and I hate how I look on camera. Never thought I would get work done on my... READ MORE

Belotero for Genetic Dark Circles. Chicago, IL

My dad blessed me with his hereditary dark circles (thanks Armenian genes!) My Dr recommended belotero since the filler doesn't have a blue hue to it which apparently juvederm and restylane have, and he said it could last 1-2 years. My swelling and bruising lasted around 3 weeks minimum. First,... READ MORE

Singing the Praises of Dr. Elson Who Gave Me Amazing Results with Botox and Belotero. Nashville, TN

After Dr. Elson’s treatments last year which greatly improved the appearance of my aging face, I returned to his office on 25 Feb. 2016. A number of forehead lines and deep wrinkles under my eyes were raising their ugly heads again and I knew Dr. Elson could help. Dr. Elson is a breath of f... READ MORE

32 Years Old - Belotero for Tear Troughs - Southport, CT

This was my first time getting fillers of any sort and I could not be any more pleased with the results. I did not experience any bruising and very, very little swelling. In fact, the injection site on my left is the only area that swelled and that was because it was a little tougher to get... READ MORE

Erase Those Age Lines! - Burnsville, MN

Belotero was one of several fillers I considered. Dr. Joe said for what I wanted done , my marionettes and nasolabial folds, this would work well for me. I had some lidocaine and then the fillers. Really mild discomfort only and immediate results. Slight bruising here a few days out. Easy... READ MORE

Wanted More Volume in my Lips - Lone Tree, CO

I've always had thin uneven lips. And over the years I've gotten more and more self contious over them. I wanted a very natural enhancement and nothing too over done. Scary when you're getting lip injections and you see people walking around anymore with such an overdone look. Or a bad lip job... READ MORE

Eyes Refreshed!! - Oak Park, IL

So happy with outcome !! Very nervous of course but so happy with outcome downtime ..very little discomfort..Dr Harris answered all my questions ..wasn't rushed at all took his time and explained every step and needle prick ..left office with very happy..worth every penny ..tired eyes are... READ MORE

Under Eye Circles Magically Erased!!! - Coral Gables, FL

Dr. Patel is truly fantastic. I went into his office for a consult and he immediately made me feel very comfortable. It was my first time having any type of cosmetic procedure done and I was very, very nervous. Due to poor genetics and restless nights I *had* dark tear troughs under my eyes. I... READ MORE

Three Years of Amazing Results - Baltimore, MD

Since moving to Baltimore in 2013, I have seen Dr. Kontis on a regular basis for Botox and filler treatments. She is the third doctor I have seen for these type of treatments- my previous two doctors were located in Pennsylvania where I lived for many years. I am beyond pleased with all of my... READ MORE

Puffy Dark Under Eye Bags - San Francisco, CA

To start... I've never had anything done on my face before and went through lots of doctors to pick one who's a perfectionist as much as I am. He has a great personality and amazing skills, his staff as well. They're so welcoming and friendly. I've had bags since I can remember, Dr. Gray helped... READ MORE

45, Used As Under Eye Orbital Filler/Love the Results. - Brentwood, CA

Works great for me. One bruise. Love it, because I was too thin skinned and hollow for other fillers. It made an AMAZING difference on my face. I bruise easily. Paula has 6 years experience in this type of field. I wanted initially to drive an hour away for the blunt micro needle, to avoid... READ MORE

32 Year Old Attorney - Belotero in Tear Trough. San Antonio, TX

So after law school, the circles under my eyes have bothered me. No amount or type of concealer would hide them...and believe me I tried everything. I started researching what my options were and decided to go with fillers in the tear trough. I did my research and decided to go with Dr.... READ MORE

Malar Crease.. Cheek Indentation - Wayne, NJ

I have tried Radiesse and Restalyne for this problem.. Which is hereditary but neither of them resolved it and on top of that Restalyne made it worse.. On Dr. Wise's recommendation I tried Belotero and really like it.. He also corrected the adverse effect restalyne caused.. I am pretty satisfied... READ MORE

Feel Worse Than Before, Belgium, BE

I'm 47 and needed a confidence boost. The clinic I go to for Botox does a fantastic job. However, I just don't think filler is for me. I asked for marionette lines and sunken cheeks to be filled, but I ended up with pouches and an even bigger dent in one cheek with scratch marks nearly a week... READ MORE

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