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Acne surgery is done by a dermatologist and usually involves drainage and extraction. It's not a substitute for acne medication, but it can reduce the chance of scarring.

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HS Inner Thigh Removal Bilateral - Dubai, AE

Anyway HS is a painful condition with no cure and only a few methods which don't work for everyone. I chose surgery. It is 1 day post op not much pain at all - apparent wide excision with primary closure. Problem is the types of stitches used and how they placed is shocking for a plastic... READ MORE

Rolling Acne Scars and Forehead and Nose - Bellevue, WA

I'm scheduled to have what my doctor calls "Acne Scar Revitalizer Treatment" on my forehead and nose. I believe that means he will do subcision, fat transfer, and CO2 all together on one procedure. I'll get better photos as the day nears. I've suffered from cystic acne since I was a teen. My... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Treat the Surgery Scar Acne on my Face? San Jose, CA

Hi everyone, I had a Surgery on my Acne on Face. However, I think the doctor left an ugly scar on my face. Is been a month now, and it makes me look like a monster, I am so depressed, what should I do ? It s been 1 month now and seems it looks very red , but no hypertrophic scar, lucky! but it... READ MORE

Scar Surgery - Bellevue, WA

I'm writing this review because some people from here think I faked review. I spent 6,500 dollars (huge amount) and therefore I will not write something that is not true. I do not know Dr. Young personally. I write this review because my 20 year long scars gotten so much better. Not everyone... READ MORE

Caused Scars on Both Cheeks - Santa Monica, CA

I did this as a means to correct some shallow acne scars from the past. had done plenty of research prior to the procedure and knew what to expect. The result was disastrous. The dr tried to ease my nerves with some small talk that helped. The procedure itself was definitely a little painful but... READ MORE

Awsome Experience

Had a problem with a huge abcess on my face dr went to a dermatologist in Morristown hated the experience.was treated very well by Dr ehrenreich and his entire staff would surely use him again and recommend to everyone.the procedure was fast thorough painless and came out very well the healing... READ MORE

Skin Correction - Laguna Beach, CA

I have known Dr. Mowlavi for over 10 years. He always treats his patients with respect, answers all of your questions and takes his time to make you feel comfortable. Over the years Dr. Mowlavi has treated me for cancer spots and various other procedures which all resulted in positive outcomes... READ MORE

30 Year Old Woman with Cystic Acne - Arlington, VA

Dr. Marefat is excellent and knows exactly what he is doing. I would recommend him to any young adult female looking for general skin regiments all the way to specialized medical care for severe issues that relate to vanity concerns. He has helped me virtually get rid of my severe cystic acne... READ MORE

Acne Scars Eliminated - New York, NY

Manhattan has more plastic surgeons than it has subway stops, bank branches, or Starbucks locations. With so many surgeons to choose from, how do you decide which doctor is best for you? No doubt you want a surgeon who will listen to your concerns, who will work with you until you are satisfied,... READ MORE

Amazing Surgery - Denver, CO

I love what he did, it was perfect. I went to their clinic for the first time and they're very friendly. They talked me out about the procedures, it was kinda confuse at first but when they gave me assurance and the % of success, it was really relieving. Thanks doc. Will call you again for... READ MORE

a+. Glendale, CA

He is Awesome ........ He absolutely makes you feel important and not only listens to you. but explains everything in a way thats easy for a patient to understand. I had an in office surgery Glendale. Thank you Dr Maki. I can't say enough about the great experience i had with Dr Maki and his... READ MORE

28 Yr Old Mom Looking to Get a Complete Make over

I been battling acne all my life . i want to feel beautiful . im going to get a full body from head to brazilian butt lift transformation. I wanna first start with my face. Life to short to feel lile self esteem is low. I used to be beautiful with acne but i let myself go. Im hoping that... READ MORE

40 Years Old with One Cyst - Dallas, TX

I went in for the remove a cyst. That was such a bad idea. I was expecting a small scar on my cheek and instead I have an inch of scar and it was sewn funny. It looks like a cabbage patch doll. I'm so embarrassed. I spent extra money every time I went in to get another cortisone injection. ... READ MORE

Excellent Doctor - Newport Beach, CA

I recently had a procedure done by Dr. Montegut and I could not be happier with the results. Dr. Montegut has a very gentle hand and a great attitude. He discussed the entire procedure with me beforehand and was extremely professional both before and after. I would highly recommend him to... READ MORE

Health, Wellness and Beauty. Modesto, CA

I went to see Dr. Lee for acupuncture treatments. I had already been in physical therapy for a year and thought I was as well as I was going to get. I intended to have acupuncture for pain management and would frequent 1/month. After consulting with Dr. Lee I followed his instructions for... READ MORE

Happy With My Visit - Live Oak, TX

I have had approximently four doctors over the last 20 years addressing my scarring. Two dermatoligist and two plastic surgeons, my best outcome was with the plastic surgeons, both of whom were exceptional, but as I stated before the approach that Dr. Lopez recommended doing multiple procedures... READ MORE

Best Plastic Surgeon in L.A - Los Angeles, CA

When I entered the facility, I was warmly greeted by the front desk staff. The coziness of the room was decorated with degrees and achievements from who I assume were from Dr Alex Kim. I was thrilled to know that Dr. Kim was going to be able to remove a cyst from my face. I was comfortable/welcomed. READ MORE

Horrible Experience. Springfield, MA

Dr. Covici was my first experience going to a plastic surgeon, and I've got to be honest. He soured the experience for me. I went in to treat some acne scars, but he went on to tell me three or four procedures he would do on me (that same day). The whole thing felt pushy, and I felt like I was... READ MORE

31 Year Old with Teenage Acne. New York, NY

I've been struggling with adult acne FOREVER. I've seen multiple specialists and none have ever been able to help me long-term. Dr. Halem is the first dermatologist who really listened to my problems and worked with me to find a skincare regiment that worked for me. She's a a miracle worker, and... READ MORE

43 Years Old - Mexico

My noise was broken by accident when I played basketball ten years ago. Since that days I did three surgeries in different countries which is in Africa, UAE and USA Florida In Jackson Vill to fix my noise but, was not successful. I continued to collect information through friends and websites... READ MORE

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