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The "Vampire Facelift" is a procedure that involves withdrawing a patient's own blood, processing it to create "platelet-rich plasma (PRP)," then re-injecting it to erase wrinkles and create a more youthful look. Selphyl is another type of PRP facelift procedure that uses a similar technique.
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Love Love Love my Results from Micro-needling with PRP I actually write a lot of medical blogs as part of my job and use to be in medical industry. I really wanted to see what all that talk about Micro-needling and PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma ). The experience was amazing and very effective.... READ MORE

Due to a very nasty bout of shingles, I was left scarred heavily across my face. My self-confidence disappeared and I felt unable to interact with friends without being self-conscious. I was left with deep indents of scar tissue on my nose. It was directly on the tip, and very noticeable. I... READ MORE

After having positive results from just one Sculptra treatment a few months ago, my doctor asked if she could use me in training reps and other doctors in platelet rich plasma therapy. After researching the procedure I decided it could be the answer to my dark hollowed circles under my eyes... READ MORE

I recently received PRP (Vampire Facelift) with great results. My face looks so refreshed and rejuvenated and the fine lines and wrinkles have diminished. It has been approximately three months and the results have lasted. I have included before and after pictures. Background - I am 40 years... READ MORE

I've been trying to find the answer through the reviews if I to have vampire or scultpra done mid next month - appointment made for mid May. I'm 49 years old and had hyaluronic acid filler for under eye bags (february 2015) and nasolabial folds (march 2015). Beginning of April I had... READ MORE

A Vampire Facelift was something I had seen Kim Kadashian undergo on TV and I was intrigued. A recommendation led me to Dr. Jason Emer of Beverly Hills who is an expert in facial rejuvenation. I explained to Dr. Emer that I was looking for a procedure to tighten a little of the sagging skin... READ MORE

Since I was having some other procedures done, decided why not have this done as it was affordable I am getting the PRP for face as well as hair loss - will try and post pics after the procedure on Saturday Doctor was pretty clear on what is possible with this procedure and what isn't (don't... READ MORE

I went in to see Dr. Littzi after one week of skin hell. A pimple I had gotten was oozing and very painful not to mention unsightly. I desperately needed to look better for an event this weekend and figured this was my only chance. Dr. Littzi suggested she draw blood and do something called a... READ MORE

After a bad experience with thermage (as in it doesn't work), I went to see another cosmetic surgeon about my sagging jawline and neck. I asked him what procedures were available, if any, that didn't require a facelift. He suggested PRP and explained what it was, how great the results were and... READ MORE

Seeking to be proactive, but not quite really for botox, I went for PRP and I am very satisfied with the results. This will not make you look 10 years younger, but it WILL improve your aspect--you will look well-rested There is a little more volume in your face, a little bit of a glow. Perfect... READ MORE

I had a vampire facial and was thrilled with the results. It took about and hour with them using numbing cream to help with having less pain. The end result was My skin looked supple and smooth, especially around my eyes and mouth. I also received Botox and was very happy with the results. ... READ MORE

The owner of this great clinic honestly stated that it would be a 4 visit, 4 part procedure. Pls do not be fooled by the term "Vampire Facelift" as in & of itself, PRP (the actual name) will not do much, I'm told. Clinic Estetica has a unique procedure using both PRP & permanent filler to both... READ MORE

Had a Vampire Facelift about 2 months ago, Its about as good of an investment as buying stock in VCR's. I still look the same, just a grand lighter. Really don't know how he can offer this procedure in good faith and lead people into burning their hard earned money on this snake oil. Don't waste... READ MORE

I went to Spalding Plastic Surgery Center and saw Dr . Paul Nassif about how to best handle the hollowness under my eyes and rejuvenate the mid area of my face. During our consultation, Dr. Nassif recommended a Vampire Facelift as the answer to both problem areas. Since I'd never previously had... READ MORE

Dr. Nassif recommended a Vampire Facelift to deal with the hollowness under my eyes and refresh my mid-face. I had never had dermal fillers and definitely never had a Vampire Face lift before, so I had a lot of questions about this treatment which also uses Platelet Rich Plasma from your blood... READ MORE

I underwent PRP injections mainly out of curiosity. I was slightly sucked-in by the claim that it was used for burns victims to regenerate skin (further research revealed that it has only been used medically in bones, not skin). I was told that I wouldn't see anything for a month. I never saw... READ MORE

I was very annoyed with my deep nasal folds and wanted to get them filled... however, I'd heard of a new procedure called Vampire Facelift that would prolong the filled results by using my own blood platelets. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that the results were instant and I had no visible... READ MORE

Hi, I had a vampire facelift around my eyes, the nose and temple area once, and a second time in combination with a fat injection, so the fat injections swelling would be gone faster. The first treatment with only the blood cells worked to give my skin a firmer, thicker, more youthful,... READ MORE

I had PRP fillers done in February 2012. I was told the results are gradual. I had it in lieu of fat transfer because of medical reasons at that relevant time that I could not be under general anaesthesia. PRP can be done without gen anaesthesia. Bottom line, I had shots on my laso nabial folds... READ MORE

I had a Selphyl treatment done in the summer of 2011. I dished out a lot of money for this treatment in the hopes that I could maybe fix some of the damage that was done to my face after a horrendous and completely heartbreaking outcome following an IPL procedure. Getting Selphyl injected was... READ MORE

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