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Ultherapy is a skin firming treatment intended to tighten and lift brows, jawline, jowls, and facial skin without invasive surgery. MORE ULTHERAPY INFORMATION ›
Average Price: $2,700

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Was hesitant if I opt for eyelid surgery and wanted to give a non- surgical procedure a try. It was more than unpleasant, it was just painful like getting electro shocks . I was in disbelieve that I was told it will might feel uncomfortable at points but it is perceived to be pain free. The... READ MORE

I looked into non- surgical options as I had noticed a fall in my face and a flattening of my cheek bones and a slackening under the chin ...I did the procedure from the cheeks to the neck ( to test it out ) ($2700) and am so glad I did ! ( full face & neck $3200) I would definitely... READ MORE

This is absolutely the best treatment I have had for my sagging face. I'm 48 years old, in good health and I exercise every day. I did a laser resurfacing which make my skin look fabulous and now Ultherapy did such a great job of raising and tightening my eyebrows, cheeks, neck and lips. I can't... READ MORE

I am 40 and Ulthera done a little over 4 mos ago. I received no pain medication except Tylenol and it was torture for 2 hours but the nice thing about the pain is that it stops immediately when the device is stopped so I was able to take a couple breaks and with squeezy balls and deep breathing... READ MORE

I had my second Ultherapy treatment November 8, 2012 in Mesa, AZ. I am 62, and after having great results with my first treatment last spring, I wanted another treatment on my lower face, especially my neck and jawline area. There were some painful moments, but most pulsations ranged from very... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy 11 days ago! I am 51 years old. My motivation for Ultherapy was that I wanted to see more tone in my jawline and around my eyes (to address crows feet and smile lines) without any downtime. Also, I am not to the point where I need surgery (eye's or neck) and wanted a "pick me up"... READ MORE

I have been a big fan of skin tightening treatments. Anyway I can make my skin seem younger, lifted, and tighter is something I want to spend my money on. Doing this vs going under the knife is always a safer option. Slowing down the aging process with this amazing new ultrasound treatment is... READ MORE

I am a woman in my early 50’s and have had a lot of apprehension about doing things to my face and body that would make me look unnatural or fake. About a year ago I heard about something new called Ultherapy through my fiancée and was introduced to Dr. McGovern and found her to be so... READ MORE

I had ultherapy done September 12th and haven't noticed any change. 5 more weeks till my 3 month marker. Go back to plastic surgeon on December 12th for recheck and can't imagine what he will suggest. Also had upper eyelids done and the conners seem to need retouch. Am I being to hard on the... READ MORE

Okay, so, it's not a "spa treatment" but recognizing this treatment gets to that deep collagen layer to create lift was helpful for me to understand the zingy feeling during treatment. This was so much better than Thermage or other "laser" treatments because I only had to go one time and the... READ MORE

I went to a new practitioner that I have never seen before. I went with the intention of getting some juvederm injections as my face is very thin and getting a bit saggy as I age. The Dr. listened to what I wanted and said that I would be a good candidate for ultherapy. A surgical facelift would... READ MORE

Had under the chin and neck for laxity (no fat) and pronounced platysmal bands aka turkey neck..no real change and actually looks a little more lax than before..should I try a second treatment as i have heard that may be where the improvement actually happens for some. It s kindof scary to think... READ MORE

I had Ulthera done yesterday on cheek area after have Restylane dissolved there and wanting to build collagen (cheek deflated after hyaluronidase). I know it has been only one day out, but I can definitely see a difference there. The doctor did several passes over the problem area. It did hurt.... READ MORE

I had my Ultherapy this afternoon with Dr. Charles Cheng and his assistant. Things were a little upside down as they have recently moved into new improved premises. I was asked if I wanted vicodin and said yes, after reading about the experiences here. The treatment is extremely... READ MORE

I turn 53 in 3 months and was not happy with the saggy jowl, marionette lines, and over all loseness of my face skin. I've been researching Ultherapy since I saw it on Dr Oz. After reading a lot of the reviews on this site, I braced myself for a lot of pain and I took two ibuprofen & one... READ MORE

I just came out of a full face Ultherapy session that lasted about an hour. I am 40 and wanted to address the slight jowling and sagging neck, as well as slight drooping of eyelids. 1 hour pre treatment I took a percocet, and a valium 30 min before. The treatment began on my neck and I found... READ MORE

I am 55 but look young for my age and decided to try Ultherapy to firm up my chin/jawline. I saw a positive change at 3 months, but now 6 mos. later, things are heading south again. No one noticed a difference altho a couple people commented on how good my skin looked altho that could be do to... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy at Garth Fisher's office 6 months ago and I couldn't be happier with my results. I am 44 years old and I was experiencing some sagging in my jaw area and eyelid area. I did a full face Ultherapy in May. I knew it had worked because I wasn't starring at the mirror looking at the... READ MORE

I also had Ulthera done one year ago in another state.  I received Ultherapy one year ago. I had such good results I just repeated it. The first time I had it done I had "dental block" injections all over my face. Those hurt and the Ultherapy hurt a LOT. (I have a thin face) THIS time,... READ MORE

I'm 30. I gained and then lost 65 lbs over a 3 year period in my 20's and my face hasn't ever been as youthful and full since. Not bad, just not full. I've used moderate botox and filler to lift my face and for preventative treatment. The results have been great! I heard about Ultherapy online... READ MORE

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