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Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment used to lift and tighten loose skin on areas such as the eyebrows, jawline, and jowls, as well as improve wrinkles on the chest. Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to heat targeted tissue under the surface of the skin, triggering the natural production of collagen. While some people might see an effect immediately after their treatment, most real results appear over two to three months as the collagen gradually improves skin’s tone and elasticity. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $2,700

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I had Ultherapy for my eyes done today. The nurse applied a numbing cream, and there was a little pain--but not unbearable, as it lasts for a second or two. The procedure was completed very quickly, and the skin under my eyes looks 10 times better already. I am looking forward to the continued... READ MORE

Very painful procedure. Can't notice any difference in my skin yet. I'm 47 years old. Not sure if I would recommend it - hopefully I start to notice something soon because that is a lot of money to spend for no results.I am 48 years old and have had some laser surgery over the years. ... READ MORE

I had Ulthera done a few days ago on my lower face and neck for some sagging. I am 45 years old and wasn't ready for a face lift, so I figured I would try this procedure. Well, it most definitely hurt. I was prescribed a valium and vicodin, but I don't react well to vicodin, so I just took a... READ MORE

Got it done 1 week ago. Still has lot of post procedure inflammation in treated area. I got neck and lower half of face done . I had sculptra in upper cheek 2years ago with good results so did not want upper half of cheek to be touched. Doctor gave me nerve block. Technician did procedure. Very... READ MORE

I've had Ultherapy treatments twice, a year apart. The procedure was easy and I personally found the pain easily tolerable ( The Dr. did give me a Vicodin beforehand) I am 42 years old and had my first treatment at 40. It has definitely helped to maintain tighter and firmer skin on my face and... READ MORE

I had lower face Ultherapy done yesterday. As everyone says, it really does hurt through part of it, other parts not as much. Given the way people describe the pain even when fully medicated, I don't really think the pain meds do a lot to get rid of the pain. I needed to drive myself so I took... READ MORE

I've had Ultherapy before, and it was like a jack hammer pounding my face. The new office I went to numbed my face, then I received tiny anesthetic injections that didn't hurt. When the procedure started; I didn't realize it started as I didn't feel ANY PAIN. I had a very light sensation in my... READ MORE

I had it done in BKK. They applied EMLA cream on my Face and Neck and left it on for 90 minutes before starting the procedure. That was a mistake right there. I have a very high pain tolerance. When they started on my face, I would rate it a 3-6/10 on pain scale. But when they started to work on... READ MORE

I was so excited to have this procedure done!! I had a consult a year ago and debated about whether to go forward. So finally, I decided now was as good of a time as any. I turned 50 last summer and while I've always had a pretty youthful attitude and look, the imagine in the mirror over the... READ MORE

I had Ulthera done in May of 2012. I paid $2000, which was the cheapest I could find. I waited six months, hoping to see some results, but when I saw none, I asked the doctor to re-do it for no additional charge. It took several phone calls to his office, (guess they were just hoping I would go... READ MORE

After having received botched botox in my forehead over six months ago (which still hasn't gone away), I was left with a very droopy left eyelid (see my other posts). When a coupon came through for Ultherapy around the eyes, I checked into the procedure and decided to do it in hopes it would... READ MORE

I had full face and neck ultherapy and it was unbearably painful. Because I have a bony face there wasn't much fat to absorb the energy. The procedure shot through my nervous so that it wasn't just painful where they applied it but all along each nerve that was hit. I've never felt anything like... READ MORE

Hi have had Ultherapy a couple of times awhile back (I'm 43) and just had it done again. I have to say it matters WHO does it more than anything. I had "ok" results the first couple of times but this last time I went to someone new and she did an AMAZING job. I wish I had gone to her in the... READ MORE

First, I did not find this treatment as painful as many women say. I had a short of Demerol. I have had Thermage with no results in past and this is less painful. I went to Dr. Fabi in La Jolla, (San Diego). I am seeing subtle results now. I did go out the night I had the treatment and because I... READ MORE

I am thrilled with the results of my Ultherapy Treatment that I had in July. I could see some tightening around the jaw line within a few days. Since then it has continued to improve,my jaw line and neck look fabulous! I'm 59, my face and neck looks like it did in my 40's. I took 800 mg. of... READ MORE

I was going to sign up for lifestyle lift until I read the horror stories here on RealSelf. So after seeing the 74% success rate here for Ultherapy I decided to give it a try. The procedure set me back $3500 for face and neck. Was extremely painful, they told me to take 800 MG of Ibuprofin 1... READ MORE

I'm 45 year old from Saudi Arabia has skin sagging especially around the mouth along with slight upper eye skin hooding I wanted some face lift without surgery . So I decided to do ulthera , after extensive search and a lot of reading . since it is not available in SA ,I found one clinic in... READ MORE

It's been one month and I am still feeling a little bit of soreness in my jawline. The procedure is a ten-level pain! No kidding. I wouldn't do it again unless the medical community comes up with some sort of topical anesthetic. I took an Adavan and a Vicodin. But, nothing can stop that sharp... READ MORE

I had full face Ultherapy done in June, and I was waiting for something SOMETHING to happen before posting. So now it's been over three months and I thought I'd make my comments. First, yes it was painful. I took pain killers and it still hurt like crazy. But anything that can keep me from... READ MORE

I have had both my face and chest done. Dr. Fabi told me it would make a big difference and she did not exaggerate. I had never heard of the procedure. With medication, it was practically painless. The results are staggering! My jaw line is lifted and my chest is practically wrinkle free. I... READ MORE

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