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WORTH IT RATING based on 466 reviews
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Ultherapy is a skin firming treatment intended to tighten and lift brows, jawline, jowls, and facial skin without invasive surgery. MORE ULTHERAPY INFORMATION ›
Average Price: $2,700

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First, I did not find this treatment as painful as many women say. I had a short of Demerol. I have had Thermage with no results in past and this is less painful. I went to Dr. Fabi in La Jolla, (San Diego). I am seeing subtle results now. I did go out the night I had the treatment and because I... READ MORE

After much research I decided to bit the bullet, so to speak. My first hesitation, besides the cost, was the pain. I have an EXTREMELY low pain tolerance and there is no way I could get beyond that. Fortunately one of my doctors was open to doing the ulthera under 'twilight. I would HIGHLY... READ MORE

I am thrilled with the results of my Ultherapy Treatment that I had in July. I could see some tightening around the jaw line within a few days. Since then it has continued to improve,my jaw line and neck look fabulous! I'm 59, my face and neck looks like it did in my 40's. I took 800 mg. of... READ MORE

I was going to sign up for lifestyle lift until I read the horror stories here on RealSelf. So after seeing the 74% success rate here for Ultherapy I decided to give it a try. The procedure set me back $3500 for face and neck. Was extremely painful, they told me to take 800 MG of Ibuprofin 1... READ MORE

I'm 45 year old from Saudi Arabia has skin sagging especially around the mouth along with slight upper eye skin hooding I wanted some face lift without surgery . So I decided to do ulthera , after extensive search and a lot of reading . since it is not available in SA ,I found one clinic in... READ MORE

It's been one month and I am still feeling a little bit of soreness in my jawline. The procedure is a ten-level pain! No kidding. I wouldn't do it again unless the medical community comes up with some sort of topical anesthetic. I took an Adavan and a Vicodin. But, nothing can stop that sharp... READ MORE

I had full face Ultherapy done in June, and I was waiting for something SOMETHING to happen before posting. So now it's been over three months and I thought I'd make my comments. First, yes it was painful. I took pain killers and it still hurt like crazy. But anything that can keep me from... READ MORE

I have had both my face and chest done. Dr. Fabi told me it would make a big difference and she did not exaggerate. I had never heard of the procedure. With medication, it was practically painless. The results are staggering! My jaw line is lifted and my chest is practically wrinkle free. I... READ MORE

I have seen D. Hessler for Botox, filler and a variety of skin brighteners, but she suggested the Ultheraphy. It was a simple in office procedure that involved a little relaxer to take the edge off and a wand smoothing out the lines on my face and neck. It was not painful until she went... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Choe in Virginia Beach. I was much more painfull than I thought. I have alot of facial saging around the jaw. I gained and lost weight over the last five years and still smoke a bit. Dr. Choe did the neck and lower cheeks. I was tired of being mistaken for my sons grandmother. I am... READ MORE

I had Ulterapy almost three months ago. It was painful and I was very disappointed with the procedure, I have no visible changes and feel like I threw my money away as it was not cheap... I usually don't go online and make comments but I was so dissapointed by the results I wanted to share my... READ MORE

Pros - Too soon to tell Cons - Pain management needs improvement. Celebrating a milestone birthday this year and wanted to refresh my look. I read the reviews on this website (for months) and after saving my coins, had the full face procedure done on June 13th. My perceived problem... READ MORE

This was expensive, and i was very, very hopeful, however, I really do not see much difference. No one has told me about how much better I look, etc.../mouth. I sure hope that it will be worh it--I keep hoping! After over three months, i still have a little tingling on the left side of face... READ MORE

I am a 58 year old who had sagging in my neck. I was willing to try as it was non invasive, which I am scared to death about. It's been three months and every day it seems to get better. It felt sort of like a Laser Hair Removal treatment. Slight discomfort but the pain goes away immediately.... READ MORE

Hi, I had Ultherapy done now ten days ago. I have started to feel a tad bit of tightening. I am worried about marks that started in the form of welts right after treatment. The office said they should go away in a few days...not to worry. I have iced and have been using arnica gel religiously.... READ MORE

I have some loose skin above/below my eyes. My brows are slightly lower than I want. (I had tried Exilis in that area 2x.) Total Pain was low (think lower face is worse). Yes hurt, but for 1 hr in room, but only 3 min total treatment (30 rounds @ 5 sec each). No diff yet, only day 1. 3... READ MORE

Hi Everyone! Well after months of research, including reading all of these reviews, I committed to having Ultherapy done this afternoon. I will detail my experience and then (drumroll please) I WILL be posting pictures at the 3 month mark. I think reviews are not too useful without the... READ MORE

The cons are the cost and pain. However, I got a Groupon coupon so my procedure was a lot less expensive than usual. I have a high threshold for pain. I couldn't take prescription meds because I drove myself, so I took 800 mg. of Ibuprofin and 1000 mg of Tylenol. I don't know if that helped... READ MORE

Was hesitant if I opt for eyelid surgery and wanted to give a non- surgical procedure a try. It was more than unpleasant, it was just painful like getting electro shocks . I was in disbelieve that I was told it will might feel uncomfortable at points but it is perceived to be pain free. The... READ MORE

I looked into non- surgical options as I had noticed a fall in my face and a flattening of my cheek bones and a slackening under the chin ...I did the procedure from the cheeks to the neck ( to test it out ) ($2700) and am so glad I did ! ( full face & neck $3200) I would definitely... READ MORE

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