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Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment used to lift and tighten loose skin on areas such as the eyebrows, jawline, and jowls, as well as improve wrinkles on the chest. Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to heat targeted tissue under the surface of the skin, triggering the natural production of collagen. While some people might see an effect immediately after their treatment, most real results appear over two to three months as the collagen gradually improves skin’s tone and elasticity. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $2,700

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I had Ulthera done on my face and neck with my daughter observing.. she could see how the excess skin was shrinking! I am 52 and have a very skinny face. I had Thermage done 2 years ago and saw no effect. Have since learned that Thermage is for faces with more fat under the skin and Ulthera... READ MORE

I am 47 and have fine lines and wrinkles on my neck. Only 2 months out from my Ultherapy treatment, I feel like the fine lines and wrinkles are already less visible to me. I'm very excited to see the full results in the next few months. I was quite comfortable throughout the procedure and had... READ MORE

Dishonest information regarding the effectiveness of this procedure. They upsold the procedure to me! Terrible customer service, never called for the follow-up. This procedure has a very minimal effect on the affected area. I guess some physicians get commissions from the manufacturer of the... READ MORE

This is my opinion on my results then read the rest of my post for a little history and detail. I had it done 18 mos ago when I turned 57 yrs old -sorry no photos - II deleted after 6 mos bc I had to take computer jn for service. Very minimal noticeable results However Very IMPORTANT... READ MORE

I had the procedure done and it took approx 2 1/2 hours. The first pass was level 4 depth and the second pass was level 3 depth. She did 900+ lines total using the ulthera machine. I did my whole face. I was prescribed ahead of the procedure, a valium 5mg and hydrocodon 500 mg X 2 pills, I... READ MORE

First of all, I'm a fitness professional. I'm 56 but have taken great care of myself and look in my early 40's. I started seeing a little drooping in my face and begin researching various skin tightening methods. Ultherapy was one but after reading the reviews and the high costs associated... READ MORE

It's been over one year now and after waiting (more on this) other need to know about the latest hyped treatment is another hoax from my experience, ditto with my cousin and her girlfriend. I Had it done by Jane (laser technician at Chelsea Eye & Cosmetic Surgery in New York City). Jane is very... READ MORE

Overall good experience. I did my treatment with Lynn at Chelsea eye and cosmetic surgery in NYC. Full face and upper neck cost approximately $4,000. She injected me with lidocaine so the procedure was basically painless. Afterwards I did have some intense soreness in the areas treated for... READ MORE

After about a year's worth of research and hesitation, I finally decided to take the plunge and have my face and neck treated with Ulthera. Although I've always worn sunscreen and used good skincare products and fillers/botos, due to weight loss and cancer treatment at a young age, I had very... READ MORE

I had the Ultherapy procedure done in December. The procedure was recommended to me by a surgeon who told me that it would help to reduce the buccal fat in my lower cheeks. He said one of the little known effects of Ultherapy is its ability to dissolve some fat (depending on which layers of the... READ MORE

Ulthera is a horrible damaging expensive procedure. You will regret it. it causes fat atrophy and makes you look older. Although you may not notice at first. The only thing guaranteed is that you will not look better. I had it without doing any research. I'd never had any procedure before... READ MORE

Dr. Tanya Atagi's nurse Shanna was phenomenal! I have low pain tolerance but opted for ibuprofen and tolerated well. Pain was 2-4 on a 10-scale with the worst being a few momentary 'bee-stings'. Mild bruising appeared along jawline on day 2 but resolved in about 5 days- no downtime. Face... READ MORE

I suppose my collagen & elasticity production was not enough to work with. I saw improvement for a brief period of time but it reversed itself. I have no doubt this would work for some people, because I briefly saw it work for me. I was warned to be realistic with the potential results, but... READ MORE

I had some laxity and sagging in the jawline that was bothering me in profile and front. I took 800 mg of ibuprofin about 30 minutes before the procedure. Markings were made and relaxation tools were provided. Okay, onto the pain which seems to be a hot topic for this procedure and rightfully... READ MORE

Had ultherapy may 20th 2013, I have not seen any change,for 3,500 I would have expected some change by now, as a matter my skin looks worse WHY??? Are you all doing this just to make money from naive poor lay people? Very upset I wasted my hard earned money?? Very painful, but I tolerated it... READ MORE

After a lot of research and several consults with several providers of both Thermage and Ulthera, I made my decision, chose a provider, and had Ultherapy 5 days ago. While I know it's still early, I can tell you that this procedure is very, very, very, painful. I have a very high pain tolerance... READ MORE

I always looked much younger than my age, but when I got to my 40's, no amount of sunscreen could stop some of the effects of aging. I've always had a fuller face, so the fat helped with looking younger, however, I started to lose some of the firmness, in particular around the jawline and neck... READ MORE

My doctor has been recommending that I do this for about 2 years because I am constantly complaining about my turkey neck. I am 45 years old, and when I looked in the mirror and saw a neck that could pass for my grandmother's, I knew I had to go ahead with it. As the price for the entire face... READ MORE

Excellent experience. Pain was definitely tolerable not as mind numbing as a lot of people have described on here. Truly a "no downtime" procedure for me as it took only about 30 minutes. My neck was pink afterward but I could go right back to work. I have high hopes and will post my results as... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy a week ago now. I had a facelift 3 years ago and have had some loosening in the cheeks and jaw. I was scared to death to have Ultherapy done after reading all the reviews about the pain. I hate dealing with pain. So I took 1.5 oxycodeine that I had at home from my facelift. I was... READ MORE

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