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This secondary tummy tuck may be considered for a variety of reasons, including altering the results of tummy tuck number one. LEARN MORE ›
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I had a pretty bad experience with Dr. Lawrence Foster from Tahoe CA I am so thankful that I am going to be able to be fixed by Dr. Carmina Cardenas I have received my quote from her tt revision, muscle repair, lipoprotein to upper and lower back, fat transfer to my booty, 7 day stay at the... READ MORE

I'm so excited to have found the PS here in Chicago area that I am comfortable with and who is going to combine procedures to give me the dramatic result and minimal downtime that works for my life. I went in for my consult asking about lipo for my upper arms (to be addressed later) and lipo for... READ MORE

After having my tummy tuck Dec. 2013, my then PS didn't inform me to lose weight before going under the knife, he just said "Don't worry about it, I'm cutting and sucking it out anyway." My then PS did NOT do any contouring, so now I'm left with sagging skin after losing 65lbs, I also have love... READ MORE

I had a mini TT just over five months ago with very good results. I feel that my results could have been even better if I had had "the works"--a FULL TT!! Almost immediately post op I suspected that I didn't have a FULL TT (the STANDARD TT that I had paid for) because my BB was left untouched... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Rosenstock in Costa Rica because I have friends who have used his services, and my ex-husband's family is there. We were going to be there on vacation, and I was finally ready to get my previous mini Tuck that did not turn out well, fixed. I decided to get my breast them at the... READ MORE

Tummy tuck revision to even out my scar. Looks alittle but like a nike tick lol doesn't Massivly bother me now but I want a tattoo cover up and this is the only thing stopping me. Also have a slight lump one side that's to be lipo'd ...............,........................ READ MORE

After my two caesarean pregnancies, my tummy looked pretty bad. I had my first TT in April 2014 however the results were not great as I had a lot of skin laxity into upper abdomen left. Had my revision in April this year and this time the results were excellent. Still a little lax in the upper... READ MORE

It has been a little over a year since my tummy tuck and mostly I am happy with my results except for two fat pooches along my scar. With undies on I look fine but not so great naked. My PS is only charging me for the anesthesiologist for my procedure. Since I will be going under the knife again... READ MORE

I had a TT 22 years ago and it was great for about 15 years. I did put on 10 pounds and am now 53 years old and the pooch came back! I went to Dr. Patel in Hoffman Estates for a consult and set my date for April 27th! Dr. Patel was very knowledgeable, attentive, offered helpful suggestions... READ MORE

I'm super nervous. ...I'll be off of work for about 20 days (hopefully that'll be long enough) I work in a very busy doctors office (we never get a chance to sit) I have a high pain tolerance but am still very afraid of this procedure. I'm also super nervous that my stomach will not come out... READ MORE

I am very excited and nervous about my upcoming TT revision. I am hoping that my recovery will be smooth and what seems like common around here because my recovery from my TT was anything but that! Click here to read my Tummy Tuck review. lol Lord knows that myself and my family have been... READ MORE

I had a Tummy tuck February 13, 2014 by Dr. Kiran Polavarapu. After 3 near full term pregnancies my stomach was a wreck. My muscle was stretched, I was covered in stretch marks and my abdomen was big. I Chose Dr. Kiran to do my tummy work and although she did an amazing job I still needed some... READ MORE

Looking for a tiny waist, curves & improvement of butt irregularities. Have had other procedures done in the US, such as Lipo, BBl, Thigh Lift (Dr Constantino Mendieta, Miami), Arm Lift-just one week and a half ago & TT five yrs ago (Dr.Sean Younai, Encino, CA). After having lipo done I was... READ MORE

My journey began on the 27th August 2013 , i went overseas and had a Tummy Tuck . I had waited to have this procedure for 30 yrs , there was always something more important than my TT and i also felt quite selfish spending so much money on myself . I was made aware of Agents who liased with... READ MORE

In 2010 I had a Sleeve Gastrectomy which ultimately led to me losing more then half my body weight. Naturally I had excessive amounts of extra skin that kept me from regaining my confidence. I initially had a tummy tuck done by another surgeon and the placement of the scaring made it... READ MORE

Dr.Demny is a very well trained board certified cosmetic surgeon. Took the time to thoroughly explain all options during the first consultation. Made me feel comfortable in my final decision on what options I had to choose from without forcing me to choose. His staff is and was very... READ MORE

I had whipple surgery to remove a pancreatic tumor, body of my pancreas and my gall bladder. My surgery was a success, but left me with a hypertrophic scar and loose skin in my abdomen area. I want to have my abdomen tighten and the vertical scar in my abdomen gone. I will be seeing Dr.... READ MORE

Hi I had a modified TT on 5-27-14 from day one I felt something wasn't right but I passe it off as swelling, on 8-2 I had Tumenescent liposuction of my abdomen still wasn't happy so 11-1 I was cut circumfrentialy to remove skin & fat at this point my lower ab was protruding a lot I stresse this... READ MORE

Can't believe it's been 18 months since my tummy tuck without lipo. I'm still happy the "Apron" is gone but HATE HATE the muffin top look with clothes on and HATE HATE the hips and full look when naked. Had to save up the money to fix these problem areas which is hard to do with four kids. So... READ MORE

Going to Dr. Walkiris Robles for Tummy Tuck Review , Need to fix my TT. and under arm. was recommended to me by a friend and I was totally satisfied by the wonderful staff. All my question have been answer. I just cant wait to be there and done I have been before with another DR. but i have Dr... READ MORE

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