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This secondary tummy tuck may be considered for a variety of reasons, including altering the results of tummy tuck number one. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm so excited to have found the PS here in Chicago area that I am comfortable with and who is going to combine procedures to give me the dramatic result and minimal downtime that works for my life. I went in for my consult asking about lipo for my upper arms (to be addressed later) and lipo for... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Hedden because he is suppose to be the best. Before the start of surgery, he told me he would do a full cut. When I went back the next day for him to check my drains, he said he went thru my navel. I don't think my muscles we tighten enough. I'm depressed and money wasted again :(... READ MORE

I had my first tt with bl and flanks done on may 28, 2014, i wasnt satisfied with the muscle repair tht dr franckle did so i seek out anothr ps to c if i needed my muscles tightened even more. I had my second tt with flanks and back done on may 28, 2015. Im only 3 days po and im feeling a lot... READ MORE

Well tomorrow i finally get to go in for liposuction to my sides, laterals, abdomen and dog ears... Im so excited. However delay was due to skin necrosis that healed up pretty nicely. Now its time to bring it all together. I will post photos before and after. Ive bn so emotional about everything... READ MORE

I had a TT 22 years ago and it was great for about 15 years. I did put on 10 pounds and am now 53 years old and the pooch came back! I went to Dr. Patel in Hoffman Estates for a consult and set my date for April 27th! Dr. Patel was very knowledgeable, attentive, offered helpful suggestions... READ MORE

I had a pretty bad experience with Dr. Lawrence Foster from Tahoe CA I am so thankful that I am going to be able to be fixed by Dr. Carmina Cardenas I have received my quote from her tt revision, muscle repair, lipoprotein to upper and lower back, fat transfer to my booty, 7 day stay at the... READ MORE

Hi everyone, i'm very petite Indian woman at 5ft 2 and 89 pounds. I had a twin pregnancy and had massive diasistis recti after so had a FTT in 2011. But my surgeon did a bad job and didn't repair my stomach all the way to the top so I had a had a big bulge in my upper tummy right from the start.... READ MORE

Had a very painful TT in 2009 by Dr. Kreiger in Beverly Hills (DO NOT go to him) and had a negative result in addition to him creating two hernias that need to be corrected. I'm re-doing my TT (by Dr. Agha in Newport Beach) in addition to Lipo and a Brazilian Butt Lift! Shoot! What have I done?... READ MORE

I had wanted a tummy tuck for over 30 years. My kids are age 45, 38 & 34. I am 5'5" and my current weight is about 150. The first Surgeon…… My TT journey started in May 2014 with a TT & Lipo to back/bra roll area and arm pit (axillary). I paid just over 10K for the May procedures and... READ MORE

I had tt locally and I lost some weight after. I went to TJ Mexico to have revision and thigh lift, arm lift and revised my tt with Dr Carmina Cardenas. I love my results. I stayed at Beauty Care Recovery house where Dr Cardenas visited me every day, there are nurses on staff 24/7. They have all... READ MORE

I had a mini TT just over five months ago with very good results. I feel that my results could have been even better if I had had "the works"--a FULL TT!! Almost immediately post op I suspected that I didn't have a FULL TT (the STANDARD TT that I had paid for) because my BB was left untouched... READ MORE

I am very excited and nervous about my upcoming TT revision. I am hoping that my recovery will be smooth and what seems like common around here because my recovery from my TT was anything but that! Click here to read my Tummy Tuck review. lol Lord knows that myself and my family have been... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Rosenstock in Costa Rica because I have friends who have used his services, and my ex-husband's family is there. We were going to be there on vacation, and I was finally ready to get my previous mini Tuck that did not turn out well, fixed. I decided to get my breast them at the... READ MORE

Had tummy tuck with lipo 1 year ago. spent 13,000 in NYC park avenue doc. results were good but I think it can be improved. preop weight 115 height 5'2 (worked out and lost 20 lbs prior to surgery) Loose skin, umbilical hernia, wrinkled stomach above and below navel stomach off center... READ MORE

A year ago i had a tummy tuck performed by dr Cortes in Houston Tx. Honestly, i didn't like the results because too much skin and fat weren't removed. I felt very upset because i invest over 10,000 dlls with that dr and when i called him to discuss of how to fix the problem lucy just said my... READ MORE

Tummy tuck revision to even out my scar. Looks alittle but like a nike tick lol doesn't Massivly bother me now but I want a tattoo cover up and this is the only thing stopping me. Also have a slight lump one side that's to be lipo'd ...............,........................ READ MORE

So I had a tummy tuck in 2013 and I developed a hernia as a result of the surgery. Well I have opted to have the same doctor do my procedures again. I ibfugured since I'm having the hernia repair why not throw in the rest and have it done the same time and save some money. I will be updating... READ MORE

Hello, for those of you that are interested, I posted my TT on that review. Basically, I am just about 6 months postop and am going for consultations for a revision. I had a floating TT with MR on 3/5/13. I had no idea I was only going for a float. PS never told me. I came out of recovery and... READ MORE

After having my tummy tuck Dec. 2013, my then PS didn't inform me to lose weight before going under the knife, he just said "Don't worry about it, I'm cutting and sucking it out anyway." My then PS did NOT do any contouring, so now I'm left with sagging skin after losing 65lbs, I also have love... READ MORE

After my two caesarean pregnancies, my tummy looked pretty bad. I had my first TT in April 2014 however the results were not great as I had a lot of skin laxity into upper abdomen left. Had my revision in April this year and this time the results were excellent. Still a little lax in the upper... READ MORE

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