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WORTH IT RATING based on 103 reviews
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This secondary tummy tuck may be considered for a variety of reasons, including altering the results of tummy tuck number one. LEARN MORE ›
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So yesterday was my surgery for liposuction of the flanks abdomen and a tummy tuck scar revision. TT I had done roughly about 7 years ago & went exceptionally well. I had my son at 17 yrs old weighing about 95lbs at conception, put on about 50lbs during my pregnancy. I stretched out so much that... READ MORE

I had a previous tummy tuck almost two years ago and the out come was unsatisfactory . I had a continuous pressure like swelling/hardness on my Right side and by the end of the day I felt like I was 6 months pregnant. I always wore a binder or spanx to keep swelling down. I saw on here a... READ MORE

I had a previous tummy tuck a year lad a half proof to this one. I wasn't happy with the results so I went to see another plastic surgeon. I also wanted breast augmentation at this time. My procedure lasted around five hours and it went very smoothly. I have been pretty pleased with the... READ MORE

Im in Chicago and will be going to ATL 2-7-14, Dr JCurves. Im 220lbs workout faithfully for the last , 8yrs. im solid and ready to get some of this meat off me. I was advised to loose 20lbs, good luck with that s***. I've been pretty nervous lately. I I was told that I can have my surgery... READ MORE

I had a mini TT just over five months ago with very good results. I feel that my results could have been even better if I had had "the works"--a FULL TT!! Almost immediately post op I suspected that I didn't have a FULL TT (the STANDARD TT that I had paid for) because my BB was left untouched... READ MORE

I have 12 year and 10 year old kids, gained 60lbs on my first pregnancy. I am 5'1" and currently weighing 130 lbs . I excercise regularly. I had liposuction 10 years ago but I have a loose skin on my tummy so I decided to have it done and paid my way to this new journey. My frame is... READ MORE

I actually had a tummy tuck 5 years ago in CT. Five years later, I am scheduled to have another one but with a different doctor. My story is a bit of a nightmare. Like many others here , I had the typical gross, flabby, loose skin stomachs from childbirth. The loose skin started from the top of... READ MORE

I'm super nervous. ...I'll be off of work for about 20 days (hopefully that'll be long enough) I work in a very busy doctors office (we never get a chance to sit) I have a high pain tolerance but am still very afraid of this procedure. I'm also super nervous that my stomach will not come out... READ MORE

I originally went to Dr. Yily in 2013. However, my tummy tuck scar healed horribly, and I take 100% of the blame for that. This will be round two for me and I am interested in Dr. Baez , I've read wonderful things about her. Dr Yily has changed since I saw her, she wasn't a popular when I went... READ MORE

My first surgery was on June 6, 2013 for my tummy tuck with liposuction . I had a new procedure done on me where I was awoke the whole time. While I thought my first doctor did a good job until I started getting sick. I developed hemotemos and they didn't no how to removed it. I had to have a... READ MORE

Well, I'm a mother of 3. And I have has surgery 10 yes ago. I will need to go through sx again. In 2004 while only having 2 kids; I had a TT, Breast Lift w/o implants & Full Body Lipo. Was never told about Massages (never had not one) and never wore a faja. Smoked cigarettes right before sx and... READ MORE

This is my 2nd tummy tuck first time it's was not done right back in2010. But I'm glad I did it again I look so much better this as been I journey for me. Im still sore but more on my left side this time around I had the belt lipectomy meaning I was cut all the way around. But the top is not as... READ MORE

Well my my tummy tuck was on june 12 please help me is this normal...my feet are super swollen so now I have a new belly button which looks funny and everything else looks weird tome it's just me b but pars lady's give me is it just me or has anyone else had these same results please be honest ... READ MORE

I had a TT a little over a year ago. I am nervous but after many more consults I have decided to go for a full TT revision. I am not happy with the results. I originally went into this because I had to have my gall bladder out and thought why not do both at the same time. Well I was really... READ MORE

I was planning on getting my tummy tuck in August but my husband and his sister are making plans for a family vacation in June. Is going to 13 of us going to Los Cabos. And I want to look great. Im tired of this ugly stomach. Anyways I haven't shown my belly to anyone since I was 15 yrs. I don't... READ MORE

I had allot of loose skin and a concave place on my upper abdomen from liposuction. It was very noticeable and bothersome. I was hesitant to wear a bikini. I had a previous tummy tuck, some 30 years prior, that was never done correctly. When I went to see Dr. Di Saia, he agreed and said he could... READ MORE

Had a TT on July 9, 2012, click here to see my previous review. It looked great until about month 4 when the abd muscles pooched out right in the middle around the belly button. PS said it is the size of my abd muscles. (I am a crossfitter, power lifter) So he is going to do another TT with... READ MORE

I had a second opinion consult 2 months after my TT with another surgeon.. I felt I wasn't pulled tight enough.. and I was right! Planning on a revision in the future. The new doctor agreed with my concerns.. I could have been pulled tighter and he wants to lower my scar. He's going to see if... READ MORE

Going to Dr. Walkiris Robles for Tummy Tuck Review , Need to fix my TT. and under arm. was recommended to me by a friend and I was totally satisfied by the wonderful staff. All my question have been answer. I just cant wait to be there and done I have been before with another DR. but i have Dr... READ MORE

I had a TT done 10 yrs ago my dog ears had become unmanageably so I scheduled the repair on both sides my left side was terrible. A couple of friends had theirs repaired with really bad scars. Well lucky me I needed incisions . I preferred a scar over the hanging flaps especially on my left... READ MORE

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