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Sinus surgery isn't fun, but balloons, CT scans, and endoscopic procedures are being used to help restore air flow through the nose which can lead to infection-free sinuses. LEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Cote is a very intelligent and personable doctor. I had many consultations prior to meeting him for the first time and he blew the others out of the water. I knew I could trust him and his work! I did my research too- I even called patients of his that had the same work done and they had... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Nachlas for sinus surgery on April 28th. My ENT recommended him initially. Dr. Nachlas is brilliant, and I’m really happy with my results so far. The best part is that I’m not congested anymore. I stayed home for a week after my surgery, mostly because I had a lot of pain... READ MORE

Dr. Murray is an excellent doctor, very professional, I spent years with sinus infection, deviated septum, polyps, congestion and no smelling and Dr. Murray fixed everything, after surgery no pain, no inflammation and no congestion. I would definitely go back to him if I needed, his staff is... READ MORE

I went in to have a growth removed from my sinus. From the very first visit Dr Dickerson's knowledge and confidence made me feel very comfortable with the upcoming procedure. The procedure was fast with no complications. He removed the growth and had me breathing like never before in about a... READ MORE

Beware of Dr. Kim Patrick Murray!! He did a procedure on me that was unnecessary and expensive without being upfront. He probably hoped my insurance would just pay it. I have read other reviews around the web that show he has done the same thing to other people. Just Google his name. See another... READ MORE

I had a serious sinus infection for the past 20 years or so. Tried everything, had 3 surgical procedure with everything but pixie dust, tried holistic method and nothing. Then I went to see Dr.Torgerson, where do I begin... He guided me through all the steps to properly prepare myself and my... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Guida was nothing but fantastic. From the time I walked into his office, I knew I was in good hands. His office staff is very pleasant and nice. There was no waiting time. Dr. Guida was very professional and asked me what I wanted as far as my rhinoplasty. I just wanted it... READ MORE

I have been seeing Dr Maack for over a decade, for various issues. One of The most amazing experience was how easy my recovery time was from the surgery where he straightened my septum, cleaned out my maxillary sinuses AND reduced my turbaned. I had ZERO packing and was absolutely astonished... READ MORE

I have been suffering from serious issues related with a deviated septum. Upon arrival of my 8:00AM appointment I was greeted to find out that someone had canceled my appointment later the day before and was told to return another day. I obviously did not do this. I was told that he was... READ MORE

I have suffered with sinusitis for as long as I can remember, and recently (by recently I mean about a year or so) I began having these unbearable headaches. I headed to the doctors office where I was referred to Dr. Carlos Ayala and he suggested balloon sinuplasty. I finally had the procedure... READ MORE

This guy gave me what is called Empty Nose Syndrome which is a medically surgically caused problem. It happens after over aggressive nasal surgeries. In 2006 I saw him with problems of basic nasal congestion and after failure to respond to sprays, he talked me into a "Sub-Mucosa Resection" which... READ MORE

Sometime last year, I had sinus surgery with Dr. Nachlas. If asked to describe him to someone else, I would say he is a really good doctor. Dr. Nachlas stayed up-to-date on all of my checkups. He is just really good overall and I am happy with the results of my surgery. The best part is I... READ MORE

I have been meaning to do this review for awhile but I am currently working and a grad student so I haven't made the time. It's been 5 months since my surgery. I had the balloon sinoplasty and rhinoplasty to remove a bump on my nose and pick up the tip just a bit. I was awake through out the... READ MORE

My symptoms were right sided head pressure behind my right eye and over my temple accentuated by going to a higher elevation, dizziness when leaning forward and a low grade fever. A CT of the sinuses confirmed an infection in the right sphenoid sinus. I was given multiple antibiotics over many... READ MORE

My father and I both had nose surgery to fix our breathing problems, especially when we sleep. We both snore like and ravenous T-Rex and then would stop breathing. The experience and benefits are amazing, incredible and absolutely a blessing. The attention to care and details are unsurpassed or... READ MORE

Professional staff and stellar service and follow ups. I truly can not say enough good things about the quality of service and the staff. Myself and my 16 year old son had corrective surgery and would not hesitate to refer Dr. Rex Edward Moulton-Barrett and his staff to anyone needing help. My... READ MORE

For years I suffered with sinus infections, pressure and difficulty breathing. After treatment with steroids and antibiotics we decided to have corrective surgery. Recently Dr. Walker performed surgery on my deviated septum and balloon sinuplasty for my chronic sinusitis and difficulty in... READ MORE

Dr. Taghizadeh performed my needed surgery with the utmost care and precision. I am able to breath and function with absolutely no restrictions. Because of his care the polyps have not returned and I expect that they will never return. I am now and will forever be, "Grateful" to Dr.... READ MORE

I am writing this review in the hope to help those who need to find a right doctor for their own issues as well as sharing what issue I had and how it's been resolved. I am a 30 year old male and I had suffered from my sinus issue for more than 12 years I guess (that was the time I just realized... READ MORE

I've experienced an unreal of facial pressure mostly in my cheeks, upper teeth, and between the eyes. I've had my septum straightened last year. It helped a bit, but I was still experiencing major inflammation. I had this procedure - it took an hour or so - I went under for it. Tissue was... READ MORE

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