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Sinus surgery isn't fun, but balloons, CT scans, and endoscopic procedures are being used to help restore air flow through the nose which can lead to infection-free sinuses. LEARN MORE ›
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I am writing this review in the hope to help those who need to find a right doctor for their own issues as well as sharing what issue I had and how it's been resolved. I am a 30 year old male and I had suffered from my sinus issue for more than 12 years I guess (that was the time I just realized... READ MORE

I've experienced an unreal of facial pressure mostly in my cheeks, upper teeth, and between the eyes. I've had my septum straightened last year. It helped a bit, but I was still experiencing major inflammation. I had this procedure - it took an hour or so - I went under for it. Tissue was... READ MORE

Dr. Edward Dickerson IV let me know that he could improve my breathing by opening of my nasal cartilage to improve my breathing, I had some blockage of my septum area. Dr. Dickerson performed the surgery, I have to say for my first ever surgery I was expecting pain, but had no pain whatsoever.... READ MORE

It's been a little less than two weeks and I feel a great improvement in air flow in my nostrils. The swelling has not completely subsided and there's still a twinge of soreness, but it's improving daily. The post-op clean-up (1 week after the procedure) is uncomfortable and intrusive, but not... READ MORE

I had to have help with what I thought was a sinus infection but due to some extreme problems Ive had in the past with TMJ surgery (Dr Thompson did not perform) it was more than just diagnosing and writing a prescription for antibiotics. He is very familiar with the problems that Ive had and it... READ MORE

About 3 years ago, I suffered an injury to my nose. I broke my nose and discovered I had a severe deviated septum. It was to the point where I could only breathe and smell out of one nostril. It was very uncomfortable and I started to have bad snoring problems. Also, the injury caused the shape... READ MORE

I used to work with one of Dr. Rubinstein’s practitioner’s because we are both nurses. I have been having sinus problems on and off and it’s been really annoying for such a long time. Finally she told me to go over and talk with Dr. Rubinstein and see what he says.I had my Balloon... READ MORE

I had a history of sinus infections , nasal fracture and difficulty breathing through one side of my nose. After a very thorough exam and explanation of the procedure required, my surgery was scheduled. Dr LaNasa performed my surgery with expertise and compassion. He visited me twice post... READ MORE

I was sick for an entire year and couldn't breathe. Which finally forced me to see a DR. My post nasal drip was so bad that it was causing lung issues and a horrible cough. I had a complete clean out of my sinuses and bridge bump shaved down. The surgery was simple and pain free. The annoying... READ MORE

I know its too early to review and ill keep updating it. But working with Dr Sinha is a delight. He is a very soft spoken and kind gentleman who listens to everything you have to say. He recommended my for a Sinus surgery in his office - It went very smooth. All his staff was super professional... READ MORE

Hello, I had a debilitating sinus infection in my maxillary sinus that wouldn't go away for months. I was unemployed and had no medical insurance. I had another Dr. that said surgery was inevitable. Then, I went to see Dr. Joseph for a second opinion, and he used a sinus vacuum, in office, to... READ MORE

When I get a cold, it doesn't go away. I get awful sinus pressure headaches and feel terrible... like I'm run down... no energy. I used to think my "allergies" acted up when it rained or snowed. I finally realized it was the atmospheric pressure changes that would cause my blocked sinuses to... READ MORE

I have been a lifetime snorer. It was embarassing and inconvenient. I finally decided to do something about it and made an appointment with Doctor Falk. He suspected Sleep Apnea.The Sleep Study showed that I have Sleep Apnea. CPAP was not an option for me. I can not tolerate a mask on my face... READ MORE

For years, I had suffered with sinus issues. Headaches, infections, dizziness were the main problems for me. My last Sinus Infection lasted 5 weeks, and I found my life was being negatively impacted by my sickness. It was at that point, that I went to see Dr. Guida and just three weeks... READ MORE

Wish i would of known, look up The Empty Nose Syndrome. My sinus will never be the same. I had a x-ray done yesterday of my skull and the doctor said that where my sinus are, they were the biggest openings he has ever seen. Since my surgery my sinuses are so messed up its hard to blow my nose right. READ MORE

Doctor Alessi recommended READ MORE

Because I had suffered for years and couldn't take it anymore! I don't know what the final cost was as my insurance paid 100% except for $40 office co-pays. I had suffered from chronic allergies and sinus infections for years and was so addicted to sinus spray that I panicked if I... READ MORE

As stated above, I recently was in a bad car accident and needed to get it addressed for a few reasons. For one, I did not want it growing back irregularly. Also, I felt very self-conscience about it. READ MORE

Because I was tired of suffering with my allergies. If you're tired of suffering with allergies and sinus pressure, then do what I did; call Dr. S, and get the rid off sinus pressure. For me it was a life changing. As now I'm more happy as I can breed. Also I can even perform... READ MORE

2006 went to Dr B in Tarpon Springs Florida to be treated for several sinus infections and he perfornmed surgery and caused damage to the Trigeminla nerve causing life long pain and discomfort. My life has changed I have so many limitations, I am taking a drug for people who have seizures.... READ MORE

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