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Constant blushing? Though rosacea doesn't have a known cure, there are non-surgical treatments to try to reduce facial redness like antibiotics, dermabrasion, and laser resurfacingLEARN MORE ›
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Along with being treated for age spots, I also received a laser treatment for red spots. Again, the results have been wonderful with many compliments about my youthful looking skin. I will be 59 years old in less than a month and I have been told my facial skin "looks like a 40 year old's face... READ MORE

I have tried literally every products out there and this is my pick. ROCLEARA. Im 47 years old, I have moderate Rosacea-mainly the redness, bumps and at times even cysts. Rocleara is completely non-irritating, doesn't dry my skin and simply works. I'm a label reader and does anyone know that... READ MORE

She is amazing. Just two treatments from Dr. Saluja's Cynergy Laser, a pulsed dye laser with Nd:YAG, cleared up my broken blood vessels and rosacea. I had two treatments spaced 6 weeks apart and noticed a huge difference. My only regret is not having visited Dr. Saluja sooner. I look and feel... READ MORE

Azalaic acid makes a huge difference to my rosacea. I missed using it for a week and I couldn't work out why I was back to being red and blotchy. Go back to my azalaic acid and the red is gone. Try any 15% azalaic acid wash or cream from the pharmacy and see what happens.It's come... READ MORE

During my last pregnancy, I was sick all of the time and developed bad eczema around my nose (from blowing it so much). My OBGYN stupidly gave me Rx steroid cream and told me to apply twice a day. What I didn't know at the time, was that long term steroid cream use gives you rosacea. I... READ MORE

I suffer from rosacea (a common problem) and wanted to acheive a more even tone on my face so i started with a series of four laser photo facials to get the red out! so far there has been much progress but i think i have to do a few more to get the results i want. the procedure is mostly... READ MORE

Have tried Oracea for two months now. I have severe redness, spider veins and ocular rosacea. I have not gotten any noticeable improvement in my skin or eyes (which feel stinging, burning sensations all the time) as of yet. We will see if the Derm says I should keep taking it or not. I have had... READ MORE

I had 3 treatments. My procedures (laser genesis) were not comfortable. Face extremely red...the 3rd treatment was the worst. No improvement in my facial appearance at all...huge pores on forehead and other pores larger as well. My rosacea got worse, not better and I have wrinkles and age spots... READ MORE

I'm doing a series of three Fraxel treatments for facial scars and rosacea (scars are deep, soft, sloping kind, not ice-pick). The first treatment was performed using a lower setting (7/30, I think?) and the second at 8/40. Two weeks after the 1st treatment, I was surprised to see a... READ MORE

I had Limelight laser, Laser Genesis and chemical peel treatments to treat mild Rosacea. I now have hyperpigmentation and scars on my face. I am so upset about it, don't want to go out in public and cry about it daily. Make-up does not cover it. I did these treatments to correct... READ MORE

I have had 4 of 5 treatments on my nose and cheeks. My skin is 30% less red than previously. Broken blood vessels seem to be minimized or eliminated. Scars from acne years ago have not improved. Slighly improved texture. If you are looking for a photofacial to reduce redness or imrpove... READ MORE

I purchased a package of 5 photofacials and 5 microdermabrasions. I am a male age 30 with rosacea. i did it to treat rosacea, i wanted to get rid of rosacea acne as well as minimize blushing. I cant work like this so not sure if it is worth it at this point. After the dermabrasion my... READ MORE

I have been developing rosacea for several years and the IPL Photorejuvenation treatments removed the excess redness from my face, (mainly the cheek area). I was very satisfied with the results. When choosing someone to perform the procedure, find out how much experience they have doing it.... READ MORE

I just had my second IPL treatment a week ago and I'm totally satisfied with the results. I wanted to do this to treat the redness and rough skin from my rosacea. Not only did it virtually eliminate the redness, my skin is much smoother, firmer, pores are smaller & lines on my forehead... READ MORE

I am in the process of receiving laser genesis treatments to treat rosacea. It seems to have gotten worse during the course of the treatments. READ MORE

I've had rosacea since childhood. It runs in my family. My mother and I both had twelve treatments, with two weeks between each treatment. It's been five years and we are both still very satisfied with the results, though we'd both like a little touch up for maintanance. I no... READ MORE

I have had Photo Facials many times, because my face was constantly bright red from rosacea. When makeup stopped covering the redness and people started commenting on how red my face was all the time, I had to figure out how to fix it. A photo facial would reduce most of the redness for... READ MORE

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