Hematoma + Rhinoplasty

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Can Your Nose Cartilage Be Broken Even if X-rays Are Negative?

I fell onto my face, and had severe bleeding from the R side of my nose for about 5'. It swelled but there was not much bruising. I had a large... READ MORE

15 Months After Rhinoplasty Unresolved Hematoma on Septum?

I’m 15 months post-op ago and developed a hematoma on my septum right after surgery. The hematoma seemed to be going down the first couple... READ MORE

Septum Hematoma?

It's been been 10 days since I had my rhinoplasty and both sides wall of my septum are very swollen. It does not hurt. However, I can barely breath... READ MORE

How Widespread Will the Bruising Be After my Rhinoplasty?

What areas of the face should I expect it to spread? eye area? cheeks? neck? READ MORE

I Had a Septal Hematoma 10 Days After my Rhinoplasty. It Was Drained, but Will my Nose Be Okay?

After the packing was taken out I noticed a bubble/blister looking thing sticking out of the side of my septum. The doctor noticed it and decided to... READ MORE

Problem Ears After Rhinoplasty

Hi, I have just had rhinoplasty done 2 days ago with cartilage from both my ears. One of the ear has 2 deep cuts. They will not stop bleeding, blood... READ MORE

Can Ending the Nose Taping (Because Oily Face) After Rhinoplasty Change my Final Results?

Hi i had rhinoplasty 17 days ago, i had septal hemathoma in day 3 , and my split removed on day 7 then i started nose taping but after 4 days, my face... READ MORE

Will Septal hematoma deform my nose?

I am a 23 year old healthy male. A week after my septorhinoplasty, hit my nose and got a hematoma. My ENT surgen drained it the next day. My surgeon... READ MORE

I see blood clot in left nostril on external wall. I am fearing hematoma, should I seek further treatment? (photo)

It's been 7 days since I got it on nose, I was bleeding heavily from left nostril (on picture) and after stitching me up they packed my nose to stop... READ MORE

We Have Used OTC Drugs and Opiates to Try to Control the Achy Jaw Pain. Any Other Meds Successful?

My wife recently had a Percutaneous Balloon Compression Rhynoplasty with glycerol which successfully eliminated terrible Trigeminal Neuralgia pain.... READ MORE

I developed a Hemotoma in my face. How long it will take to disappear? (photos)

I have an orbital fracture and nasal fracture. My face was swollen. The swelling has gone down but I developed a hematoma in my face. Under the eye... READ MORE

Can you get hematoma after steroid injection/nasal tip? I had open rhinoplasty/septum repair/tip graph. My skin is thick (Photo)

I had first steroid injection at 1week at 3weeks and 8weeks this is when I noticed a bump it hasn't gone away went back to doctor he thought maybe it... READ MORE

Injured bridge of nose 6 months ago playing sports, outside of skin healed but left lump underneath, what would this be?

The lump is fairly small and has been there since the injury. It appears to be full of fliud or blood as you can move it around a little bit and can... READ MORE

Little swelling after septal hematoma drainage cause?

I had a septal hematoma and the doctor drain it and put nasal packings. The packing were removed after 48 hours but i still have a little swelling ,... READ MORE

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