Worst Bruising Ever

I had 1/2 a unit injected in each nasolabial line....

I had 1/2 a unit injected in each nasolabial line. He said "wow, I don't even think you will bruise". Well, that was 4 days ago. The brusing is horrible. I had to call out of work. Then I bought Dermablend which is helping. What I'm really upset about is that the brusing on the left looks like damage to my face. It looks like broken blood vessels: red and awful. Yes, I have no more wrinkles but instead I look like I have 5 o clock shadow and horrible bruises on my face :(
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Are you talking about the pills you put under the tongue or the gel or both? I have the gel but am afraid to use on my lips because I may injest some accidently. If this works, you are right. All practitioners should warn about bruising and how to reduce it. Thanks.
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The practitioner who injected you should have also recommended Arnica, a homeopathic supplement that reduces and prevents bruising. This can be obtained at any GNC or local pharmacy.
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