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After years of wanting to fix the bump on my nose,...

After years of wanting to fix the bump on my nose, I finally decided to research doctors and go ahead with Rhinoplasty. I made the decision and scheduled surgery within a month. I decided on Dr. Fechner based on several things: experience, consultation & friendly staff. I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the doctor as well as the atmosphere. I also was very impressed with someone who specialized in the face.

I had surgery on March 28, and just today I got to see my "new" nose. I am absolutely 100% satisfied with what I see so far even though I have some time to go before all of the swelling subsides. I was nervous about the procedure, but it went even better than I expected. My surgery was scheduled for 7:15, within 20 mins I was relaxed, asleep, and home by noon. I slept until about 5pm that day and woke up just feeling a slight headache. I didn't take any pain meds besides tylenol and decided on taking the Lorazepam that was prescribed to sleep better. Night 1 I slept fine, even though sleeping elevated wasn't ideal.

Day 2 was about as "bad" as Day 1 with a bit more swelling.

Day 3 was the worst for me as far as swelling and pain, but it was mostly just uncomfortable not being able to lay down completely. All in all, it felt like a head cold. By the last day (today) was ready to get the bandage removed!

I've probably looked in the mirror a good 40-50 times today (7th day after surgery) and I keep liking what I see. I've been out to run errands, and up to clean the house etc. I would say by day 3 I was fine walking around, and doing normal daily activities. I can't wait to see the final results once all of the swelling is gone. I will post pics asap.

Advice: do everything they tell you! The frozen peas were wonderful because they conform to your face. I didn't need the pain meds, but get them just in case. Sleep with 2-3 pillows every night to alleviate swelling and def apply the peas/ice for the duration that they tell you. Some people complain of dry mouth/dry lips - I kept vasoline on my lips they entire time, and I am an open mouth sleeper so this wasn't a huge problem. I drank TONS of water, and took Vitamin C every day (200MG). I am continuing with that as well. I will post more with pics. I have a follow up in 2 months as well with the doctor to see the final results.

It's now been 8 months since my surgery. I am 100%...

It's now been 8 months since my surgery. I am 100% satisfied with the left side but just had filler to improve the right side. Over the past few months of healthy the right side was left with an indentation on the bridge almost looking like it collapsed. I went to a different doctor for the filler nod I love it. My nose now looks like it did a month after surgery when I loved it. This doctor did tell me revisions would be necessity. I still stand by the original surgery as being very painless with a great recovery. I was not so happy with the indentation on the one side and am happy to have found a surgeon who does beautiful work with fillers in the nose for a huge improvement!
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Think long and hard before you do it though. Would I do it again? No. After most rhinoplasty, you'll need some sort of revision or filler. I just had my first treatment of silikon 1000, and I am going back for a second in March because I have no intentions of a revision. I believe he will actually tell you this too.
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It was twilight. I quite honestly don't remember who was in the room, because once I got there (almost immediately) they gave me a sedative, and about 10-20 mins later I was asleep. I do remember waking up during the surgery once or twice.... but I don't remember feeling anything, just seeing Dr. Fechner over me doing something, but I went right back to sleep. It sounds scary, but it wasn't. For rhinoplasty, I have to say the surgery and recovery went very well.
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I will be seeing Dr. Fechner and am extremely curious: were you under twilight or general anesthesia (was an anesthesiologist present, or just the nurse)?
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Hey! So glad your surgery went well. Would you please post some before and afters? Thanks
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Have you gotten the okay to clean the inside of your nose with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol? This worked wonders for me.

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I am two weeks post op today. I think it's probably ok - rubbing alcohol will be ok in my nose???
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That should read face not fast.

I am also finding the fact that I can't blow my nose VERY annoying. I noticed I sneezed a lot after my surgery and I just want to blow my nose but obviously I can't. I noticed today that the soreness on my tip is finally going away. Bang the tip of your nose a few times after you get the cast off and it's a HORRIBLE feeling. But that is finally starting to feel better.
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The first two days weren't bad at all. The first day the only uncomfortable part was staying elevated and rotating the bag of peas. It's hard to sleep when you need to put peas on your fast for 15 mins every hour. I did not at any time use pain meds besides Tylenol so that should tell you something about the pain --- meaning, it's not bad at all! What sort of discomfort are you experiencing?

The only complaint I have is that I I bruise bad (olive skin), so right now that's the biggest thing I want go away. I had surgery last WED, so it's been a week and a few days, and I am out and about like I didn't even have surgery, but I just purchased some arnica gel for the bruising. Concealer is my best friend right now.

I will email pictures to anyone interested! Before, during and after pictures.
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Hi I would love to hear a bit about your recovery. Like how were the first few days? I feel like a big baby and am not too happy. I am using my pain meds just to stay comfortable...or lets call it tolerating the discomfort
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If you do post photos and don't want to be recognized, you can blur our your eyes. But only if you feel comfortable!

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Still unsure about posting pics, but I have sent them to folks over email upon request. I am done with the peas and on day 8 today! I cant wait for the swelling to go down but I am already taking lots of pics and I am happy with what I see right now.
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How great that you're loving your results! That's wonderful!

Frozen peas are a good idea, too. Seems like it'd be a good idea to have three or four bags so you can rotate them.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Looking forward to seeing your photos!

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