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I had my first breast implants in January and he...

I had my first breast implants in January and he did mod plus gel. He did 400cc in my left and 375cc in my right. It looked horrible. One was higher and the 375 was so much smaller so he did revision free of charge and I will post pics to show obviously why. Don't think he wanted his name on the first botched job honestly. So I had revision in March. He was supposed to change 375 to 400 which he claims he did and he also cut the other side that was 400 open and added a stitch because it fell to side too much he said. Me personally I liked it better because now it sticks so much further out that right although he claims to have exchanged 375 to a 400. Also the right has had a lift from first surgery. They still do not match at all to the point I wonder if he even exchanged my one implant although he gave me a new ID card for that breast. It also feels like I have too different style implants because the left sits and looks so much differently. I would like opinions on if they look like same type of implant and same size on both sides. I will post pics before revision and also currently what they look like. I know trust is a big part of this and it's bad when you don't trust your PS on what is in your body. Even my tans lines are different due to my boob not fitting same in swimsuit as one side does. When I had surgery in January his rating was average nationally and when I looked the other day it was below average. He did my friends few years ago and hers are perfect. He also has residents in there every time so I feel like maybe he is letting them do the surgery. I paid $5800 which was not a bottom price from consults at all so I don't think it's a you get what you pay for type deal because I paid a decent amount.


I just had my BA last week and not happy with the implant size. I see no significant difference before and after surgery. I m 5ft8 and had 375cc high profile under the muscle. I m still swollen but the breast are quite small, I m going to discuss with my PS tomorrow and would like a revision. You said you had your revision after 2 months, this makes me feel better since all I have been reading is to wait a minimum of 3-6 months before revision, I m quite depressed just looking at my breast.
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My apologies, I had 345cc not 375cc as post earlier just typo error.
They typically say 3 months but as you see in my pics mine was obvious and wasn't going to improve. It only got worse with time. I def understand being depressed with results. After first surgery I lost weight. Couldn't eat ect because I was so discussed with how I looked. Do they at least match? And look good besides size? I do think the size increases over time as they settle and they seem to take shape and get fuller. I'm still disappointed even after revision but I do not have the money to go see another Dr and opt for another surgery. I know mine could look worse just from seeing others results on here plus how they looked before revision. So I keep hoping in time I will like them as they continue to heal. Key word there is keep hoping! Good luck with yours!
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