Juvederm Vobella Fail? Winnipeg, MB

I had 1 syringe of Juvederm Vobella injected into...

I had 1 syringe of Juvederm Vobella injected into my lips two days ago. I always had a very beautiful lip with a great shape but wanted to add some volume and plumpness to my lips - Especially the top lip. I had the procedure done on Thursday and now on Saturday, I feel like this could be a huge mistake. My lips are lumpy and lopsided and look downright awful. My smile is terrible and I am questioning what I did to my face. I feel like I've completely ruined my look. Are my lips still adjusting? My husband is a dentist and is saying that I'm still experiencing inflammation and swelling and that it should "go down"...


I forgot something in the original post - I initially had half a syringe injected over one week ago. I was unhappy with the results as half a syringe really didn't do much for me. Exactly a week after, I had another half syringe injected. Could this be a contributing factor to my sausage lip look?
Hi sweetie pie, do you have an update? How are u?
Just posted a quick update. :)
Lookin good! Don't freak out over minor things, that the stuff we do before we have surgery. Lol. Your pictures look great, I ha be a feeling, you will be very happy in a month from now.

Getting There...

About a week later and my lips are not symmetrical and there are a few bumps. The doctor has told me that my lips "pull water" and will release over the next few weeks. My Cupid's bow is especially off when I smile. Thoughts? Perhaps I'm being too critical. I'm considering having them "fixed" by another doctor.
I loooove how they look on the after photo on June 13th. They upper lip looks very even to me, and your smile is so pretty-everything looks very proportioned. I think we do over-analyze ourselves, but I don't see any flaws :-)
Enjoy youth and beauty: I Agree that your lips were 'just perfect' before the procedure. Maybe things will settle in soon and you will be pleased. Once it does, I'm curious how long you were told to expect the newly perfected look to last, and with what frequency one would expect to have to go thru this? ...Cuz,now of course, the obvious question: did it hurt? I am much older than you - 59 - and with age, my top lip has gotten thin... yesterday I had eyeliner tattoo'd (which I love), and the technician suggested Juvederm product for lips, to do this before we tattoo some color in them, or at least a line, so my lipstick doesn't bleed into the wrinkles that rise vertically from my lip...sigh. I may be the customer this product can actually help.
Which dr and which place in Winnipeg?

The struggle!

I would first like to thank everyone for their comments. Very much appreciated. I would also like to apologize for the delay in my response as I have been on vacation.

You will see a few photos attached to this update. I am still not happy with the look of my lips. The pout is okay but I'm looking for a bit more of a prominent pout to offset my rather large nose. I still would like to obtain a natural look, however. My smile, on the other hand, looks completely lopsided as one side turns up more than the other. My Cupid's bow generally seems off. I am considering seeing a new injector (the most highly renowned one in my city and also the most expensive at $650 per syringe) to fix this problem of the smile and pout. What do you all think? My smile is dreadful, in my opinion. I have always loved my teeth and smile and now I feel like I have a "sausage lip" effect happening.
it takes time for the swelling to go down...and if u didnt ice it like you were supposed to..that will probably have alot to do with how quickly the swelling will go down..and it takes time..juvederm collects water and that is part of the process of swelling..you just need to be patient
The same thing has happened to me it's been almost a week and my top lip is uneven I'm freaking out and don't know what to do. Are your lips becoming even now?
Mine took almost two weeks to calm down so don't freak out yet. Also - My auntie is a plastic surgeon and said that the filler remains malleable for up to ten days after injection so you could always call the injector you saw and ask them to massage it out.
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