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I figured it was only right to write a review...

I figured it was only right to write a review being that I looked at the reviews on this site to help me in my decision. First of all, I am getting both rhinoplasty & breast augmentation but it would only let me choose 1 procedure. I have wanted breast implants since I was a young teenager (I am very flat chested) & as I have grown up my nose has definitely changed & I have really been wanting to get rhinoplasty these past few years. I was going back & forth for years about getting plastic surgery but it was always in the back of my mind so I made the decision to finally go through with it. I found Dr. C through this site & have seen amazing pictures & read amazing stories. I had met with another surgeon for a consultation for both procedures about a year ago but I did not feel comfortable with him. When I met with Dr. C he really made me feel comfortable & was happy to answer all of my questions. I have never had any kind of surgery before so at first I was nervous about the anesthesia, but after talking to people who have had surgery that seems like the easiest part. At this point, I am most scared about the recovery from the breast augmentation (Dr. C said it hurts A LOT & that the pain meds barely help - they just take the edge off), & this may seem silly, but also to look in the mirror once I get the cast off my nose. I am SO SCARED I will not look like myself or like the result. Like everyone else, I just want it to look natural. For my nose, he is making my profile smaller, making it thinner & doing some tip work. He also said I may need a nostril reduction. I also have a lot of problems breathing through my nose so I am really hoping this will be fixed during the surgery as well. For my breast aug, I am currently a 34A & I am getting 380cc saline high profile implants. I am pretty tall & not super skinny so I think this is a good size for me. I don't want to be too big but still want to fill out clothes & finally have that confidence. I plan on posting before & after pics after the surgery to share my experience with everyone. If anyone has any advice/helpful tips please feel free to share!

By the way, being that I am getting the surgery right before summer, does anyone know if I have to completely avoid the sun all summer because of my nose? Also, for those who have breast implants, what bra did you have to wear the weeks after surgery? I am going to ask Dr. C but figured I would get an idea from patients here too.

1 week post op

So happy it is finally over with! I had so much anxiety leading up to the surgery & it ended up being a breeze. The staff & anesthesiologist were so nice & made me feel comfortable the whole time. The surgery went perfect & luckily I didn't feel nauseous from the anesthesia after I woke up. The whole week of recovery was pretty up & down. My nose didn't hurt AT ALL but it was SO STUFFY. I couldn't take it anymore by day 4 & really wanted to just rip the cast off. The breast augmentation recovery was definitely really hard. I had to take my pain pills for 4 days. The first 2 days I could barely get up without it really hurting. It felt so tight & for some reason my ribs were kind of hurting. The Tylenol didn't help at all.

Yesterday I went to get the cast off my nose & it was SO WEIRD looking in the mirror for the first time. I looked like myself but still didn't. I absolutely LOVE my new nose though, no more bump & it looks so much nicer from the front. I thought it would take days to get used to but I was used to it already by the end of the day lol. I have to go back next week so he could remove the stitches from my breast aug.

I know I have the same issue everyone else does, but the swelling between my eyes is really really bad. I can't wait for that to go down & the swelling on my nose to continue to go down over the next year. Patience patience patience.

Another big thing - I also had a septoplasty which is a big reason I decided to go through with the rhinoplasty. When I woke up after the surgery he said my septum was really crooked. When he cleaned my nose after taking off the cast I took a deep breath & it felt amazing. I know I will still be a little stuffy over the next few weeks but I could already tell that I am able to breathe so much better.

I still have bruising on my eyes & haven't taken any pics but when I still plan on posting some soon.

Added pictures

Added pictures so you can see how amazing the results are so early on!
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

Everything was perfect. From the first consultation to my post-op appointment I have no complaints. My rhinoplasty/septoplasty came out amazing & so did my breast augmentation. I never had to wait a long time to see him & when I did he welcomed any questions I had. Any time I had a question I would usually have to call after work & leave a message & would get a call back the next day with all the info. I put 5 stars for everything & Dr. Ciardullo really deserves it. So happy I finally went through with it!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Your nose came out great! You look gorgeous! I'm having my nose done by Dr. C on Thursday, and I can't wait! I have a deviated septum too so I really can't wait to just breathe right lol Did you take both arnica & bromelain too? I am only taking arnica right now but I bought bromelian just in case I can take both.
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Thank you! Nope I only took arnica and I'm still taking it now but if you have the bromelain too def take it, I still have bruises on my eyes almost 2 weeks later. He said my septum was really crooked so maybe that's why I had so much bruising. My nose is still stuffy bc the inside is still really swollen but a few more weeks & I can't wait to finally be able to take a real deep breath for the first time lol. Good luck with your surgery! :)
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Thanks so much :)
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Thanks for sharing your story! I am also getting rhino with breast aug but scheduled on 6/6. I am super nervous to do both at once, I am only taking 11 ads off work, do you think that's enough time? You pictures look amazing, hope I get sch good results too :)
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Thanks so much :) The surgery itself was really a breeze, it was the first few days of recovery which was hard. My nose didn't hurt at all but my breasts made the recovery really difficult. I could barely get up the first few days and when I did it was really painful. Make sure you have someone to help you get up & down and hopefully someone is able to bring you food so you don't have to really get up the first few days. I was off my pain meds by day 4. Other than that everything was fine and the few days of pain in the end is really worth it! I took off 12 days but I probably could have gone back in 9-10 days. But also I have a 45 min drive to work which is why I couldn't go back sooner. You should be fine going back in 11 days. Are you also going to Dr. Ciardullo? Let me know if you need any more info & good luck with your surgery! Once you see your results it will all be worth it :)
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Wow you look great!!
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Thank you! :)
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Thanks so much for paying it forward and starting your story on RealSelf! You should ask your surgeon about the sun, but I definitely didn't stay out of the sun after my surgery. I was diligent with a high SPF sunscreen and hat, though.

We'd love to see before and after photos of your nose in this space if you'd feel comfortable posting them (some people blur out their eyes).

Here's a list of supplies you might need for your rhino recovery (lots of cold drinks and lip balm).

Please keep us posted!

P.S. I used to moderate the breast aug community and the pain level each person feels varies. I don't think it's safe to assume that you'll be in a ton of pain. For some women it's more a feeling of tightness and heaviness.

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Thanks so much! I have most of those supplies except I need to get my prescription filled this weekend. I didn't even think about the lip balm but it makes so much sense! Will be picking up a whole bunch of them too. I know this week is going to drag & I just want it to be next week already!
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